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    Thread [Q] Custom PIN Lock Screen Widget

    Hi all, I'm running CM11 Nightly (20140107) on my GT-I9195 (S4 Mini). I'm required to have a PIN lock due to Exchange Policy, but I am able to modify the lock screen widgets. Since I have lowered the DPI for my System UI, I have quite a lot of room available above the PIN lock. Apart from the...
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    Thread [Android 2.2+] ShootNow!

    Hi all, Today I released an updated version of my ShootNow! application with lots of improvements and some added functionality. I would like to ask you to try it out (the unlicensed version is free) and give your feedback in this thread. Thank you in advance. Application description ShootNow...
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    Thread windowIsFloating=true & window size

    I'm developing an activity with a floating main window (e.g. windowIsFloating=true in the activity style). Unfortunately, within a floating window my layout (using fill_parent) is not expanded to the full screen size; fill_parent behaves like wrap_content instead. I suppose floating windows are...
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    Thread [Q] CPU Tuner & battery life?

    Has anyone tried CPU Tuner (https://market.android.com/details?id=ch.amana.android.cputuner&feature=search_result) yet to see whether it improves battery life? For example, when playing a game like Angry Birds, it looks like the CPU scales up to full speed (1.2Ghz) even though only a small...
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    Thread AKU2.3: GSM connection dropped while making voice calls

    I've noticed in several threads that some people (including me) are experiencing dropped connections while making voice calls. Maybe in this thread we can find the cause of this and hopefully also a solution. Symptoms are that while making a voice call, the call is dropped after a few minutes...