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    Thread Rooting Vankyo Z10 Tablet (Android 9)? (And maybe flashing custom rom?)

    I just got a Vankyo Z10 tablet running Android 9, and I'm looking to root it (and/or maybe install a custom rom depending on what is available.) I have already enabled developer options as well as USB debugging and OEM unlocking, (the latter being possible suggesting I should be good to go to...
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    Thread Help Needed Removing Adware/Self-reinstalling apps/media

    I have a generic android tablet running Android 4.4.2 with the Atom shell and there are some apps and media files that I keep removing that keep reinstalling themselves, and there's something that keeps spamming ads on my screen. One thing is doing full screen ads and when check the screen...
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    Thread Malware: Fake "Settings" App Keeps Reinstalling Itself

    I have a generic android tablet running Android 4.4.2. There is an app that keeps reinstalling itself on my tablet called "settings" which is obviously not my real settings app. When it's installed I do get ads popping up occasionally. The icon ins a green triangle, (more like a baseball...
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    Thread [REQ] Transformers Boot Animation With Sound WIP Help?

    I've had trouble finding a Transformers boot animation that I like that includes sound. I've started trying to make my own with Boot Animation Factory, but the sound is way out of sync with the video. I don't know if the problem is due to rendering the png images incorrectly or what...