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    Thread Project Treble

    So after checking the internal specs I found out project Treble is supported, but I don't know how to enable it or how to use it. Has anyone figured it out yet?
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    Thread Moto Audio

    I just bought a pair of gaming headphones (HyperX Cloud Revolver S) I still get surround sound and spacial awareness. But Moto audio is not compatible with auxiliary connections. Would I be able to fix this using possibly an auxiliary to 3.5mm adapter? I would use the adapter that came with it...
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    Thread Black bar on side of screen

    As you can see the black bar to the left. But there is no black bar to the right. Does anyone know how to remove it. It does it anytime i watch a movie.
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    Thread Best T-Mobile APN settings?

    I have a metro variant moto g stylus/pro. I know since metro and T-Mobile are on the same network you can switch between the 2 APNs. What is the best T-Mobile APN? Also on my old LG using code 237634#*# 8f im correct on the code unlocked a menu that allowed me to change different network...
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    Thread winamp set to return

    so im sure most of you know that winamp is supposed to make a return to pc and mobile sometime this year. What are your thoughts on this. Do you think winamp will be a strong competition for other apps such as foobar and poweramp. Or do you think the llama has run its course?
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    Thread Metro by T-Mobile best APN and network settings?

    Ok so im using a moto g5 plus (xt1687 usa version) GSM unlocked and these are my current speeds for LTE connections Download 2.15 mbps Upload 4.71 mbps Ping 18ms Jitter 18ms Packet loss 0 % Im using T-Mobile standard apn settings and LTE/TD-SCDMA/GSM for network settings. If anyone can...