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    Thread USB Issues with Oreo 8.1

    Just got the Oreo 8.1 update on my Project Fi Moto X4 (Motorola Version: OPW28.46-13). The phone does not show up in Windows anymore. No MTP, no ADB. It does charge. I've tried it on two different PCs. It was working seconds before applying the update. The cable does work properly with an...
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    Thread OTG Functionality?

    Any of you lucky HDX owns know if it supports USB OTG (MicroUSB to normal USB)? I've seen some specs saying it does. If so: Does it support a USB keyboard/mouse? Does it support Mass Storage? (Flash Drives/Card Readers) If #2, what file systems? FAT, NTFS, exFAT?
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    Thread [APP]Nexus Media Importer V5 RC1

    Well, after months of work and weeks of testing NMI V5 is close to ready. The big feature in V5 is the ability to write (export) to FAT partitions. To accommodate this, the Advanced tab has been completely reworked and is now much closer to the file manager everyone wants. There are also a...
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    Thread ADB Connection to The Fire HD

    This is useful to anybody trying to get ADB going. I can confirm it works. https://developer.amazon.com/sdk/fire/connect-adb.html No OTG support as far as I can tell. Or at least, it doesn't power the bus. It did lock when I added a powered hub. That might mean it works, but doesn't supply...
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    Thread [app]Nexus 7 External Flash Picture Viewer & Media Streamer

    Several people have asked about this, so here is something that will allow you to view photos on a Nexus 7 without rooting your device. You will need: An OTG USB Cable. Any should do. A USB Flash Drive or Flash Reader/Card Some pictures Nexus Photo Viewer (link below)...
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    Thread [Q] What are the 4 gold connectors on the left bottom for?

    So I was noticing that there are 4 gold connectors (antennas?) on the left bottom left hand side of the Nexus 7 when it's in portrait mode. From iFixit.com it looks like they are connected to the motherboard. Are these some sort antennas or possibly an external USB/Serial port access? My...
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    Thread [Q]80 G9 Issues?

    So, I just got this and I really want to like it, but I'm having issues. [Constant]Playing music the background constantly cuts out when you do anything else in the foreground. Both Google Music and Amazon do it. I'm streaming, but I can see that the song has been downloaded. This is my...
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    Thread Accelerometer X&Y Reversed on Honeycomb

    So, I now have two games where the accelerometer seems to have flipped X&Y on Honeycomb. Both Asphalt 6 and Heavy Gunner seem to be messed up in the same way. I can't speak for Asphalt 6, but Heavy Gunner worked fine on GB. It plays "fine" if I rotate the device 90 degrees (other than it...
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    Thread Mame4Droid + Wiimote = Classic Gaming Fun

    I almost got an iPad over because at the time the Mame emulator was better. Times have changed. I pulled down Mame4droid and found some roms. It was pretty cool. Then I thought all I need is bluetooth controller. XBox required a cord, PS3 was too complicated, but the Wiimote controller app...
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    Thread [APP]Gallery Connect 1.0 Released!

    Now available in the Android market! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.homeysoft.galleryconnect.ads Gallery Connect is a Picture/Video app with extended features not included in the stock Gallery. Unique features:Remote Image/Video display with UPNP/DLNA devices. This...
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    Thread 1080p Video on Elocity A7

    I've seen various people having issues with 1080p video on the A7. I've been doing some work to figure out what works and what doesn't. I used Nero Recode, but you should get the same results with Handbrake or StaxRip. 1080p (1920x800) - Silky Smooth +mp4 container +H264 - Main Profile, 3...