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  1. TheChampJT

    Post [APP][5.0+][v3.5.4] BubbleUPnP - UPnP/DLNA/Chromecast Control Point and Renderer

    Can anybody give me a quick rundown on what needs to be setup for streaming to my Xbox? Am I supposed to be using the media center or am I missing a setting? Sent from my Xoom using xda premium
  2. TheChampJT

    Post help in buying new case for Xoom . Puzzled!

    +1 on the Otterbox its well worth the price and it's the best case I've ever used Sent from my Xoom using xda premium
  3. TheChampJT

    Post [Q] Skype + Bluetooth Headset

    Same problem here with skype, at first I could hear the ringing thru the headset but once the call connected I got nothing XOOOOOOOMIN!
  4. TheChampJT

    Post [Q] WiFi tethering won't start

    Not on t mobile got it thru virgin mobile and haven't seen anything in their pricing about an extra fee. When I check the option to enable it just hangs with the loading animation like its trying to start the service.
  5. TheChampJT

    Thread [Q] WiFi tethering won't start

    Just got this phone, doubt I'm missing a setting, but the WiFi hotspot won't start. any ideas why?
  6. TheChampJT

    Post [Q] Why is my xoom so slow???

    It may be slow because it's refurbished, but that depends on the other problems. As far as the market goes, it's crap since the latest update, it closes on me a lot, it also gave me a problem with downloading docs to go, it wouldn't load the permissions so I could download. Some pdfs are slow...
  7. TheChampJT

    Post The Off-topic Referral Thread - Free Cloud Storage Only!!!!!

    More space is better, hook it up! (not .edu) http://db.tt/3kHOhYJ
  8. TheChampJT

    Post [Q] Galaxy Tab 7 with Voice Support?

    You could just use Skype, much much cheaper Sent from my SGH-I987 using XDA Premium App
  9. TheChampJT

    Post a working version of skype.apk?

    What's wrong with the market build? Sent from my SGH-I987 using XDA Premium App
  10. TheChampJT

    Post [APP][Updated 9/13/11 V1.4] Official Netflix

    No go on rooted ATT galaxy tab with froyo. Can login but get the 1005 streaming error.
  11. TheChampJT

    Post [Q] GV and Skype to make calls

    Yeah it's not really bad, same as using it on a pc, I'm sure theres a way to change it, just havent cared enough to look. On my captivate I can call thru skype from contacts, but the tab needs the dialer support. Let me know if you are able to rec all your calls.
  12. TheChampJT

    Post [Q] GV and Skype to make calls

    Yes and no. Yes because it should work, it's what I've been (trying) to do. No because I think the latest app update messed the app up, I haven't rec all my calls. Pretty sure its an app problem, I've rec all calls on my PC and iphone thru skype, but I'm still checking my settings to see if...
  13. TheChampJT

    Post Galaxy Tab freezes with bluetooth accessories [SOLUTION]

    It could be any apps really. For me it was pandora, I'm using poweramp for my music and I know that has bt disabled. I would just check any media apps for bt settings. From the Captivate
  14. TheChampJT

    Post Toggling Automatically Between Input Methods with a Bluetooth keyboard

    I'm using "null keyboard" with mine, gives you a blank kb and has a widget to change input. No sense in having a kb take up half the screen if you're usin a bt kb. Sent from the Tab
  15. TheChampJT

    Thread Galaxy Tab freezes with bluetooth accessories [SOLUTION]

    Just wanted to throw this out here in case anybody else runs into this problem. I just purchased a bt keyboard, worked fine for a few days, then suddenly my tab started to freeze, even after rebooting. System panel would show full cpu usage, and it took minutes to simply scroll, but the time and...
  16. TheChampJT

    Post Bluetooth Keyboard Case Review

    Found a better app for the soft keyboard replacement, check out null keyboard. Sent from my SGH-I987 using XDA Premium App
  17. TheChampJT

    Thread Perfect app to hide soft keyboard, for those who use bluetooth keyboards

    Just wanted to post this to let everyone know. There's a new app on the market called Null Keyboard by darken. Its simply a blank kb to give a full screen view, perfect for bluetooth keyboards. Also has a widget to quickly switch the active keyboard. Most importantly dev is amazing! Had a small...
  18. TheChampJT

    Post Bluetooth Keyboard Case Review

    Nice find on task switcher, makes having the keyboard 10x better
  19. TheChampJT

    Post Can´t download Android Market Apps :(

    Thats not entirely true, I've fixed this exact problem by messing with google talk when clearing market data didn't work. Sent from my SGH-I987 using XDA Premium App
  20. TheChampJT

    Thread Anyway to display android passcode lock in landscape?

    I figure its possible because I've seen it in landscape sometimes when I unlock in landscape, but ends up going back to portrait. Also shows in landscape if you change the passcode settings in landscape. Sent from my SGH-I987 using XDA Premium App
  21. TheChampJT

    Post Can´t download Android Market Apps :(

    Make sure you have the orig google talk installed, if you do sign on, should fix Sent from my SGH-I987 using XDA Premium App
  22. TheChampJT

    Post How to get Push Email on Galaxy Tab

    Adding the exchange account with the online iphone settings work. Server is m.google.com Sent from my SGH-I987 using XDA Premium App
  23. TheChampJT

    Post Tab Compatible & Optimized Apps

    Just because an app works in full screen doesn't mean its compatible. There are a lot of apps that have full screen graphics issues or not all button commands are on point. The purpose of the list is to show the apps that work well on the tab, just install and that's it, no mods. Not to mention...
  24. TheChampJT

    Post Tab Compatible & Optimized Apps

    That's why I titled this "compatible & optimized"
  25. TheChampJT

    Post [Q] How to r00t Samsung GALAXY Tab?

    Check the sticky in the tab dev section
  26. TheChampJT

    Post Tab Compatible & Optimized Apps

    Ok Im tapped out
  27. TheChampJT

    Post [Q] How to install 3rd party apps on AT&T Galaxy Tab?

    There's a link for the drivers on the superoneclick post, if you don't see it just goto the samsung site
  28. TheChampJT

    Post [Q] How do you carry GT as a phone outside?

    Lmao +1 for the flavor flav clock Seriously tho, mine fits perfect in my back pocket, or I use my school backpack
  29. TheChampJT

    Post Help. . Placing files into a "Folder"

    Astro allows shortcuts to file folders
  30. TheChampJT

    Post Thinking of buying a galaxy tab...

    Plus you can connect to your phone with ad hoc, no extra charge, no sense in paying for a data plan
  31. TheChampJT

    Post [Q] How to install 3rd party apps on AT&T Galaxy Tab?

    How long did you wait while it said "waiting for device"
  32. TheChampJT

    Post Post Your Galaxy Tab Home screens :-)

    What are the social and calendar widgets?
  33. TheChampJT

    Post Tab Compatible & Optimized Apps

    [thread moved]
  34. TheChampJT

    Thread Tab Compatible & Optimized Apps

    [thread moved]
  35. TheChampJT

    Post [Q] Galaxy Tab battery drains full to empty in 20 minutes

    Easy fix, get a replacement, thts bad hardware, shouldn't have a problem exchanging, assuming it was purchased thru an auth retailer. No sense in messing with software and having a headache over it.
  36. TheChampJT

    Post [Q] Reading Online Textbooks

    At first, a 7" screen may seem small, but trust me, as soon as you use the tab you realize its a perfect size.
  37. TheChampJT

    Post Tabs and iPads- A new way of looking at them

    I debated on getting the ipad orig, but my main purpose of getting it was for school and overall netbook activities. Ipad is way too limited in options compared to a netbook, the only downside I saw between the ipad and tab was the screen size, ill take the 7" screen with even 10% of the extra...
  38. TheChampJT

    Post Do other people laugh at you when they see your tab?

    When I first got it I brought into work and told them it was my new phone, they thought I was crazy, but same sit here, people think its crazy until I show em what it does, then they want one
  39. TheChampJT

    Post [Q] How to install 3rd party apps on AT&T Galaxy Tab?

    Att tabs don't have the above option avail. You'll have to root your device, there is a sticky thread in the tab dev section that will give you all the steps. You just download a special program on your pc, connect and press a single button. Takes about 5 min, after rooted there is an option to...
  40. TheChampJT

    Post [Q] xda app for SGT really slow

    Using stock att rom, works perfectly, though if I exit from a thread and return, its slow loading, have to back out to main loading screen
  41. TheChampJT

    Post Gtab drowned in water

    Add some chicken and you can have dinner afterwards lmao
  42. TheChampJT

    Post Google account wont go away? Sprint Galaxy Tab

    Don't know if you've fixed it yet or tried this, but adding a new account should allow you to remove it.
  43. TheChampJT

    Post Post Your Galaxy Tab Home screens :-)

    What's the widget with app wheel?
  44. TheChampJT

    Post Post Your Galaxy Tab Home screens :-)

    Using ADW Launcher EX, love this device!
  45. TheChampJT

    Thread Removing Brightness Bar from Notifications Panel, is this possible?

    I'm looking for a way to remove the brightness bar because it takes up too much room. I always use my tab in landscape, so that extra room would help with viewing notifications. Anyone have an idea if this is possible or how its done? Thanks!
  46. TheChampJT

    Post [UPGRADE][Release 3][12/19/08] Project: Storm Theme Pack

    If my memory serves me correct, I think I just used a black area at 50% opacity for that dock.
  47. TheChampJT

    Post Xbox 360 Live Gamertags

    TheChampJT Right now I've only got Gears of War 2 & Ultimate Alliance 2
  48. TheChampJT

    Post APPLE's Iphone games/apps VS Windows Mobile Pocket PC's apps/games

    Yeah I've got so many great games and apps. Just purchased Bladesof Fury, which is basically a remake of Soul Calibur. Also a game called Gangstar which is like GTA. Gameloft make both, but all the games that have are great.
  49. TheChampJT

    Post laptop or desktop???

    Both are good, but if you've got a WM device you can easily take a lot of docs and other files with you in place of a laptop. But if you need to do a lot of work/school realted things on the go, laptop is the best, if not get a PC.
  50. TheChampJT

    Post Which mobile system will you choose next time?

    I haven't been able to put my iPhone down since I got it, sticking with it.