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    Post Question Can Global/EEA fix this ?

    The problem here is that chinese device haven't channel aggregation unlocked for european providers.. Might be worth a try flashing Global firmware to know if modem.img part could unlock it.
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    Post Question Where to buy the Mi 11 Ultra?

    Yep, I ordered the charger too.. The tracking is still stucked on Amsterdam
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    Thread Question Flashing Global firmware on CN device will unlock CA for Europe users?

    As the title says.. Anyone who got already the device have unlocked BL and flashed the Global Rom? In this way we could check if the channel aggregation combination will be unlocked for the non-CN countries and we can get 4G+ (in Italy for example we can got only if 3 or more channels are...
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    Post Question Pros/Cons of China variant abroad

    They're not erroneous, the CN version use only 2CA (channel aggregation) while the global version use up to 4CA.. I'm just curious to know if flashing global rom over the CN device will use 4CA 'cause the modem.img maybe can unlock various combination of aggregation. Could someone download the...
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    Post Question Where to buy the Mi 11 Ultra?

    Ordered on 06/04 and tonight I got the tracking.. Never passed by ur status