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    Thread Did Samsung just make my tablet unrecoverable from theft?

    So I noticed the new guest mode icon on my lockscreen so I loaded up the guest and found a few strange things. 1) cerberus will not locate, alarm, ect when the device is in guest mode UNLESS it is installed as a system app. so unless you are rooted in lollipop you can't install it as a system...
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    Thread [Review] Anker 6400 MAH extended battery

    I love my Note 4 and the battery life is way better on the stock battery than plenty of other phones but there are times I need to run longer between charges and so I picked up an Anker 6400 MAH extended battery currently $26.99 through their power user program. I had the Anker 7200 MAH with my...
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    Thread onite chargers not quick charge 2.0 per qualcomm

    FYI, there was a sale on amazon for a couple of quick charge devices by onite so i picked them up. they (onite) were a bit evasive when i enquired on actually being QC 2.0 so i ended up emailing Qualcomm just to see and here is their response: it wasn't the easiest to get in contact with...
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    Thread Anker 7200 MAH Pix and Battery life test in progress.

    So I was chatting with Anker due to needing to get a replacement for a 4400mah battery that started to swell at 12 months and they offered to let me join their power user group and test their new 7200Mah battery, I received the battery in exchange for a fair review which I will be providing here...
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    Thread [Q] would you buy it now?

    I have a chance to purchase a new in box TF101 and keyboard dock for less than $300. I currently have an SGS3 on JB and a touchpad running ICS. The touchpad runs fine, 2 day battery life and does pretty much everything i want, i'm just wondering if this transformer would be a good upgrade.
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    Thread hiding root and recompiling

    I have an app which will not run since my phone is rooted, however it is simply an app to show me the balance in my HSA acount so i have absolutely no concerns if it is compromised due to my being rooted. no account numbers are displayed the only information is why my current balance is. so i...
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    Thread anyone have an idea what this is?

    so i ordered some accessories with the 50% off coupon: 1) tec tiles 2) the spare battery charger 3) the allshare cast dongle when i was putting away the shipping box i found this in the bottom of the box and have no idea what the heck it is? anyone else know?
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    Thread vrlg7 download?

    i borked my voice search trying to install google now (unfortunately, voice search has stopped) so I need to get voice working again and i've kinda given up on NOW for the moment. anyone know where to find this to flash?
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    Thread [Q] Unroot help

    I need to return a phone for warranty for a data issue. I am running FP1 stock with root using the following method and want to know if there is a quicker way to unroot than having to flash a full odin. thanks! 5. How to root a pure stock FP1 and make CWM stick after reboot - Turn off your...
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    Thread any body got a copy of the new OTA rooted to odin?

    just wondering if anyone has managed to grab a copy of the new OTA so it can be rooted and odin'd also wondering if the new rom is wacking the tethering apps (foxfi ect)