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    Post [GLOBAL][EU][ROM]Stock ROM is now available

    Wouldn't this create problem with OTA? Even if it works and we flash Global ROM, anytime an OTA comes, we need to do this whole process again. Is that right?
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    Post [STOCK][FASTBOOT][CN|EU|IN] Fastboot Flashable Images For RealMe X2 Pro

    So the problem is that system.img and vendor.img on EU ROM is bigger than on CN ROM. So you need to increase the partition size of system and vendor partition so that the EU ROM can be installed. I need to use my phone for some work so cannot try out the same. I have the CN version btw
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    Post [STOCK][FASTBOOT][CN|EU|IN] Fastboot Flashable Images For RealMe X2 Pro

    Hi, I tried this but the phone keeps booting into twrp
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    Post [GLOBAL][EU][ROM]Stock ROM is now available

    Hello, Can you please link me to this twrp again. I am unable to get it Thanks
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    Post [STOCK][FASTBOOT][CN|EU|IN] Fastboot Flashable Images For RealMe X2 Pro

    Hi, a dumb question but I have the CN Version. Can I just unlock the bootloader and then fastboot flash the EU version to switch the ROM?
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    Post Screen protectors for Redmi Note 7 and Note 7 pro?

    I've been using the 2.5D Curved Tempered Glass from GlazedInc. The price is Rs.450 and I have done a detailed review about it on the channel. Two major things I liked about this glass 1) Actual Curved Edges unlike the typical glasses which have flat edges 2)Black borders don't intrude into the...
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    Post Case and tempered glass

    I'm using the GlazedInc Curved Tempered Glass on my note 7 pro. It's Rs.450 but it has actual 2.5D Curved Edges (Unlike the typical flat edge glass) and the black borders don't intrude into the display. Have done a detailed review on the channel so you guys can see the same. BfUGPEGUE_Q
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    Post Any info about good tempered glass for POCO F1 online??

    Check Your Facts Before you Comment. There are two glasses available on the website. The One That You bought is the Rs.300 one in which the edges slightly cut into the display. I'm Speaking about the Rs.500 That has actual curved edges and The Borders DONOT cut into the display. If you don't...
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    Post Any info about good tempered glass for POCO F1 online??

    I recently switched to the new curved tempered glass from Glazedinc. This is the new glass they launched and it has curved edges(Like the phone) so it's a proper 2.5D Curved glass. Also it doesn't cut into the notch or the display like other glasses. Check it out. You can also get 10% Discount...
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    Post Any info about good tempered glass for POCO F1 online??

    It's not 2.5D. Infact, None of the glasses in the market are. But this one works for me very well and majorly the camera dust issue has been solved which was a bit annoying
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    Post Any info about good tempered glass for POCO F1 online??

    I finally found a glass that doesn't have the camera dust issue. It's from GlazedInc. They've recently rolled out the improved version of the glass where there are holes for the camera and the IR sensor so no dust collection would take place. I've made a video review about it too. It works well...
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    Post Best Screen Guard

    I'm using this one for my phone. It is made for our Max Pro and works fine https://glazedinc.com/products/asus-zenfone-max-pro-m1-full-glue-edge-to-edge-glass Here's a video for the same lGX1eGc2z34
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    Post [ROM][Android-P][Pixel sGSI][UPDATED] Android-P Pixel sGSI for Asus Zenfone Max Pro M

    Incase anyone is having troubles installing the ROM, I've made a tutorial and a small review about it. SagarMakhar you can add it to the OP as well if you want. Great work guys :) K1HStBCp6To
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    Post [GUIDE][UNLOCK/RELOCK] Bootloader Unofficailly and Flash TWRP+Root

    Will this work with the 6GB Variant as well? Considering it has slightly different hardware than the 3/4GB ones
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    Post New update rolling out - 14 June

    The multi touch issue still hasn't been fixed. I thought it will be fixed with the May Security patch. Can anyone else check the same?
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    Post ❯ [APP] ❯❯ UNLIMITED Free Fast VPN ❯❯❯ DNS CHANGER with ADBLOCKER (1000+ servers)

    I'd like to have the free subscribe redeem code to try this out
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    Post Nokia 7 plus google camera HDR+ ZSL

    I have found this weird bug while using Google Camera on my Nokia 7 Plus. After I click a photo in the portrait mode, The Final image is a lot more zoomed in. In other phones with google camera, When you turn the portrait mode on, it Zooms BEFORE the shot is taken. In this 7 plus it's after the...
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    Post Google Camera On Zenfone Max Pro Tested!

    I'm not sure. Apparently the OTA updates should work with RedWolf Recovery but it didn't work for me. Worst case scenario, you have to download the update file from Asus and flash it via recovery which is not that difficult
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    Post Google Camera On Zenfone Max Pro Tested!

    I haven't found anything for unrooted phones. Rooting won't make your phone dead. There are ample amount of guides here on xda which are very simple. I couldn't see 60fps option but I will try some other google camera apk and reverify. About EIS, yes it works with Google Camera. Sometimes you...
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    Post Google Camera On Zenfone Max Pro Tested!

    It doesn't affect the battery life and apparently OTA Updates will work with Redwolf Recovery. I haven't tested it since there is no new update to test with
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    Post [RECOVERY][X00TD] Red Wolf Recovery Project [UNOFFICIAL][20180522]

    Have you tried doing an OTA with this recovery? Didn't work for me on Zenfone Max Pro
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    Post Google Camera On Zenfone Max Pro Tested!

    It is much much better with Google Camera. Here is a full video comparison with stock vs Google Camera as well as with the Redmi Note 5 Pro(On Google Camera) GMkG7NdMPL8
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    Thread Google Camera On Zenfone Max Pro Tested!

    Hello everyone, I recently unlocked the bootloader of my Asus Zenfone Max Pro and installed Magisk to root the phone. All of this was done for just thing - Trying out the Google Camera as I do feel that the Stock Camera app is pathetic and that's the major reason why the Zenfone Max is not...
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    Post Any Have stock recovery Asus zenfone max pro m1

    Can you link me the recovery.img for zenfone max pro? Where did you find it
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    Post [ROM][WHYRED] global beta miui 9 [8.1] oreo

    Nope. But you can enable it by adding persist.camera.HAL3.enabled=1 to Build.Prop Also Face Unlock is now available. Just Flashed the 31st March Build. So killerinstinct0201 you might want to change that in the opening post
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    Post [ROM][WHYRED] global beta miui 9 [8.1] oreo

    It says True! I've attached an Image.
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    Post [ROM][WHYRED] global beta miui 9 [8.1] oreo

    I have been using this ROM since a day. Overall, It is really fast and fluid as compared to the Stock Nougat ROM. You can really feel the smoothness on the Oreo ROM. Dual 4G option is there but for some reason it is not working as of now, maybe in a future version. Camera2API works perfectly...
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    Post [RECOVERY] TWRP [Nougat/Oreo][Whyred][23-Mar]

    Camera2Api breaks the front camera on my unit in 3rd party apps. Can you try the same? Also did you enable Camera2API using Magisk or added a line manually in Build.prop
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    Post [How To] Unlock Bootloader on Your Redmi Note 5 Pro

    After I got my Note 5 Pro, I had flashed the Latest OTA via downloading the Zip File from en.miui.com instead of the usual OTA. Would that would've made the difference?
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    Post [How To] Unlock Bootloader on Your Redmi Note 5 Pro

    I've attached the apk in this post. Also do you have the Note 5 or the note 5 pro as I did get the 10003 error on the note 5 pro. 86006 is usually not fixable with this method. I've gotten 86006 error on my note 5.
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    Thread [How To] Unlock Bootloader on Your Redmi Note 5 Pro

    Hi everyone, This is a guide on how to unlock the bootloader on your Redmi Note 5. I have a video attached of the same process at the end. I'm going to summarize the whole process here. So let's get started. Caution:- Backup ALL of your phone's data somewhere and try this method at your own...
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    Post [ROM][7.1.2][OFFICIAL] [FINAL][CLOSED] ResurrectionRemix 5.8.5 [02/10]

    I've been using this ROM since a week and it is doing a pretty good job. Good Battery life and stable performance. If anyone is interested I have made a tutorial as to How to Install this ROM on the Redmi Note 4 and get Google Pixel look and features on it. You can watch the video here. Sarthak...
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    Thread [India] Tempered Glass For indian Redmi Note 4 that fits!

    Since we know that Xiaomi has changed the design of the Indian Redmi Note 4 slightly, a lot of screen protectors that are currently in the market don't fit the Indian variant. I did tried 1-2 initially and finally ended up with one from Glazed. They're a new company and they ship all over India...
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    Post [LOS][UNIFIED]Resurrection Remix O[unOFFICIAL][6.0.1[4JUL][OOS-CAM]

    I have been on this ROM for quite a while and it's working really smooth on the OnePlus 3. I've made a small video covering this ROM and in that I have also shown, how to get things like the Google Assistant,"Ok Google" detection etc working on the OnePlus 3. I'm really loving my "Pixel-fied"...
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    Post [LOS][UNIFIED]Resurrection Remix O[unOFFICIAL][6.0.1[4JUL][OOS-CAM]

    I changed the Pixel Launcher using this http://forum.xda-developers.com/android/apps-games/root-glic-google-launchers-icon-changer-t3440036 You need to download a Pixel icon pack from play store and then change the icons manually using GLIC. It's a bit of work but it gets you that Pixel look ;)
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    Post [LOS][UNIFIED]Resurrection Remix O[unOFFICIAL][6.0.1[4JUL][OOS-CAM]

    Installed a dark themed Pixel Launcher and also Installed the InversionUI theme via substratum. Finally got that dark look on the phone :) screenshots attached
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    Post [LOS][UNIFIED]Resurrection Remix O[unOFFICIAL][6.0.1[4JUL][OOS-CAM]

    Just Installed this ROM on my OP3 and it's really impressive. Also got Google Assistant,Pixel launcher and Pixel like icons on my phone. Will be making a tutorial about it as well. Great work :good: PS:- Is there anyway I can enable the dark mode in the UI?
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    Post [ROM] [7.x] nAOSProm for Xperia S

    Just installed this ROM on Xperia S. Very impressive to see the latest version of Android running on such an old phone. I installed Pixel launcher and Google Assistant as well and it looks great. Will be making a video about it soon. :)
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    Thread DBrand Carbon Fibre Skin Review for the OnePlus 3!

    Hello everyone. This is my review of the Carbon Fibre Skin for the OnePlus 3 from DBrand. The OnePlus 3 as you all know, is a very slippery phone and hence, I opted for a skin. I went with the Red/Black Carbon Fibre Combo from dbrand. They have a lot of options available on their website and I...
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    Thread OnePlus 3 Orzly Cases Review - Fusion Bumper & Grip Pro Cases!

    Hello Everyone! So Orzly, a case company, recently sent out two of their OnePlus 3 Cases to me for review. I have been using these cases from the past couple of days and I have finally compiled my video review for the same. The Two cases that were sent to me are- 1. Orzly Fusion Bumper Case -...
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    Post [ROM+Kernel 3.10] [LA.UM.5.8.r1-02600-8x98] [7.1.2] CAF Rom for Xiaomi Mi3/4 [20-Aug]

    Thanks a lot for the ROM :D It is working really smooth considering that it is a first release and I'm looking forward to use this ROM. For anyone who's interested I have made an Installation + Quick Review video of the ROM. You guys can check it out. vasishath It would be great if you can add...
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    Post Paranoid Android 6.0.1 - AOSPA - OnePlus One

    Have been using this ROM from quite a while on my OnePlus One and it is really smooth and fluid to operate. I have already made a video about it on the OnePlus One and it would be great if xboxfanj can add it to the OP :) V89296fkzc8
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    Post Moto G4 Plus Indian Users

    Hello Everyone, I'm a fellow Moto G4 Plus User from India. After using this phone for about a month, I have a made a full review about it. Do watch it as it will help you guys out. I have also made some other videos/tutorials about the G4 Plus that you can check out :) xEB4AsuqyUE
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    Post Switched to the Moto G4 Plus as my daily driver:- Ask your questions about the phone!

    Even I tried it with my Samsung TV but it didn't work. Seems like the G4 Plus doesn't have Miracast :(
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    Post Switched to the Moto G4 Plus as my daily driver:- Ask your questions about the phone!

    If you are a heavy user, The Moto G4 Plus is not for you as it overheats. The Redmi Note 3 is a VFM device
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    Post Switched to the Moto G4 Plus as my daily driver:- Ask your questions about the phone!

    My Full review is now up after using the phone for a month. Watch it here xEB4AsuqyUE
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    Post Got my OnePlus 3 - Ask me your questions!

    You get these options under the Alert Slider tab in the settings
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    Post Got my OnePlus 3 - Ask me your questions!

    After using it for 2 days here are my first impressions: 1) Audio via the speaker is decent and it is very good via the Headphone jack 2) Camera is actually very nice. It performs good in low light too. 3)Battery life has been impressive. Not Outstanding but not as bad as my S6. Managed around...
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    Post Got my OnePlus 3 - Ask me your questions!

    Normal mode/Priority/ No Notifications. Yes it is. And it looks great on the AMOLED display