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  1. thelegbra

    Thread similarities with lg optimus me p350

    hello i was just surfing through other devices and came across this device, lg optimus me p350 aka pecan. it seems to have msm7227 with 600mhz arm11 and adreno 200 same as our device and it has stable cm10 and a real promising cm10.1 available. maybe our devs could benefit from their codes...
  2. thelegbra

    Thread [Q] weird brick-like situation?

    hi! a friend of mine brought his wfs (gsm) to me that i've unlocked and flashed custom rom before. it froze during the day when the phone was idle and when he tried restarting it was stuck on the white htc splash screen. nothing has been tampered with so i tried the following: *trying to boot...
  3. thelegbra

    Thread [Q] set hsdpa only on ics/cm9?

    hello! i'm running cm9 by modpunk and i know that cm9 doesn't have a preferred network speed setting on its menus. the question is, is there a chance i can edit build.prop myself and make the phone connect to hsdpa networks only instead of auto? thanks in advance :p
  4. thelegbra

    Thread [OFFTOPIC] Get your userbar here!

    hello! i was seeing some shiny userbars so i decided to make myself a few of them. since they looked really nice, i decided i wanna share them with the other wfs users of the forum. i'm not really a professional graphic designer so i just find the suitable pictures on google and change their...