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    Thread Roundr

    I used to use Roundr with my Note II ages ago and due to having an AMOLED panel it worked to great effect. Anyone using it on their Nexus 6? Im yet to receive mine. I think it could look nice with the material themeing. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=mohammad.adib.roundr&hl=en_GB
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    Thread (Flashable zip) Double tap to wake mod

    Is there a flashable zip for the double tap to wake mod? I dont want to change kernel but would love to have this feature.
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    Thread Recents preview black screen

    http://imgur.com/pBUzYNz Why is chrome blacked out? Can I fix this? If not can I have it display a static image of chrome just so I don't have the dreadful looking black?
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    Thread Moto G Dalvik patch

    Hi all, I have a nexus 5 and hear alot in the forums about a Moto dalvik patch from the Moto X. Does this come to the Moto G? Is it already included with the Moto G? I have very little knowledge. I plan on getting a Moto G for my Mum for christmas.
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    Thread Dust. Anybody no? Dust.

    Hey everyone, So I've had my Nexus 5 since launch and love it. :) But I have a problem with dust. When I take it out of my pocket I have pocket lint and dust all over the screen which I wipe off no problems. But... It often gets brushed in to the edge of the screen and falls down a minuscule...
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    Thread [Q] Rotation lock

    Does stock android not have rotation lock? I dont have a quick toggle for it. :(
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    Thread Laggy apps

    Hey everyone, loving my new nexus as I'm sure most of you are. I have however come across some apps that have really bad scrolling. Both of these apps did not have this issue on my note 2. Amazon & Steam. It puzzles me why this is because this phone tears through everything else I do. :confused:
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    Thread Face unlock

    This isnt specific to the GN2 so i hope it is ok to ask here. Ive been using face unlock recently and finding that it works exceptionally well for me (my friend finds it temperamental with his face :cyclops:). I do however hate the way it shows up on the lockscreen. Is there a mod anyone...
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    Thread [Q] MMS problem

    Hi, I'm in the UK and am having problems with MMS. I'm receiving MMS messages from a friend who owns an iPhone. I am unsure whether the message was a large SMS converted, a picture or what but I cannot download the message. Any clues?
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    Thread Updating kernels

    Hi, When updating a kernel, say RedPill 0.10 to 1 is there anything that i shoud do first in recovery? Is it just wiping cache and dalvik? Thanks. ItzMar
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    Thread Waking phone for sleep

    Hi, Sometimes when I press the power button (or home button) to wake my Note 2 the phone does not come out of sleep. I'm running Omega v8.0 and redpill kernel 0.10. I have heard of anyone else having these problems so thought id ask here (as I haven't made enough posts to comment in...
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    Thread Extracting from archives causes phone to freeze

    Hi, Im running Omega 8 and red pill 0.10. Whenever I extract files from an archive my phone freezes and I have to reboot by holding the power button. I have tried using different apps for the extraction but to no avail. Anyone else experienced this? I cant post in developer forums yet so it...
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    Thread MKV playback from Micro-SD card.

    I' ve been looking into a memory card for my Galaxy Note 2. The 64gb one from SanDisk looks like a good one to get however I have a few questions about MKV playback. Can anyone verify smooth playback of high bitrate files, say Avatar @1080p with a 20-30 meg bitrate? The card states that it...