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  1. mbrian27

    Thread Google Dialer Location Access Question

    Hoping for some help, I've searched but can't find anything.. In order for the phone number lookup feature to work in Google Dialer, WiFi scanning has to be enabled, which is fine, but causes unnecessary battery drain. Is there any way around that? BBS shows WiFi on 100% of the time with WiFi...
  2. mbrian27

    Thread What would you do??

    So, tonight at work I cracked the screen on my OP2. It literally goes from the top of the screen to the bottom of the screen, and you can feel it slightly with a fingernail. In December, my wife says I can get a OnePlus 3T for Christmas. So my question is, would you go through the trouble of...
  3. mbrian27

    Thread Where to buy a genuine OP2 battery

    Anyone know? I've seen them all over eBay and Amazon, most saying something about being real or authentic or genuine, but I'm doubting that.
  4. mbrian27

    Thread Music playback pauses for no reason

    I'm having an issue with pretty much every N rom I've tried - when I play music using wired headphones or with an AUX cable hooked up to my car, the music will stop randomly, usually every few minutes. Sometimes I'll get lucky and it won't do it for a while, but regardless, it still happens...
  5. mbrian27

    Thread Weird battery issue

    So, I'm having a weird issue where my battery will lose 3-4% within a few minutes of unplugging from the charger after it's full. It will also stay at the same percentage for a long time, for example yesterday it was on 18% for nearly an hour. Pretty much what I'm saying is the battery life...
  6. mbrian27

    Thread Help! Advice and pictures needed!

    So, I ordered an international G3 (D855) from an eBay seller from Hong Kong. I did my research, checked feedback (20k+ positive reviews) and thought that it was legit. When I received it, I had my doubts about the charging cable being authentic, since I had an ATT G3 (D850) previously and the...
  7. mbrian27

    Thread WiFi/mobile data problems

    The issue I'm having is that my WiFi and mobile network both show that they are connected, but I don't actually have working internet. Even weirder is that when I first flashed the rom (OctOS MM), I could connect to and use WiFi and data. Chrome, Play Music, Facebook, etc. all won't connect even...
  8. mbrian27

    Thread Downgrade from TWRP 3.0.0-0

    I have the newest TWRP, 3.0.0-0, installed, but I want to go back to an earlier version to try out a couple different roms that don't play well with the new version. Every time I flash an earlier version, the installation goes well but when I try to boot to recovery it just hangs at the splash...
  9. mbrian27

    Thread CyanDelta Question

    Anyone been having problems with it recently? When I go to About Phone>CM updates, it shows two new nightlies, 10/16 and 10/17, but CyanDelta is telling me I'm up to date with 10/13.. Yes, I know I can just download the newest full CM rom, I'm just wondering why I'm having problems with CyanDelta.
  10. mbrian27

    Thread CWM Question

    Anybody know if it's possible to remove the blue guy (Cid if I'm not mistaken) from the CWM boot screen and just use the Galaxy S3 text? Don't know what it is with him recently but every time I boot to recovery and see it I cringe. lol
  11. mbrian27

    Thread HD Widgets Status Bar Weather

    In assuming that there are quite a few people that use HD Widgets, so I'm hoping I might be able to get some help with this. I'm trying to use the status bar weather notification that is built into the app. It works perfectly fine until I reboot my phone, and then it only appears after I open up...
  12. mbrian27

    Thread V4A question...

    Any idea why installing V4A breaks video playback in the stock gallery? Sounds crazy but I uninstalled the V4A driver and deleted V4A and surprise, video playback works once again.. I don't get it.. Help? Edit: Realized it might help to know what gallery I'm talking about.. 4.3 Sent from my...
  13. mbrian27

    Thread Annoying audio issues with 4.3 ROMs

    The problem I'm having with every 4.3 ROM I've tried is that when I switch back to sound from vibrate, my notification sounds, ringtones, and alarms don't work. Only thing that fixes it is a reboot, but after toggling from sound to vibrate, then back to sound, it starts again. Any help...
  14. mbrian27

    Thread SGP Neo Hybrid case

    Anyone know where I can get an authentic one for less than $40?? I love the case but I think it's a pretty steep price for it. I tried a knockoff that I got from eBay but the holes on the back don't line up very well. Thanks for any suggestions.
  15. mbrian27

    Thread SGP Neo Hybrid case

    Anyone know where I can get an authentic one for less than $40?? I love the case but I think it's a pretty steep price for it. I tried a knockoff that I got from eBay but the holes on the back don't line up very well. Thanks for any suggestions. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using XDA Premium 4...
  16. mbrian27

    Thread Permanently delete folders on internal SD card??

    I realize they don't take up space with nothing in them, but I would really like to do away with the Movies, Pictures, Playlists, and Podcasts folders that are automatically generated on the SD card.. I've tried deleting them and they just reappear when I reboot, so I'm wondering how I prevent...
  17. mbrian27

    Thread Problem with multi DPI Play Store

    I have 3.10.9 Play Store.. Flashed the multi DPI JB version. Works fine for a day or so then it'll revert back to an older version ( 3.9.something I think) and more than half of my apps won't show up under My Apps. It is fixed by reflashing the multi DPI Play Store zip, but I don't understand...
  18. mbrian27

    Thread For everyone using AOSP ROMs with an echo issue..

    I'm pretty positive it isn't the ROM you're on, but the phone itself. I made a warranty claim through AT&T because it didn't matter who I called, landline or cell, they would hear themselves echo in their phone after everything they said. Three replacement phones later, I finally got one that...
  19. mbrian27

    Thread TW features on CM10/AOKP

    Just wondering.. How difficult would it be to incorporate the swipe right to call/swipe left to text feature from TW roms to CM10/AOKP? Please don't kill me for asking, I'm just curious. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I727 using XDA Premium App
  20. mbrian27

    Thread For those running AOKP Milestone 6...

    Are you still having the reboot issue? I'm still on build 40 and having the issue and I don't want to waste my time flashing M6 if it is still an issue..... Yes, I looked at the change log and unless I'm not looking hard enough, I couldn't find anything Sent from my SGH-I727 using XDA...
  21. mbrian27

    Thread Deleted folders/files reappearing

    So I'm on the newest AOKP (build 40) and I have an issue.. Every time I delete or move a file or folder on my external SD card, it deletes/moves the file/folder but when I reboot the phone it doesn't stay that way. I tried to do this probably 10-15 times now using Root Explorer, ES, and plugging...
  22. mbrian27

    Thread Phone reboots/hangs on splash screen

    I really would appreciate some input on this.. I was on NexusMod ICS for about two days before I woke up one morning to find that my phone had rebooted and was stuck at the splash screen. I tried pulling the battery and powering it on but got the same result, so I tried to get into CWM and...
  23. mbrian27

    Thread MHL adapter question

    I have an MHL adapter that i used all the time (worked flawlessly) on my Epic Touch for Sprint but I'm having issues with it on my Skyrocket.. I get video but no audio at all through my surround sound. I read a post about a similar issue and the solution was to use the headphone jack and...
  24. mbrian27

    Thread Terrible WiFi speeds on CM9?

    Am I the only one this is happening to?? Haven't seen anything about it on here but my speeds on GB before CM9 were about 30 MB down and 2 up and after flashing CM9 they average 8-10 down and 1 up. Any ideas on why that could be? Edit: Using the same modem, FC24 Sent from my SPH-D710 using XDA...
  25. mbrian27

    Thread Random freezing/reboots...HELP!!

    So basically what's going on is that once or twice a day my phone freezes (causing me to have to do a battery pull) or randomly reboots. I have tried three different roms (one being stock rooted) and the problem still occurs. I've tried different kernels, different modems, and changed...
  26. mbrian27

    Thread MMS Problem

    When I'm at work, I turn my 3G off because I get terrible service inside. If I receive a MMS message during that time, obviously it's not going to download. But once I step outside and turn 3G on to try to download the message, it just says it's downloading...but it never does. Is there a way...
  27. mbrian27

    Thread [Q] Captivate Status Bar Icons??

    I'm sure this has been asked before so I apologize for doing it again, but I couldn't really find anything helpful. I want to change the status bar icons without having to use LP, ADW, UOT kitchen, etc. to the icons that the Captivate (AT&T) and a few other Samsung devices have. I'm fairly...