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    Thread [Q] Stock Chrome browser slow loading pages

    All, Have any of you new G4 owners been experiencing ridiculously slow page loading times with the stock browser? My old GS3 loads web pages much faster in Chrome by comparison, as does my work iPhone. What gives?! Thanks in advance!
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    Thread [Q] Thoughts on CM 11

    Could anyone running "stock" CM 11 on their T-Mo S3 comment on the experience? Is battery usage better/worse/the same as the stock TW 4.3 ROM? Any issues with screen auto-brightness, sensors, etc? Are there any stock Samsung apps that you miss? I'm on the fence right now- I've been stock &...
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    Thread [Q] Google Chrome & Data Compression Option

    Hey all- I'm on stock TouchWiz 4.3 and I just installed the latest (v32) Chrome browser and can't get the option for data compression to show in the "Bandwidth Management" menu, the main reason why I downloaded it. I had a similar issue when I updated to the new version on my Nexus 7 (see this...
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    Thread [Q] Chrome mobile data compression

    I'm hoping someone else here has updated to Chrome version 32— I keep reading it is supposed to have a data compression option, but when I go to settings, bandwidth management, the option to turn it on isn't available. Does it only show up on devices with mobile data? I was hoping to speed up...
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    Thread 4.3 Update and Notification Bar Tranparency

    Hey all, I updated to 4.3 and have been using the Nexus 5 launcher and notice that it does not seem to support the transparent notification bar like the stock TW launcher does after the update. I tried also installing Nova launcher that is supposed to support transparency as well on the S3 with...
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    Thread [Q] TWS/Data drop fix, possible script/app?

    I have an Optimus V, but have seen many, many posts dealing with this issue in a number of different threads, but haven't seen an automated fix for the data drop/time without signal/battery usage issues many people have been experiencing that seem to be related. I'm aware of the fix50 app that...