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  1. sevenup30

    Thread [Q] How to manually install su binary

    Hello there, I have a motorola G4 PLUS with locked bootloader on Android 7.0. I used dirty cow exploit to gain root access on my device, I can access it from adb only for now. My question is, how do i manually install the su binary from there to allow my application as super SU to use it? Thanks.
  2. sevenup30

    Thread Water damage, lost gps & wifi

    Hey guys, My cousin drop a bottle of water on his 1+1. the phone works well, except for the GPS it never get fixed, and wifi works only if i'm less than 1meter of the router. I reset phone, update it, tear it down, I saw the water damage indicator to red, but the motherboard seems fine, i...
  3. sevenup30

    Thread Nexus 7 screen replacement, Black screen but touchscreen works

    Hey guys, my nephew broke his nexus 7 screen, the touchscreen was not working but the display does. So i grab a new screen digitizer from there...
  4. sevenup30

    Thread [Issue] Omni 4.4 wifi can't find network

    Hey guys, I finally built omni 4.4 for Gtab2 10.1 My wifi is turned On, but can't find any network. I used latest blobs from samsung stock rom 4.2.2 to be sure. logcat: http://pastebin.com/xm6un9Tg During the build process i faced an error ...
  5. sevenup30

    Thread [Error build] DisplayDevice.h 4.4

    Hi there, i'm trying to build omni 4.4 but face this error for days now http://pastebin.com/XDK9EFD5 I doubt this is related to my java version but to be sure i tried with java6&7 would it be related to my GCC version or something like that? gcc version 4.8.1 (Ubuntu/Linaro 4.8.1-10ubuntu8)...
  6. sevenup30

    Thread Omni rom unable to build.

    Hey guys. I built omni rom few time already, but since few day i can't. here's my error: http://pastebin.com/NVSZDxBp something related to com.android.dreams.phototable i tried resync a clean repo but still same error. Do you have any idea? Thanks.
  7. sevenup30

    Thread [Q] zip name build error

    Hi, when i build omni for p5110 I have flashable zip named like this : custom-4.3.0-20131017-custom_p5110-HOMEMADE.zip but when i do for p5100 i have this : custom-.zip Plus my p5100 dont flash well in cwm i do have this error: "No file_contextsset_perm: some changes failed E:Error in...
  8. sevenup30

    Thread [OMNI] [4.4] [BETA] [p51XX] Omni build #3 Unofficial

    What is Omnirom? A new Android custom rom has been announced at the BABBQ (Big Android BBQ) by XpLoDWilD, Chainfire, Dees_Troy & Team. For more information go to omnirom's website #include /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, *...
  9. sevenup30

    Thread [q] product_build_prop_overrides

    Hey guys, I done build for p5100 & p5110 but my sound is broken because of build.prop bad product name. for the build i have product name of p5110 but for the build.prop i need espresso10wifixx so I use PRODUCT_BUILD_PROP_OVERRIDES += PRODUCT_NAME=espresso10rfxx TARGET_DEVICE=espresso10rf...
  10. sevenup30

    Thread [early unofficial build] p5110 (Gtab 2 10.1)

    hey guys, here's some screenshots of OmniRom running on my Gtab2 10.1 I cherry-picked MultiWindows & Screenshots delete from notification. The rom still have some FC on google services sometimes and sound & video playback not working but pretty smooth overall, and really look like AOSP for now...
  11. sevenup30

    Thread [ROM][AOSPA][4.3][p51XX] PA 3.99 RC2 Initial release.

    Paranoid Android Build by Sevenup30 DISCLAIMER As you know it now, you and only you are responsible if your tab broke or do whatever else! Devices - P5110 - P5113 - P5100 How to install Coming from an other rom than PA ? - FULL WIPE - INSTALL pa_p51XX-X.9X.zip - INSTALL GAPPS Coming from PA...
  12. sevenup30

    Thread [Q] How to enable logcat into kernel

    Hi guys, I'm trying to compile CARBON rom for gtab2 p51XX, i do have a blackscreen, but adb recognize my device, so when i do an adb logcat i have "Unable to open log device '/dev/log/main': No such file or directory" I googled around and found that it's disabled in kernel, but can't find...
  13. sevenup30

    Thread [4.2.2][P311x] Unofficial Carbon Rom. 9 august 2013

    Unofficial Carbon Rom Built by Sevenup30 & Tuxafgmur What is Carbon rom ? FEATURES: Built with Dhollmen Kernel Smooth & really fast ! Carbon rom includes: Dark Carbon (invert rom without reboot thanks to slim dev for that) Pie Control(Thanks ParanoidAndroid for that) Phone / Phablet /...
  14. sevenup30

    Thread [4.2.2][P511x] Unofficial Carbon Rom. 8 august 2013

    Unofficial Carbon Rom Built by Sevenup30 & Tuxafgmur What is Carbon rom ? FEATURES: Built with Dhollmen Kernel Smooth & really fast ! Carbon rom includes: Dark Carbon (invert rom without reboot thanks to slim dev for that) Pie Control(Thanks ParanoidAndroid for that) Phone / Phablet /...
  15. sevenup30

    Thread GS3 i9300 can take photo but not record.

    Hi there! i realised today that i cant record anymore with camera. I tried few rom (slimbean atm), and when i click on the red dot to start record, nothing happen. here's the logcat part of the issue: http://pastebin.com/gysmDi4m i tried full wipe, install other rom, still the same issue :(...
  16. sevenup30

    Thread [Help] Wifi DHCP issue

    Hi guys, i dont know if i'm on the right forum, so if i'm wrong sorry. I'm asking help because i'm stuck with this issue for a week. I built baked blackbean 7 (4.2.1) for Galaxy tab 2 10.1. The only issue i have is wifi is not working by DHCP, only with static. When connecting with DHCP it...
  17. sevenup30

    Thread [ROM][4.2.2][p51XX] Unofficial BAKED Blackbean 8.0 03/04/13

    Why do i build this ? Because android is all about choice, and we actually dont have many choice, so i hope make you happy with this. Build From Baked Source Includes Rom Control (kang from aokp but made into baked style) Includes Aokp Toggles (aokp) Includes Powerwidgets (cm) Lockscreen...
  18. sevenup30

    Thread Where to buy nexus 7 screen in europe?

    Hello peoples! My nephew got a Nexus 7 for his birthday, 2week later the device just escape from his and end fall on the top corner of the screen side. The screen is broke, the device still turning on but touch screen doesn't work. I called ASUS, they ask me 75€ just to tell me how much will...
  19. sevenup30

    Thread [rom][gsm][cm9]SVN 1.1.1 10/06/12

    The rom How to install Things to come Download Changelog What's not working Thanks
  20. sevenup30

    Thread [HELP] Remove carrier name

    Hi guys. I'm working and learning on modding SystemUI.apk for Droid Razr ICS. I could add toggle and 1% battery mod(with lot of help) But now i'm struggling to remove carrier name. For now i could remove carrier name from status_bar_expended.xml & status_bar_tracking.xml by adding some...
  21. sevenup30

    Thread [REQUEST] Nandroid from China ICS

    Hi guys, i'd like to have a nandroid of system from china ics (which is official now?) or latest leak. The rom which have toggle & call recorder and much more than other ics stock rom. Thanks
  22. sevenup30

    Thread [21/07/12][DEV SHARING][GSM]Toggle menu + 1%battery + power menu + No CARRIERNAME

    Here you have Modded SystemUI.apk & services.jar for toggle menu & 1% battery. It's the same you can find in FTS 3.0 (i recommand you to test it ;)) WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!! credits HOW TO INSTALL must have /system rw or do it from bootmenu, go to custom recovery mount /system then : adb...
  23. sevenup30

    Thread [Request] SystemUI.apk China rom

    Hi, can someone give me the latest SystemUI.apk from chinease rom please? Odex or not i don't mind but if odexed give me the odex file too! Thanks
  24. sevenup30

    Thread [WIP] Building CM9 for xt910 RAZR

    Work in Progress, this not work for now Hi guys, So, for now i'm trying to build CM9 from source for xt910. Before starting a Huge thanks to STS-dev-team (droidhive.com) (droidth3ory / hashcode / dhacker29) For their huge work to add spyder into cm9 & aokp. Now the hard stuff i won't make...
  25. sevenup30

    Thread [dev help needed] gsm patch for ics leak based rom

    Hi guys :-) Dtrail skywong frasertag and me tried hard to make working a gsm patch. why? Because cdma owner have lot of rom developers and great rom like cm9 aokp eclipse blackwidow and more. what did we do We can have every thing working by only adapt build.prop, except network data, so no...
  26. sevenup30

    Thread [Q] Un-simlock

    Hi, i'd like to know if is it possible to unsimlock our razr with root? or we really need a unlocked bootloader? Thanks
  27. sevenup30

    Thread [HOW TO] back to stock rom with Eternity project Script

    Hi everybody, first of all, i dont create anything i just see every day new user unable to flash fastbootfile because they dont know how to. This will work on GSM EU devices, dont know for the other. All the credit are for The Eternity Project Team. I flash a bad OTA/ROM/ Want to went back/...
  28. sevenup30

    Thread Should i stay or Should i go! the eternal question!

    Hi razr guys! I'm kinda confused right now because of the bootloader locked. I'm asking myself if i should exchange my RAZR for a NEXUS i watch few comparaison between both, and ok nexus have native ICS and will for sure upgraded first if a new android version is released. Now the right...
  29. sevenup30

    Thread [Help] I think this time, i really brick my razr!

    Hi, For resume, i was just following frastertag instruction to change framework-res.apk with artic 3.0, and during the process i had a reboot from nowhere!!! and now my phone is bootlooping on "droid" animation. So what i did: Trying to flash with alternative script from Kholk, but during the...
  30. sevenup30

    Thread [Q] battery life with rom

    hi, I was with artic rom on gsm razr, and i had a really poor battery life, 12hour 80% :eek: . Well, i went to stock rom and with "smart action"(not sure about the app name, because i have it in french) i break my record with 2days on battery with soft usage(sms / call / jelly defense / gta...
  31. sevenup30

    Thread [Q] no kernel in custom rom?

    Hi, i took a look in the 2 custom rom (artic and FTS) and i can't find any kernel file (system/lib) is it because the bootloader is still locked? Then i guess CM7 can't be ported without kernel file?
  32. sevenup30

    Thread [Q] Tutorial needed

    Hi everyone, Sorry if this question has already been asked before, but i couldn't find it out. One day i saw a link on xda to a website who explain alot about how android is working, kernel ramdisk, how to extract ... And i can't remember the name of this website. so can someone give me a...
  33. sevenup30

    Thread [Q] new ota?

    Hi, i just had a new ota from acer build: acer_a100_2.007.04 is there any changelog? or just an old OTA who just arrive to me? ^^
  34. sevenup30

    Thread [Q] Have you any issue with your data connection?

    Hi everyone, i was wondering if i'm the only one to get issue with my data. In fact i have the 3G icon, but no network connection, i have to disable and enable data to have the H icon and data working. i had it with stock SFR rom, stock motorola rom and custom rom.
  35. sevenup30

    Thread [Q] any news about sbk V2?

    Hi, I know i'm asking again this question, but i'm wondering if the devs can ,one day, found the sbk v2 key. I want to know it, even if it s in one month or more. Because i dont know if i have to sell my tf b80k and buy à rootable devices. Thanks