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  1. Elveneleven

    Thread [Q&A] Unknown Folders / Files "ver_data" "ve_kd5_pa" in Download Folder

    [Q&A] Unknown Folders / Files "ver_data" "ve_kd5_pa" in Download Folder Hi There, i have a major Problem which nags me since nearly a week and i hope anyone can help me solving it. Since nearly one week there are appearing two folders with three files in my Download folder. Even after Deletion...
  2. Elveneleven

    Thread [Q] S3 No USB OTG Connectivity after update on Stock 4.1.2

    Hi can anyone Help me. I've got big issues with my S3 Runing the latest Samsung Firmware (JB 4.1.2; Germany DBT) which i flashed via Odin. The Device is rooted and recognizes the OTG Cable no more, but the cable works. I tried it on my Fathers S3 with the same Firmware but without root. By the...