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  1. injectx

    Thread [Question] Are custom ROMs like BatMan smoother than stock?

    So I'm thinking about this quite often; would a custom ROM like BatMan really improve the overall smoothness of my device? If it does, I would be okay with voiding my warranty. If it would deliver the same experience as stock with a bit more customization, I would not want to void my warranty as...
  2. injectx

    Thread [Wallpapers] 3.5 Community build wallpapers

    3.5.2: (click for hi-res) New wallpapers will be added as CB builds advance.
  3. injectx

    Thread OnePlus 3 wallpapers

    (Click for Hi-Res) Edit #1: Never Settle wallpaper added Also, check out the designer's webpage: http://hampusolsson.com/oneplus
  4. injectx

    Thread Yellowish tint at bottom part of the screen

    Hi Guys, So yesterday I've received my OP2, really satisfied with it. However I noticed that the bottom part of the screen is a bit yellowish. I did a bit of research and it seems that OP1 users have had the same problem and it could be just glue that still needs to dry. This also means that it...
  5. injectx

    Thread [Q] LG G3 Game Mode

    Hi guys, So I was recently looking into the LG G4 and its new specs etc. and noticing the "game mode" switch. What it actually does is downscaling the screen to 1080p to optimize the game performance. Since I own a G3 I thought why shouldn't this be possible on the G3? So I went building with...