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    Thread is there any possibility to have custom recovery in my s3 i-535 device(now in 4.4)?

    hi everyone! I'm just curious about is there any possibilities for to have custom recovery on my SCH-I535? because once i have upgraded from stock Jellybean OS, it is not possible to have either custom recovery nor TWR! So i'm just want to make sure there is no way to have Custom recovery on my...
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    Thread my s3 i535 stuck on red color verizon screen! after i flash it with 4.4.2

    http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=63697378#post63697378 hi all from the above post of mine got the solution and now mobile is stuck on the verizon screen! it is not at all entering into mobile! and also i don't find much post on xda forum dealing with this issue! anybody please...
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    Thread "sw REV CHECK FAIL: Fused 2 > Binary 0" error on my s3 sch-i535!! :(

    Hi everyone! i have a sch-i535 device, whenever i flash a rom in odin mode it keep on saying "sw REV CHECK FAIL: Fused 2 > Binary 0"! :( i cant do anything! and i followed one solution when i odin with that , my odin process was success but again even after that i get the same error 'sw REV...