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    Thread Music streaming in remote sim mode

    Hi I'm a proud owner of the Lg g4 and I'm really happy with it. Just one thing is bothering me. Wenn I connect it via Bluetooth with my car it uses the remote sim mode. This works great for phone calls over the car, but I'm not able to stream music at the same time, because the phone hasn't got...
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    Thread [Q] Clockworkmod (CWM) can't find zip files

    Hello there I have a strange problem with clockworkmod recovery (I'm running v6.0.3.2, along with Cyanogenmod 10.1 on the galaxy s 3 int. version) In order to flash CM 10.2 nightly, I downloaded the nightly and the 4.3 gapps, as recomended in the Cyanogenmod 10.2 thread. But when I boot into...
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    Thread Download stock FW torrent

    Hi community I don't have access to a computer and want to update my phone to the latest Swiss stock FW (yes, I'm in the hospital and very bored...). I can find the file on Sammobile but am not able to download it. It starts, but stops after a short time. Now is there a way to download the...
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    Thread [Q] cm10: external sd card damaged

    Hi everyone Here my short story: Flashed cm10 to try it out. Got a notification that my external sd card is damaged Googled and found out that the problem is that cm10 uses another format then stock SGS 3 Firmware Decided that this is a reason to stick with stock 4.1.1 Flashed back, but SD...
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    Thread [Q] odin with resizable window size?

    Hi everyone I have a Problem. I want to flash mi sgs3 with odin. But the only windows running device I've got is a HP mini Notebook. My problem no is, that the Odin window is larger than my screen and there seems to be no way to scroll the window or resize it. Has anyone a Solution? Is there...
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    Thread No display time out?

    Hi everyone My s3 has a strange behavior since yesterday: the display want go to sleep mode by itself. In the settings I chose 30 seconds before it has to time out. I run a Swisscom brandet stock Rom. Does anyone experience the same or even have a solution? Sent from my GT-I9300 using xda...
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    Thread [Q] Connect Prime to Linux (Ubuntu) via USB

    Hi everyone Sorry if this has been asked before, to my surprise I didn't find anything: Is there a easy way to connect the tf201 to Linux, in my case Ubuntu? Thank you for your help!
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    Thread [Q] Get 2.2 Bootloader via cwm?

    Hi xda Comunity Is there any way to flash a rom including the 2.2 bootloader via cwm? I want to try the cm7 rom, and it requires the 2.2 bootloaders. At the moment, I've Darky 10 rc6 installed, which includes the 2.3 bootloaders