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  1. clsA

    Thread New Note 9 owner questions

    Hi I picked up a Note 9 today and it's still on Android 9 - N960U1UES3CSJ1 Is their any reason why I would want to stay on Android 9 ? or should I update to the latest firmware ? I may try and root the phone later is why I'm asking.
  2. clsA

    Thread Seems we have come to the End for the EP

    It's probably not news to everyone that Essential has thrown in the towel on the Essential Phone https://www.droid-life.com/2018/12/28/it-looks-like-the-end-has-finally-come-to-the-essential-phone/ Sad news really ... This is the first phone I've had that I really really loved I basically...
  3. clsA

    Thread [H910][Oreo][Stock][Rooted] AT&T LG V20 Stock Oreo rooted flashable zip

    Good Morning New: Well AT&T updated us to Sept Security patch here's the new Stock rooted rom > H910_20h_Oreo_full_rooted.zip > https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=1322778262904015326 Tested by darkknight200 After NotYetADev posted his VS995 rooted Oreo We decided to give it a try on the...
  4. clsA

    Thread Ascend XT2 B130 Update and CleanRom Rom's

    Well here we go This is the First Update for the XT2 in a flashable rom This is for those who unlocked their bootloader and installed TWRP and can not take OTA update on their phones As most here know ower version of TWRP is not complete and cannot decrypt the /data partition so unfortunately...
  5. clsA

    Thread Rooting and Restoring the Huawei Elate H1711z

    OK to start off this thread is meant to continue the work done in the thread here huawei-ascend-xt2-h1711 their were some good people working on stuff their but most seem to have moved on. I decided to pick up the Elate this week from Best Buy and thought it might be time to start a new thread...
  6. clsA

    Thread [Rom][28April]Ascend XT - Nexus_XT B160

    NEXUS XT Everyone loves Nexus Roms so here you go Nexus for the XT I built this one for the Google Lovers out their. I removed most all the Huawei apps and replaced them with the Google counterparts. Features of the Rom: Based on H1611C07B160 EMUI 4.1 Root Busybox Removed...
  7. clsA

    Thread [Rom][12April][UnRooted] Ascend XT - Stripped_Stock B150 & B160 Rom

    Stripped Stock B150 & B160 Roms This is based off madvane20 Pokemon Backup This is similar to the Bare Naked Rom only this time it's fully unrooted So any apps or Games that require a non-rooted system will work on this Rom List of known working games / Apps Pokemon Go Mario Run waiting on...
  8. clsA

    Thread [Rom][12April] Ascend XT - Bare_Naked Rom B150 / B160

    The Bare Naked Rom Updated for B160 Enjoy ! The name pretty well says it all - This is the CleanRom with Everything Removed You have nothing but the Bare Basic phone - See the screen shots to see whats left in Flashing instructions.. You Must use the version that match your firmware. (If...
  9. clsA

    Thread [Rom][15April]Ascend XT - CleanRom B160

    CleanRom Version 2 is now Up ! Here's what I did, I removed all the AT&T bloatware and most of the Google Apps while adding Root / Busybox / Nova Launcher / A custom EMUI 5 theme / and a couple of useful apps We Fixed the IMEI problem and everything is stable Thanks madvane20 for your help...
  10. clsA

    Thread [ROM][19FEB][Ascend XT] H1611.STOCK.ROOTED.NOVA.B150.ROM

    Don't have much time here but wanted to get this out Here's My First Roms for the Huawei Ascend XT Flashing instructions.. You Must already be on B150 firmware. You must Mount - System / Cust and Data in TWRP before you start the install. After install wipe cache / dalvik and reboot Note if...
  11. clsA

    Thread [Guide]Huawei Ascend XT - How to update from any version up to B180 after rooting

    I'll try and keep this short and to the point. If you unlocked your bootloader and flashed TWRP and SuperSU, theirs a Good chance your phone will not return to stock and take OTA updates. Many of us have tried but for some reason the updates just fail. Well we are lucky and someone captured and...
  12. clsA

    Thread [Mod] Disable ZRAM [Swap] in MM - Huawei Ascend XT

    I thought I'd bring this over from the Honor 5x for the Huawei Ascend XT too it works without any problems Here's the files >> H1611_Enable_Zram_flashable.zip H1611_Disable_Zram_flashable.zip Thanks go to redbeard1083 and EarlyMon And also to divineBliss for the Fix to re-enable the Zram /...
  13. clsA

    Thread [Mod] Disable ZRAM [Swap] in Marshmallow

    For those that remember EarlyMon posted how to disable Swap long ago when the 5x was on Lollipop. Well since the 5x has been updated to Marshmallow this method no longer works. So I started looking around for a solution and I found this >>...
  14. clsA

    Thread Interesting info on Huawei / Honor

    Came across this today http://www.androidpolice.com/2016/10/03/source-huawei-passed-on-chance-to-produce-pixel-phones-us-division-badly-struggling/ What's your thoughts Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
  15. clsA

    Thread [Rom][KIW-L24] Stock B331 + Stock.Rooted.Nova.MM.R1

    Alright... here's my Stock rooted version of the latest KIW-L24 B331 - Android 6.0.1 EMUI 4.0 Update Nothing too fancy just the normal tweaks everything you expect in a stock, slightly debloated, rooted Rom To install use the latest TWRP and a normal factory reset is recommended before you...
  16. clsA

    Thread I'm looking for the Stock Note 5 Param.bin (Boot Splash)

    does anyone have a backup of the Stock boot splash (param.bin) ? I used the Aroma_Bootani_1440x2560_v4_MM.zip to change mine and I no longer have the original any help would be appreciated
  17. clsA

    Thread [Rom][KIW-L24] Stock B151 + Stock.Rooted.DeOdexed + Stock.Rooted.DeOdexed.Xposed

    KIW-L24 B151 Stock Roms Here's All my Stock roms from the new update B151 Choose the one you like. I can't test these on L21/L22 so flash at your own risk UPDATE: Do Not flash the Deodexed Roms on L21 / Or L22 unless you remove the cust.tar.gz from the Rom first. They include the USA...
  18. clsA

    Thread [ROM][KIW-L24] customrom.NOVA.Xposed.L24-B140

    customrom.NOVA.Xposed.R5 OK here's my Nova.Rom with the xposed framework and it's: Deodexed Debloated No-Swap zipalingned Tethering is enabled Boot Logo from wickedesires - Busybox - Dolby Atmos - ES File Explorer - QuickBoot - SuperSU are installed it's using the MM Icons from NOVA I did not...
  19. clsA

    Thread [ROM][KIW-L24][B140} No Swap - Stock DeBloated Rom

    Welcome to the Stock DeBloated Rom This is a Stock Rom with the no swap script installed along with Busybox / Root / AdAway and some other goodies This is all possible because of the hard work from others on the forum. Version r3 is now Up .. with more build.prop tweaks. If you downloaded /...
  20. clsA

    Thread [Repository] The Honor 5x File Depot

    I was asked to index my Honor 5x file collection so this is what I came up with I'll do my best to keep all the file's I can find here in one place for everyone to use If you would like to add something, just post it here and I'll move the links to the appropriate area ... Stock Firmware...
  21. clsA

    Thread [GUIDE] KIW-L24 Back to Stock + Android 6.0.1 MM Update

    Return your 5X to stock with TWRP I put together a few files to make it easy to return your phone to stock for OTA updates or just for starting over Fresh First you need to already have TWRP on your phone New Version here >> kiwi_twrp_5-14_recovery.img To use this backup you need to already...
  22. clsA

    Thread Restore your missing flashlight in Lollipop

    A friend flashed the AT&T RUU and was asking about the Flashlight app It seems to be missing, so here's the one I pulled from a previous version https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=23991606952610427 I just dropped the file in my adb/fastboot folder and sideloaded it It works !
  23. clsA

    Thread [off topic] M9 - Roll Call - Head Count

    Well the M9 has been out for one month now and I'm getting the feeling that HTC has lost in popularity this round. It's still too early to tell for sure how many M8 and M7 (Note 4) users will be coming over to the M9. But from the general activity in these forums, it's not happening very...
  24. clsA

    Thread AT&T and Developer Edition RUU - how to convert to Developer Edition

    Update 12/23/2015 >> See my signature below for Android M Thanks to @Jonny We now have the AT&T RUU M9_ATT_Cingular_US_1.32.502.9 https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=95916177934556955 modelid: 0PJA11000 cidnum: CWS__001 mainver: 1.32.502.9 ~Update~ Now the New Official Android Lollipop...
  25. clsA

    Thread 7.23.502.1 - Lollipop RUU

    On 3/31/15 AT&T released a 2 stage update for the One M7 - Details here I was not able to get the small 5.13.502.3 update so i have removed the link to the 2nd part. Having only the second part can only damage your device so no need to leave it here. I'll leave the Stock Recovery in case you...
  26. clsA

    Thread Is their a way to filter / Block the QA Bot Posts

    Who come up with this QA Bot post ? it's useless Clutter to the Q&A Section ... The Developers almost never come here so why the QA bot post ? This area is managed by fellow users and a few friendly developers, ;) you know who you are :D. So who come up with the QA Bot idea ? Developers or the...
  27. clsA

    Thread ATT-5.12.502.2-TWRP-stock-unrooted + Guru Reset

    Edit: I have also uploaded a Guru_Reset of this if anyone is interested (Thanks to crushalot) Download it Here for instructions look here >> http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2358738 WARNING!!! include optional flashable radio. ..here is the Stock Nandroid before the phone...
  28. clsA

    Thread [OTA] M4_ATT_4.4.2_5.5_3.10.502.3_OTAPkg.zip

    pulled this from my Wife's phone before rebooting for the update. Enjoy http://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=23329332407587145 MD5: 14bbad1619a97dece236ccfda9852c07 If you need help installing it just ask, I'll be happy to help
  29. clsA

    Thread NewEgg AT&T HTC One Black Refurb $249 or less

    I jumped on this ..it's the only real "Deal" I have seen on a HTC One No Idea how much stock they have so I'd hurry if you want one http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16875502177
  30. clsA

    Thread AT&T 4.4.2 RUU Rom.zip Decrypted

    Here's the Rom.zip I pulled from the AT&T 4.18.502.7 RUU Encrypted version is Removed until i find another source (file was damaged, sorry for any inconvenience ) This will work if your s-off and your modelid: PN0712000 and CID: CWS__001 or you can EDIT the Android-info.txt to match your MID...
  31. clsA

    Thread [ROM][4.4.2] - AT&T 4.18.502.7 Stock Rooted

    I'd like to Start off by saying, I'm not a Developer and I have a huge respect for those that are. A couple of weeks have passed since AT&T dropped the 4.4.2 OTA update and no one has yet released a Rom of it. This is a Rom I cooked for my own use to return to stock 4.4.2, I have flashed it 3...
  32. clsA

    Thread AT&T 4.4.2 OTAPkg.zip [Updated to Sense 6]

    I just captured the new Sense 6 update also ...Enjoy [June 4 2014] http://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=23501681358542441 MD5: 317bae285618b070279b3a58b2e308e5 ============================================================ Posted this in the other 4.4.2 thread I figured it would be easier to...
  33. clsA

    Thread Mobile Share Value Plans

    Not sure if anyone really cares or not but I just knocked $105 off my AT&T Family plan bill with their new Mobile Share Value Plans. I'm not a sales agent for AT&T, I'm just letting my fellow XDA users know. https://www.att.com/shop/wireless/data-plans.html#fbid=K-dU-76XrWB This is a real deal...
  34. clsA

    Thread Anyone considering the HTC One Mini ?

    Got the Email from HTC for the AT&T Exclusive http://www.att.com/shop/wireless/devices/htc/one-mini-glacial-silver.html Anyone planning to get one ?
  35. clsA

    Thread T-Mobile Prepaid Phone SIM Card Activation Kit (MicroorRegular) FREE + Free Shippin

    completely Off topic ..but T-Mobile is offering their T-Mobile Prepaid Phone SIM Card Activation Kit, select either Regular or Micro, for FREE w/ Free Shipping Here >>...
  36. clsA

    Thread [Q] (*wakelock*) questions

    Trying to track down some info on the wakelock activity on my One Today I had 90 instances of AudioSessionOutALSA 10.6s and 15 - Audioout_4 - 1m 52s any idea whats couseing these ?
  37. clsA

    Thread [Q] what's the benefits of /system r/w ?

    I installed the stock rom from scrosler with the /system r/w tweak and was wondering what all can I do now that I was not able to before ? Can I uninstall the AT&T bloat with tb now ? And what other things did this enable ? Thanks