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    Post Golf 7 t3 k2001m

    nothing the radio its to 2013 mine is 2014 year of car now i dont know what to do alll apps is on the car car info car settings but vehicle status not on the car now i dont know what to do
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    Thread Golf 7 t3 k2001m

    Hello guys need little help on the Radio yesterday i was install the Android Radio with QUAD CORE T3 K2001M but the problem is the vehicle info missing on the Radio and i don`t know now what i need to do need any install of apk or something else because the information for the car all missing...
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    Thread Xiaomi 6X Pixel Experience ROM (Sensors Problem)

    Hello Guys today i was switch to PixelExperience ROm but the problem is i have problems with sensors proximity etc how can i fixt it if anyone has this issue
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    Post [ROM][8.1.0_r26]Pixel-Experience[OP2][STABLE]

    Xiaomi 6X hi Did any one have this problem like me i have problem with sensors proximity how can i fix it