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  1. isko95

    Thread How to fix my xperia t? 😰

    I had a problem with the phone, it reboots every time itself, so i decided to buy a new battery from internet. Then i replaced the original inside the xperia t and placed the new one. When i turn on the phone, it vibrates and nothing on the screen, it seems to boot normally but without anything...
  2. isko95

    Thread Moving from stock lollipop

    Can anyone suggest me which are the best roms based on lollipop? What are pros and cons, the rom with less bugs or problems TYIA in advance. And also can anyone tell me how to install the rom from stock lollipop without root?
  3. isko95

    Thread [Q] Cover like xperia z3??

    im wondering if there will be a smart cover window like xperia z3?? i want it too for my xperia Z please somenone reply. the cover is like this: http://www.sonymobile.com/global-en/products/accessories/style-cover-scr24/ :D
  4. isko95

    Thread android kk 4.4.4

    When will official android kitkat 4.4.4 come on xperia z c6603? Hope that it will fix bugs of 4.4.3 espescially about battery
  5. isko95

    Thread buying new battery for xperia t

    since my xperia doesnt start up and cant handle to flash a stock firmware (because it is bricked) i decided to buy a new original battery on ebay for it. but when i receive the battery, WILL THEY PROVIDE ME THE TOOLS TO REPLACE THE BATTERY? pls reply so i can buy it as soon as possible thanks :)
  6. isko95

    Thread [bricked xperia T] flashing stock firmware

    hi guys! still with bricked phone...tried again to flash a stock firmware i got this error: (see screenshot) http://prntscr.com/3f935g please help me
  7. isko95

    Thread charge bricked xperia T?

    how can i charge xperia T if it is bricked? when i connect it to wall charger it has no led light and nothing on screen of course. please help because i cant even enter on fastboot now. but when i hold pushing power button, there is red light, then after some time it vibrates and become green...
  8. isko95

    Thread Xperia t lt30p reboots itself

    i dont know why my xperia t continuosly reboots itself....i tried to flash stock 4.3 firmware but still reboots.. i wanted to try to repair it with sony pc companion 2.1 but unfortunately it doesnt recognize my phone (i really dont know why) . i have windows 8.1 pro... can anyone HELP me please...
  9. isko95

    Thread uninstall stk.apk or not?

    Will uninstalling stk.apk give any problem? Because i dont use it... Im on 4.3 .199 rooted LockedBootloader Xperia T
  10. isko95

    Thread How to root Xperia T?

    I know that to have root i have to install jelly bean 4.1.2 first, but i dont know how to....i'm on 4.3 right now. So can anyone tell me step by step to how to root, and then have 4.3 again?
  11. isko95

    Thread rooting stock android 4.3

    guys is it possible to root xperia t with 4.3 with flashtool? will it work? and this will not give problems right? hope someone replies :D
  12. isko95

    Thread JB 4.2.2 statusbar for cm7

    there is someone who can try this if it works? because i tried and i got some problems.. here's the link and give feedback http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2315342&highlight=xperia hope you try and reply
  13. isko95

    Thread [URGENT Q] Instagram Videos

    to all who has minicm10 (or jelly bean 4.1) is video recording working? :D
  14. isko95

    Thread [ROM] ISKperia_Z1 for robyn 20/06/13

    Here's what you were waiting for!! YOU DON'T NEED TO UPDATE ANY APP,OR FLASH ANY MOD, ALL IS INCLUDED!! ISKperia_Z1 based on latest nightly (Minicm7-2.2.1-UNOFFICIAL 2013-03-27) SCREENSHOTS: THE TASK MANAGER IS INCLUDED The most updated rom, with only 50 apps installed on...
  15. isko95

    Thread [ROM][GB] ISKperia_Z1 for mimmi 19.06.2013

    Here's what you were waiting for!! YOU DON'T NEED TO UPDATE ANY APP,OR FLASH ANY MOD, ALL IS INCLUDED!! ISKperia_Z1 based on latest nightly (Minicm7-2.2.1-UNOFFICIAL 2013-03-27) SCREENSHOTS: THE TASK MANAGER IS INCLUDED The most updated rom, with only 50 apps installed on system...
  16. isko95

    Thread [Q]making a new rom

    i'm trying to make a rom based on latest minicm7 nightly for x10 mini pro when i flash it everything works, except root access.. i tried to change superuser app (superSU and superuser) but nothing.. maybe i deleted some files that needs superuser to work.. ANY IDEA? SmG67 nobodyAtall...
  17. isko95

    Thread google play services

    can google play service substitute package installer? so i can uninstall package installer.apk? PLEASE REPLY THANKS:laugh:
  18. isko95

    Thread notification led and keyboard led not working

    i had minicm7 (stable version) for my mimmi (x10 mini pro) for months, so i decided to flash the latest nightly (minicm7 unofficial).. but notification led and keyyboard leds are not working...how can i solve this? PS: DONT TELL ME TO INSTALL KEYBOARD FIX, because there are roms for x10 mini...
  19. isko95

    Thread x10 mini pro don't recognize ear/headphones

    why my x10 mini pro dont recognized the headphones when i connect them? before they were working, but now they dont... i tried to install other roms, but its the same... i also tried to connect those headphones (which i used before) to other device (galaxy tab 2) and it worked fine.... the...
  20. isko95

    Thread [QUESTION] transparent statusbar on minicm7?

    how can i have transparent stausbar on minicm7 2.2.1 (stable version)? is there any mod to have it? and if it is possible also a brightness slider..:angel: hope you can help me! :rolleyes:
  21. isko95

    Thread Title, artist, album problem on music player

    why on music player (im using stock music.apk on minicm7, but it happens on all music players) instead of title there is the name of the file (for example: screamandshout.mp3), a random album image, and on artist there's ''unknown artist''?? sometimes they show the right title, album and artist...
  22. isko95

    Thread Someone who can try this?

    is there someone who can try if this launcher works on minicm7 or any cm7 based rom? here's the link: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2146270 :D:D report if it works!:confused:
  23. isko95

    Thread Screenshot FC on cm7

    screenshot app sometimes (espescially on first time after boot) FCs, other times lags...and i have to wait a long time before it takes a screenshot and sometimes i have to reboot... i'm using minicm7 2.2.1 stable version with nAa 14 kernel
  24. isko95

    Thread [CLOSE THIS] NEW THREAD HERE http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2326276

    new thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2326276 PLEASE CLOSE THIS THREAD
  25. isko95

    Thread [Question] ultra low brightness

    i was wondering if ultra low brightness exist on android, and espescially to our device? if there's the ultra high, it might be also the ultra low, because in the Night i control my fb...and the lowest brightness, it is already high bright for eyes...so can i have ultra low? please reply..
  26. isko95

    Thread [QUESTION] Choosing Gingerbread Rom

    Which gingerbread rom do you reccomend me? which has less bugs, without FC or lags??? please reply in many!! :confused::confused: POSSIBLY WITH JELLY BEAN LOOKS OR SAMSUNG LOOKS!!
  27. isko95

    Thread [QUESTION] how to hide app-icon?

    can someone explain how to hide app-icon? i mean to hide the icon on menu-launcher? because on xperia launcher the "hide app" settings doesn't exist... don't tell me to download apps from google play.. there's a way to hide it on apk files.. can you tell me how to step by...
  28. isko95

    Thread fonts problem

    can you provide me the fonts file to see some symbols which i dont see (i see only Squares)?? for example on instagram on some periods i see lots of squares... please help!
  29. isko95

    Thread [HELP] Remove MiniCM7 Logo On Boot

    Does someone know how to remove MINICM7 logo on boot? even if i diasabled boot animation there is the minicm7 logo... is there a way to remove it or at least change the logo?
  30. isko95

    Thread From Stock to JB 4.2.2

    which rom do you advice to me (based on 4.2.2)? 1. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2097311 2. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2212062 which one do you suggest me? do they have bugs, problems,lags or FC?? please REPLY!! :fingers-crossed:
  31. isko95

    Thread Video Recording Problem On MiniCM7

    why sometimes when i record, and i watch it the audio go first and the visual video is a bit delayed? is there any fix? i am using stable minicm7 2.2.1 (not nightly) with stock camera app and gallery app...
  32. isko95

    Thread Performance Settings On MiniCM7

    guys, i just wanna know the full settings on performance section to avoid fast battery draining (battery hot) without slows...
  33. isko95

    Thread ICS/JB Recent Apps/Switcher/Task Manager

    Which app or mod do you suggest me to have recent apps ( not necceserly task killer )?? 1.AppICS Task Manager/switcher 2.AppICS Task Manager 3.Mod Add ICS/JB Like Recent Apps I need one of this, which can't drain battery...i just want to have jelly bean recent apps, also if it hasn't task...
  34. isko95

    Thread [Q] how to avoid fast battery drain?

    Does turning on PLANE MODE avoid battery drain? can you give other conplete suggestions?
  35. isko95

    Thread [Q] battery while on cwm

    Does the battery charge on cwm, even if the LED doesn't work?
  36. isko95

    Thread [Q] boot animation

    Hey guys! Just some quick questions: -does the boot animation drain battery? -does the boot animation slow the boot time?
  37. isko95

    Thread [STOCK APP] Music.apk without Video Icon

    I asked in Q&A: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2210691 I just want to share how to have music app without video app-icon on MINICM7 2.2.1 for mini/pro Thanks to: @Emperor.dk who shared the app, @SmG67 who told me to delete music.odex :p 1. download this...
  38. isko95

    Thread [Q] only music app on minicm7

    Someone who can provide me the music app of minicm7 without video app? Because i dont need video because there is already the gallery...
  39. isko95

    Thread [ROM][20/04/13][JB] 2.0 Z-Xperia CM10 THEMED XPERIA Z

    This is a port from x8 rom by ME (isko95) :D Based on latest MiniCM10 16.04.2013 nightly Original x8 thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2183228 Z-Xperia 2.0 Will add new changelog: FEATURES: •Xperia Z Launcher with auto-rotation *Z Lockscreen *Z SystemUI •Xperia Z...
  40. isko95

    Thread [Q] notification bar

    Is there someone who knows how to have jelly bean notification bar on minicm7? Just like zencefil?
  41. isko95

    Thread [Q] choosing ics rom

    which is the best ics rom for galaxy gio which has less bugs than others? telling what are them...:D
  42. isko95

    Thread [Q] choosing a jelly bean rom

    Hi guys im new in this section...i want to install my first custom rom to GIO.. which is the best jelly bean rom? (4.1-4.2.2)
  43. isko95

    Thread [Q] best rom

    Which is the best gingerbread (custom) rom? Which is the best ice cream sandwich? Which is the best between all jelly bean rom (4.1-4.2.2)? TELLING ALSO WHY IT'S THE BEST (Bugs, Problems Etc.) .you Can Also Answer At One Question (Only Gb..etc)
  44. isko95

    Thread Random reboots

    Im new in this nexus section...i'm asking why my galaxy nexus sometimes reboots? It has the latest 4.2.2 android version stock...it isnt the update, i think, because also before this happen...and when it reboots there's like a opened locket under the google logo....who can help.me? I tried also...
  45. isko95

    Thread REQUEST: Port Old Sony Theme for CM7

    Can anyone port this sony theme to our little x10mini/pro (LDPI)? Original thread from x8: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2159163 Hope anyone can do it! :D
  46. isko95

    Thread [Q][HELP] brightness sliding bar

    Why i cant regulate the brightness by sliding on navigation bar on minicm7 stable version?
  47. isko95

    Thread [Q] about minicm7

    which is the best nightly of minicm7 with less bugs/problems than stable version
  48. isko95

    Thread [q] uninstalling system app from minicm7

    What if i uninstall this system apps? -stk.apk -picotts.apk -ttsservice.apk What would be the consequence?? And which other system apps i can uninstall (saying their functions)??
  49. isko95

    Thread [Q] List of kernels available for gingerbread

    which are all the kernels available for x10 mini pro (mimmi) and which is the better telling me why...
  50. isko95

    Thread [Q] Usb problem

    When i link my usb to the computer to put some files on it can't connect with it....so i always have to turn the mimmi off and remove the sdcard....sometimes i use airdroid...but i prefer to use usb.. ..i saw "mount usb" on recovery but i dont know what is it...please help!