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  1. J

    Thread Instagram DM, Facebook messenger notification issue

    I can't get these notifications and I tried whole of things that I can do like reinstall, changed the setting in many ways, and also let those apps can be turned on the background. But I still can't get notifications. Does anybody has a problem like this??
  2. J

    Thread How can I make Volte on Rog phone 3?

    does anyboy has link? Thank you
  3. J

    Thread when someone can post the tutorial how to convert CN ROM to WW ROM??

    I bought rog phone 3 tencent edition but I don't use this phone now. when can I convert to WW ROM...
  4. J

    Thread Please tell me the procedure of changing CN ROM to WW ROM

    Unlock the phoen by the boot loeader app. after that, what I need to do? just for asking the procedure, don't need to tell me specific things. Thanks
  5. J

    Thread No one knows how to install Global ROM on ROG phone 3?

    give me some links if you guy know