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  1. gavster26

    Thread Xperia xz won't charge offline

    Hi all. My wifes xz won't offline charge. When she plugs the charger in it lights the led red for about 20 seconds then boots the white Sony logo then loops. I have replaced the USB C port but still does the same. Am I right in thinking it's a software problem or could it be another hardware...
  2. gavster26

    Thread htc m8 wont boot

    hi all and happy new year. im having trouble getting my sisters phone to boot up it wont boot past htc one screen. I have tried wipping cache and factory reset in stock recovery it goes to android is upgrading but when it gets to finishing boot it hangs there constantly. I an a sony man so have...
  3. gavster26

    Thread Fastboot error

    I keep getting this error with fastboot when trying to flash stock img could anyone tell me why
  4. gavster26

    Thread N7 Flashing Problem

    Hi all im new to this forum. I am having a problem with my N7 im trying to unbrick it with nexus tool kit but at the flashing stage its says FAILED write failed unknown error for all partitions and when I try to flash a rom in twrp it hangs on patching system unconditionally. Has any one come...
  5. gavster26

    Thread HTc One M8 Bricked help

    hi all im from the xperia fourms. my friends device has seamd to brick its self for some reason. Im not to familiar with HTC devices. I have read a few threads but some of the termanoligy is a bit confusing can someone point me to a good simple thread to explain what i need to unbrick it please...
  6. gavster26

    Thread recovery problem

    hi im having trouble mounting sd in recovery mode keep getting E:faild to mount /sdcard (read only file system). Im trying to flash a stock zip from external sd and im stuck can anyone help me please
  7. gavster26

    Thread WiFi problem with Bluetooth audio

    Hi all im having trouble with WiFi when playing music through my Bluetooth speakers like YouTube videos skip and buffer and radio apps its really getting me down I have tried searching and tried numerous fixes wifi tweaks but nothing helps has anyone found a fix for this or some sort of work...
  8. gavster26

    Thread Kodi

    Hi does anyone know of a version of kodi that will work on Sony tablet s. Thanks
  9. gavster26

    Thread Z3 tablet teardown video

    Hi all I've been looking for a teardown video so I can replace my digitizer and I cant seem to find one has anyone else come across one.
  10. gavster26

    Thread Mk809iv plus aml s805 bricked help needed

    Hi all I bricked my aml Mk809iv plus and now recovery cant mount any partitions except external storage and im at a loss can any one help me see photo attached
  11. gavster26

    Thread Request home apk

    Hi silly I know but can someone please post stock home apk from 5.1.1 please. Thanks
  12. gavster26

    Thread D6603 hardware info needed

    Hi all im having problems with my mic and need to know where abouts it is on the flex cable
  13. gavster26

    Thread Need Help With Strange Problem

    Hi all im having a strange problem that i can't figure out my XZ C6603 won't boot properly stock lp won't boot after second boot splash i just get a black screen i have tried flashing diffrent ftfs with no luck so i unlocked the bootloader and flashed CM12.1 but that even won't finnish boot...
  14. gavster26

    Thread XZ3 hardware problem (Advice Needed)

    Hi all my problem is i bought my Z3 off ebay it had a faulty screen. The screen is not displaying anything so i bought a new screen fitted it but its still the same so bought another thinking it was the part but its still the same. So i need some advice wether its the zif on the board thats...
  15. gavster26

    Thread Xperia throw

    Hi I have lost Xperia throw does anyone know what the name of the apk for Xperia throw is in lp. Thanks.
  16. gavster26

    Thread Xperia throw app needed

    Hi all my Xperia throw has stopped working could someone please list what apks make up throw feature. When I try to use it I just get no app installed im on lollipop
  17. gavster26

    Thread [solved]gyro sensor

    Hi all im having a problem with my gyro sensor does anyone know where abouts on the board it is. I replaced my rear camera today so just wondering how I would of broke it
  18. gavster26

    Thread SBH20 Problem

    Hi all. Im having a problem with my sbh20 its not charging when i plug the charger in it just stays on red led and thats it wont even turn on while pluged in. Ive tried multi point as well but no luck. If i hold play/pause key while charger is pluged in purple led flashes for a few seconds the...
  19. gavster26

    Thread [Request] bootanimation.zip

    hi all could someone please post me your bootanimation.zip from /system/media please i don't really want to go through the hastle of dumping system sin. Thanks.
  20. gavster26

    Thread Allwinner A13 W iFi Problem

    Hi all I have an Allwinner A13 Chinese tablet 7" and the stock firmware was really bad so i tried to flash CM10.1 from here http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2643601 which went fine booted up But wifi is not working even after i flashed the wifi fix and im struggling to find...
  21. gavster26

    Thread [Mod] KitKat Deodex Patch .314 Stock Only 112/09/2014

    Deodex Patch 4.4.x Stock KitKat 314 Hi friends this is a patch to deodex your stock Sony KitKat rom i was asked to make this so here it is. if you don't know what odex/deodex is then use your friend google don't ask silly questions :) This Is Not A Rom Just Deodexed /system/app...
  22. gavster26

    Thread [App Share] (camera Addon) Live On Youtube For Stock KitKat 4.4.x

    Hi guys here is the smart social camera addon live on youtube. Confirmed working will work on all variants running KitKat 4.4.x stock firmware Install as normal apk
  23. gavster26

    Thread Please Delete Thread

  24. gavster26

    Thread Android Game Hack Real Or Not

    Hi I was wondering if the Hay Day Game hacks was real or not has anyone tried any of them or know of one that works I can't seem to get one to download :(
  25. gavster26

    Thread Maybe A Google Services Fix

    Hi all this morning i had an idea to try Google services framework from PAGapps as i had been running CM11 on Xperia L before i bought my Xperia Z and had no battery drain isues at all. when i replaced it this morning i had 78% charge now as im writing this i have 64% charge. which is a lot...
  26. gavster26

    Thread [Mod] KK 4.4 Stock Disable Scrolling Cache [ZIPS REMOVED]

    Disable Scrolling Cache Stock 4.4.2 Ok guys here we are with another mod to disable scrolling cache. i had to modify framework.jar my device is C6603 so i don't know if it will work on the other variants if Rajeev could varify that it would please but it should work just backup your rom and...
  27. gavster26

    Thread [Mod] KitKat 4.4.x Deodex Stock .283 Released 09/09/2014

    Deodex Stock KitKat Please Do Not Mirror My Work Hi all i Compiled this mod for my own personal use then thought i may aswel post it. I know theres deodexed roms in development section but this has no other modifacations apart from being deodexed. This Is not A Rom Just Deodexed...
  28. gavster26

    Thread computer won't see usb debugging

    Hi all I have just bought my xz and I'm trying to root 4.3 but my computer won't see usb debugging the root tools just says device not connected even though I can browse through my address cards I have installed flashtool drivers and adb drivers that. Way because the prompt never popped up when...
  29. gavster26

    Thread [Solved] the strange problem

    Hi all I have encountered a strange problem this morning i Tried to boot to recovery from cm11 to restore my stock backup but the phone just turned off I tried to turn it back on but only a blinking red led would show so i Plugged it in to charge and off line charging said 96% of charge so i...
  30. gavster26

    Thread [Mod] Stock Icons For 4.4 KitKat V2 Released

    Stock Icons For KitKat Roms Hi all i have modded some of the apks to make the home screen look more like stock hope you all like it :) Install Instructions Flash zip through recovery or extract files push to /system/priv-app set permisions 644 reboot done! Download: V1...
  31. gavster26

    Thread [Q] Xperialockscreen.apk

    Hi I was thinking of porting Xperialockscreen.apk 4.2 to Xperia j and just wanted to know if it had framework dependences could a dev reply please
  32. gavster26

    Thread Sony Ericsson Live View

    Hi all does anyone know of away to make xperia l compatible with sony ericsson live view or is it not possible
  33. gavster26

    Thread Building Kernel From Source Help!!

    Hi all im trying to build a kernel from sony source. Everything was going fine untill the actual compile and im facing this error Makefile:327: /scripts/Kbuild.include: No such file or directory Makefile:571: /arch//Makefile: No such file or directory make: /scripts/gcc-wrapper.py: Command not...
  34. gavster26

    Thread apktool error help

    Hi all i keep getting errors when trying to recompile my SystemUI.apk it decompiles without error [email protected]:~/Desktop/apktool1.5.2$ apktool b SystenUI Exception in thread "main" brut.androlib.AndrolibException: brut.directory.DirectoryException...
  35. gavster26

    Thread Help

    Hi all Something has gone wrong with c2105 i was ota updating and the battery fell out because i diddn't have the back on. now it won't turn on or go into flashmode the only thing it dose when i connect it to my laptop it says found new hardwere "ZEUS flash device detected" then tries to install...
  36. gavster26

    Thread new dev apktool error

    Hi all i keep getting recompile error when building a systemui.apk with apktool can any one tell me what im doing wrong please. Error log [email protected]:~/Desktop$ apktool b SystenUI Exception in thread "main" brut.androlib.AndrolibException...
  37. gavster26

    Thread Mobile data unavailable

    Hello friends i bought an Xperia L off ebay it came to day but it wont make calls or anything just says mobile data unavailable i have flashed ftf's and tried seus but to no avail will it be a hardware problem.
  38. gavster26

    Thread How to add a new smali file in an apk

    As the title says in using vts to edit an apk but i need to add a new smali if its possible
  39. gavster26

    Thread [Q] Cyanogenmod build problem

    Hi all im having a problem building cm10.1 i have sync'ed the source and my devices respatories (Xperia J/jlo) and every thing went ok untill i went to "brunch jlo" here is what i got [email protected]:~/Desktop/android/system$ export USE_CCACHE=1...
  40. gavster26

    Thread CyanogenMod repo sync error

    fatal: Couldn't find remote ref refs/heads/cm-10.2 Dose any dev know why im getting this error when i start "repo sync"
  41. gavster26

    Thread Help with Cyanogenmod build Errors

    Hi my friends. I am trying to build cm10.2 but im getting "permission denied" error when i try to initiate the make files tried googling but cant seam to find an answer can any body help me please. Thanks.
  42. gavster26

    Thread CyanogenMod repo sync error

    Hi all i am trying to sync CM source but keep running into errors this one i can't resolve ... A new repo command ( 1.20) is available. ... You should upgrade soon: cp /home/gavster26/android/system/.repo/repo/repo /home/gavster26/bin/repo Get...
  43. gavster26

    Thread cyangenmod repo sync error help

    Hi all im trying to sync CM sources but keep running into errors this one i can't seem to find an answer for by googling ... A new repo command ( 1.20) is available. ... You should upgrade soon: cp /home/gavster26/cm10.2/android_device_sony_tamsui-common-legacy-jellybean/.repo/repo/repo...
  44. gavster26

    Thread Dark Moon AVD Rom Q&A General Discussion Thread

    AVD Rom By Dark Moon General Discussion Ok guys i can't cope with all the pm's from people who can't post on the development thread so here we are any questions queries or general discussion please post here do not pm me any more please i don't mean to be rude but i need my inbox clear. A...
  45. gavster26

    Thread [Q] Best Tool

    HI I have been trying to deompile a sony kernel elf but the tools i have tried keek giving me errors. what is the best tool for the job.
  46. gavster26

    Thread Adreno200 libs

    Hi guys have Qualcom released adreno200 libs for 4.3 yet because im struggling to find them?
  47. gavster26

    Thread Performance Settings

    Hi all i'm looking for a tutorial for adding performance settings into my stock based custom rom for xperia J. its my first rom so i am relying heavily on tutorial for helping me.
  48. gavster26

    Thread Hardware

    Hi people Im posting here in my old forum because of more experienced devs my Question is which part of the hardware is flashmode associated with because my Xperia J won't boot into flashmode only fastboot which is strange because the bootloader is locked. this is my seccond J so all drivers are...
  49. gavster26

    Thread Pattern lock Screen Help!

    Hi all i have bought an Xperia J off ebay and the phone has a pattern lock which the seller can't remember how can i get past it i have tried numerous things Flashing ftf with flashtool but the phone wont go into flash mode even with all drivers installed it just keeps going into fastboot mode...
  50. gavster26

    Thread Flashmode

    Hi all I am struggling to get it into flashmode when i press vol- while connecting usb it just goes into fastboot mode same with vol+ I dont think the bootloader is unlocked but blue led always shows instead of green. I have had countless xperias but never come across this problem before. i have...