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    Thread Forgotten One Mini Alternative?

    For those that like stock android, the HTC First (yes, the facebook phone some of you may hate) may be a cheap, good, alternative. It costs about ~200 usd atm for a new, contract free phone, which is half the price of the Mini with additional specs. It's even possible that the Mini's first aosp...
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    Thread TMOUS HD2 better build quality?

    When i replaced my HD2 that was from germany, it was because it rapidly broke down from seemingly a ton of defects. now i dunno if they were really defects or due me mishandling the phone when flashing roms, but the first problem from the EU hd was the loose USB socket, which was possibly a...
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    Thread [Q] CPU voltage and Battery Life in using data

    My experience of undervolting reflects what is widely said, as you undervolt more and more, the device becomes less and less stable, and the battery drain become more difficult to measure in battery monitor. The only plus side is that there is less heat produced. I noticed that extreme...
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    Thread [Q] USB fast charging is Kernel-Based?

    I noticed that when I use the rafpigna family (including HierOS and others, etc.) kernels I get 600~800mah charging on usb port, where as tytung family kernels I only can get 20~300mah. What's with that? The threads i found seem to say that it's either hardware or usb cable based, but I found...
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    Thread [Q] Any solutions to the replacement hardware problem?

    Recently, I had my EU HD2 repaired (while on android) due to a malfunctioning digitizer, however, after it was replaced the promixity sensor would not work, and when they fixed the promixity sensor, the backlight stopped working. Eventually, they gave me a replacement TMOUS HD2 (It looks like...