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    Post Ios 13.2 emojis font

    How did you make the TTF? I'm interested in merging iOS emojis with Product Sans.
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    Post Working GCam Port for Galaxy S9/S9+!

    I recently upgraded to Pie and I cannot get motions photos to work on any APK I've tried. The camera view just refuses to open (i.e. black screen) if it's enabled.
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    Post SM-G920TZKAXAR Firmware Download

    Is there any particular reason that you need this specific firmware? I would give the firmware for the regular G920T a try—seems like it should work. I'm running a debloated version of G920TUES6ERC2 on my phone, which also uses the XAR CSC code and has all T-Mobile-related things removed.
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    Post iOS emoji without root ?

    Were you able to figure out anything regarding this?
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    Post [MODULE] App Systemizer for Magisk v9/v10/v11/v12/v13/v14

    Same thing here on the S6.
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    Post Please delete

    Even on a stock TouchWiz ROM and kernel I occasionally run into this. I think the issue could be on Samsung's side.
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    Post Backing Up App Data

    Sorry, I'm not sure what you mean. Are you asking if I was able to reuse the same backup multiple times? If so, I haven't tried, but you could probably unroot or uninstall Bluestacks and repeat the process.
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    Thread ViPER4Android on Magisk

    I've finally figured out how to get the ViPER4Android Magisk module properly working on a Galaxy S6 running Nougat. Open the Download section of the Magisk Manager app; flash ViPer4Android FX and App Systemizer. Reboot. Install a ViPER4Android APK. I prefer the Material verzion on XDA Labs...
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    Post [Guide]Use Samsung Pay and Knox on your Rooted device

    Why do you think that Xposed will change anything? There weren't any bypasses for Marshmallow either.
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    Post Magisk General Support / Discussion

    Does Titanium Backup fail to gain root for anyone else on 13.1? I have a Galaxy S6 running Nougat.
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    Post [GUIDE] Stock Nougat G920TUVU5FQE1 - Root (Magisk), Deep Sleep and SafetyNet Bypass

    What helped in my case was flashing the latest beta (v13).
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    Post ViPER4Android FX Legacy/XHiFI [Unity][Deprecated]

    How are you supposed to access the .core directory?
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    Post Magisk General Support / Discussion

    I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get ViPER4Android working on my Galaxy S6 (stock Nougat ROM). I've already tried reinstalling the module multiple times, installing Audio Modification Library & Universal deep_buffer Remover, replacing the audio_effects.conf in /data/magisk/v4a, and...
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    Post [Module] [Discontinued] iYTBP for Magisk - Ad-Free YouTube with Background Play

    I'm confused — doesn't deleting system apps trigger SafetyNet?
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    Post Backing Up App Data

    What I ended up doing was installing Snapchat on Bluestacks, rooting, and then backing it up with Titanium Backup.
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    Post Backing Up App Data

    Did you ever figure this out?
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    Post [GUIDE] Stock Nougat G920TUVU5FQE1 - Root (Magisk), Deep Sleep and SafetyNet Bypass

    Everything was working fine last night, but I seem to have lost root during some point today. Magisk Manager still says that Magisk is installed, but that I am "not rooted." Any ideas? Should I try to reflash Magisk or will that trip SafetyNet?
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    Post [GUIDE] Stock Nougat G920TUVU5FQE1 - Root (Magisk), Deep Sleep and SafetyNet Bypass

    Do we not need to flash SuperSU prior to Magisk? I'm not too familiar with the process so I could be mistaken.
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    Post Please Delete

    Are there any camera samples? Interested to see how it compares to the stock ROM.
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    Post Root for people on G920TUVU5EQC2

    Flash TWRP and then the SuperSU ZIP.
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    Post Warranty check

    I'm not sure whether there's any sort of tool to check warranty status yourself, but I think a representative on their live chat should be able to tell you.
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    Post Downsides of tripping KNOX on Galaxy S6?

    For me, the most noticeable effect is permanently losing Samsung Pay. I've had to service my S6 for a camera issue whilst KNOX was tripped (and still within the warranty period); sent it into Samsung and there wasn't any problem with them refusing to fix it. Obviously your mileage may vary, but...
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    Post Gear Fit2: incorrect calories calculation

    I have the same exact thing. The calorie count is over 1000, even after multiple factory resets and trying to setup without a phone. :-/
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    Post New OTA: G920TUVS4EPH2

    OK, thanks — how should I go about doing this? I've always used CF Auto Root, but it doesn't seem updated yet.
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    Post New OTA: G920TUVS4EPH2

    Ugh, just got my S6 back from repair and they installed this update. Is it possible to root?
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    Post [Help Thread][Amazon Fire] 7" - 5th Gen 2015 ONLY! Ask Any Question, Noob Friendly is still based on Lollipop, correct? It's a little ridiculous this tablet — fairly new, at that — still doesn't have Marshmallow or at the very least a roadmap ... hell, I don't think any of Amazon's devices do.
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    Post [DISCONTINUED][27 NOV 2017] LineageOS-13.0

    Wow, official CM status — that's big. Future for this ROM was admittedly looking a little grim after the February build. Wonder what this will spell for CM14 support. :)
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    Post [DISCONTINUED][UNOFFICIAL] CM-12.1 [22 Nov 2016]

    I popped in a 64GB SanDisk microSD card the other day and moved a few apps to it (in the Settings menu, of course). After a reboot, however, they were completely gone, both from the launcher and under Apps > On SD Card. I'm browsing through the card's contents with a file manager and I can see...
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    Post [DISCONTINUED][UNOFFICIAL] CM-12.1 [22 Nov 2016]

    Thankfully, I believe Open GApps will refuse to install if there is an architectural mismatch.
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    Post Amazon Warehouse Deals

    The HDX 7 is definitely a better deal than the $50 Fire 7; it is so much more pleasant to use.
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    Post [Question] S6 Flat SM-G920T 6.0.1 Rooting

    The latest update expressly prevents downgrading.
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    Post T-mobile Wi-fi calling and Samsung Pay on Samsung Galaxy S7 Unlocked International?

    Has anyone found an answer since this thread was made? Looking to upgrade from my S6 and I'd like to know if I can get WiFi calling on the international model.
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    Post [DISCONTINUED][UNOFFICIAL] CM-12.1 [22 Nov 2016]

    As a tip, you can go into Display & lights > LiveDisplay > Color calibration and turn down the green to 95% or so in order to remove the greenish tint of the screen.
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    Post Replacement back cover

    Hi Davey, it's been a long time. :) Hope you're holding up okay. I did end up going with one of the eBay sellers and the repair turned out great: http://www.ebay.com/itm/252243326062?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT The back cover easily snaps off using a guitar...
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    Post [Question] S6 Flat SM-G920T 6.0.1 Rooting

    Ah, yeah, looks like you're running the latest update and it seems to early to tell if CF-Auto-Root will even work on it (I don't think anyone has tried yet). Anyways, here's all the information you'll need: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=67623487&postcount=7 Rest assured that...
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    Post [DISCONTINUED][27 NOV 2017] LineageOS-13.0

    I just tried that, but the AROMA Installer is crashing for me (i.e. recovery quits and goes to boot). What version of TWRP are you on? Edit: I had to flash back to TWRP again for AROMA to work. Anyways, looks all like the GApps login fine now, so thanks!
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    Post [DISCONTINUED][27 NOV 2017] LineageOS-13.0

    I'm getting the same thing; looks like the issue may lie within the ROM itself. Could you link to some older CM13 builds for thor?
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    Post [DISCONTINUED][27 NOV 2017] LineageOS-13.0

    I'm having the same issue — I can't log into most GApps after a clean install of the February build and latest Open GApps for Marshmallow. Some just don't even see my added Google account (e.g. Gmail), some give vague errors (e.g. Maps), and others just outright crash (e.g. Keep).
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    Thread Replacement back cover

    To keep it short and simple, I noticed a crack in the back of my tablet today (and I'm not even sure how it got there) so I'm looking to purchase a new cover to replace on my own. So far, I haven't had much luck; I've only found a handful of eBay listings that are selling used ones for far too...
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    Post [NEW] New Note UX Ported Apps (Project Grace - N7) [UPDT 06/07/16]

    Not sure if you were already aware of it or if it's just me, but the GIF button doesn't work.
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    Post [Solved] RAC lock on a used phone, need help accessing phone

    Found related threads: http://forum.xda-developers.com/tmobile-galaxy-s6/general/how-to-remove-rac-g920t-dojc-t3356087 http://forum.xda-developers.com/tmobile-galaxy-s6/help/samsung-galaxy-s6-sm-g920t1-t3335973
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    Post CF-Auto-Root

    Just to make sure: this will still retain systemless root, right?
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    Post G920T Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow Update G920TUVU3EPD1_G920TTMB3EPD1_TMB.zip

    Is there any way to enable this mode manually?
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    Post Viper4Android Working on S6 Edge (Root)

    Is it possible to move it to priv-app and still keep systemless root? I've noticed the effects cut out every so often and I have to reopen the app.
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    Post Multiwindow - alternatives to MW Commander

    Bump. Doesn't work for me either.
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    Post [ROM] Looper_X [5.0.2|5.1.1] | Deodexed | Rooted | Battery Life

    Any plans to update this ROM to Marshmallow?