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  1. flyboyovyick

    Thread [Q] Issues with WiFi/Bluetooth on replacement housing

    I've been through a lot of hassle with wanting the black back from a 3T for my 3. I received the black back and it didn't have the buttons, camera lens, vibration switch or NFC antenna. Everything was working fine at this point with it fitted I was unable to find a black back with all the...
  2. flyboyovyick

    Thread OP3 won't unlock 'Wrong PIN'

    So I backed up stock OxygenOS with TWRP, copied that backup to my PC, flashed the CM13 nightly to test it, wiped the device, restored original backup from TWRP. Boots up, asks me for my PIN, this works and so it continues to boot Android. At the lock screen it says 'Wrong PIN' when it's correct...
  3. flyboyovyick

    Thread [Q] Always listening?

    Hi, I've tried Open Mic+ for this and it just isn't working for me Anyone know how i can get the always listening feature? Don't really care about the impact on battery life Thanks
  4. flyboyovyick

    Thread Goo.im problems

    Not sure if right section or... Whatever Anyway, goo.im, took me 4 tries to get the rom to start downloading, i got a "We are currently experiencing technical issues..." thing. So the rom is downloading now and it says 2 hours left. Anyone know whats going on? Thanks
  5. flyboyovyick

    Thread S-OFF problems-ish...

    Hi guys, Bought a Evo 3D second hand... GSM version. Got it home, had a custom stock rom on it and had Revolutionary Recovery on it. I flashed a MIUI rom to it and have been using that fine for a few months, now i have come to install a different rom and it installs fine but won't boot. It...
  6. flyboyovyick

    Thread Open webOS

    Just seen the Open webOS ported to the Galaxy Nexus on xda's front page. Really interested to know whether someone would be porting it to the nexus 7? I know its early days for Open webOS now but, I really enjoy using it on my Pre. Thanks
  7. flyboyovyick

    Thread Having a few problems.

    Got my Nexus 7 a few weeks ago... Here's my problems: Rear casing creeks on the right hand side of the device (where the buttons are) but only slightly, Lower half of the touch screen stops responding sometimes, After exiting a game or app it takes me to the far left home screen instead of the...
  8. flyboyovyick

    Thread No service?

    This is a weird one. Just bought a Desire HD, the guy said it was unlocked. It come with a Orange sim card inside. It had a signal. I took it out and stuck my giffgaff sim card in there and it says no signal, not "network locked". So i tried texting my mate, and it sent some how after saying...
  9. flyboyovyick

    Thread [Q] Dudes, i need your help...

    Hello, Not been on here in a while, i think my signature is out of date :D Here's the deal, my mate has a HTC Sensation on a 24 month contract (i think) with 3 in the UK. He updated to ICS not long ago and he hates it, like really hates it. He wants to downgrade to Gingerbread, which is...
  10. flyboyovyick

    Thread Mum needs new phone.

    Mod Edit: Duplicate thread, see post #3 Hi Need a new phone for my mum and she went out and bought a SAMSUNG GALAXY MINI. Beware the screen is shockingly ****! So low res. I think she is taking it back. So i am here for recommendations for phones with acceptable res screens (unlike above) and...
  11. flyboyovyick

    Thread Anyone used unlock_fusion on eBay?

    Bought a code off unlock_fusion on eBay for £3.99 for my G1, it says it will take up to 12 hours but i bought it at 8:30pm yesterday and its now 12:02pm the following day. Any of you guys used this seller? Thanks
  12. flyboyovyick

    Thread History trip to Berlin: Help with learning some german?

    Hi There are a few germans on this forum and i just want to ask you for some common words and stuff in german. It would be great if you could tell me some. Phrases that would be handy: Do you speak English? Can you tell me where the toilets are? Where is ......? Thanks Oh and what is...
  13. flyboyovyick

    Thread Check this video of my mate! Funny!

    JnTaLGdFPW4 I bet you can't guess how old he was! He embarassed about it. lol I will thank the person that guesses his age correctly! lol
  14. flyboyovyick

    Thread Like this bundle?

    Specification Cooler Master Storm Enforcer Gaming Case - Black AMD Phenom II X6 1100T Black Edition 3.30GHz Six Core Processor Corsair Hydro H60 High Performance Liquid CPU Cooler Gigabyte 990FXA-UD7 AMD 990FX (Socket AM3+) Motherboard Corsair Vengeance 8GB 1600MHz C8 Memory Kit Sapphire...
  15. flyboyovyick

    Thread E3 2011

    Well what are your favourite bits of E3 this year? Iam sure all of you are gaming fans! WiiU looks very futuristic and terrible PSVITA the name is terrible, NGP FTW!! Ninja Gaiden III !!! New Creed game, Revelations Microsoft still bragging about Kinect. Halo 4...
  16. flyboyovyick

    Thread Oldest PC to run Minecraft?

    See if you can beat this for old! And it runs minecraft smoothly! Intel Pentium III 1Ghz Coppermine, 640mb SDRam, Inno3D GeForce 2 MX400 64mb GFX Card, Overclocked: Core:224Mhz Memory:170Mhz Anyone got a slower pc than that, and runs minecraft? Oh and its Win XP Home SP2 flyboyovyick
  17. flyboyovyick

    Thread MineDroid on G1?

    Hi Downloaded minedroid, but its pretty laggy! Anyone else tryed it?
  18. flyboyovyick

    Thread [Q] Need a new mp3 player, suggestions?

    At the moment i have a SanDisk Sansa Clip+ and im looking for an upgrade. Something under £90. Any ideas? Thanks
  19. flyboyovyick

    Thread Any further development with Android?

    Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone has progressed with android for the himalaya. Thinking of flashing a new rom to mine. It hasn't been used for 2 months. lol Thanks
  20. flyboyovyick

    Thread Like my picture?

    Just took this pic, got bored with my broken 360. Haha if anyone gets this joke. It's xbins. Lol Sent from my T-Mobile G1 using XDA App
  21. flyboyovyick

    Thread DVD drive over network?

    Hi I want to install adobe cs4 on my netbook but.... you can see the problem. I have an old p3 ubuntu machine with a dvd drive that has network access, and my netbook runs 7/ubuntu. As cs4 is windows and it would be coming from a ubuntu machine (unless i find my xp disc). How would i do...
  22. flyboyovyick

    Thread GMX Mail down???

    ive been trying for about 1 hour to access the site and it just isn't working for me. Anyone have the same?
  23. flyboyovyick

    Thread *sigh* tired......

    Well, this week didn't half drag..... I always say "can't wait for the weekend", and then when it comes i do **** all.:D Look on the bright side! ITS TIME TO DO **** ALL!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!1 Soz for the random thread.....
  24. flyboyovyick

    Thread [Q] Recommend me an online unlocking service

    Hi I need to get my T-Mobile G1 unlocked. And i am not sure which site to use. Any recommendations? Preferably in GBP £. Thanks
  25. flyboyovyick

    Thread If your signature could be really long?

    What would you put in it? here's mine: Custom Black and light grey Xbox v1.3: EvoX dash, 40gb hdd. softmod 2 Crystal Xbox v1.6: EvoX dash. softmod Xbox 360: COMING SOON PlayStation 3 40Gb CECHG Black: geohot's CFW 3.55, Gaia Manger. No PSN :( External 90mm fan to cool PSU. PlayStation 1...
  26. flyboyovyick

    Thread Heinz or Branston beans?????

    Lol random poll. Personally i prefer branston. But...... Your opinion?
  27. flyboyovyick

    Thread !!!LOL!!! Found a funny glitch!!!

    Don't know if you know about this!! Turn the volume down to vibrate using the vol buttons on side. Hold minus down LOl it should start vibrating and not stop until you let go!!! Lol!!
  28. flyboyovyick

    Thread http://www.mobile-unlock-codes.co.uk/ Anyone used it?

    Just ordered an unlock code from them for my G1 for £3.99 Waiting for the code. Paid with PayPal. Anyone used this site? Thanks
  29. flyboyovyick

    Thread Not much ram???

    Hi, Upgraded to CM6 and downloaded advanced task manager. I put the widget on the home screen and clicked it. It read 2 tasks killed 27mb free. Is there more ram somewhere??? Thanks Sent from my HTC Dream using XDA App
  30. flyboyovyick

    Thread Have to wait for my G1:(

    I now have to wait until my mum comes home to open the parcel with my g1 in!!!!! How annoying!!!
  31. flyboyovyick

    Thread [Q][UK]Whats the cheapest data contract?

    Hi I was thinking of trying a contract sim for a year and seeing if its worth it or not. I would like something the offers me at least 300mb internet and some texts and some minutes. Not really bothered what network. Thanks
  32. flyboyovyick

    Thread Wtf??!?!?!?! My broadband is what??!?!?!

    WTF?!?!?! TESTED 3 TIMES AND GOT 10MB!!!! WTF??!?!?!?!?
  33. flyboyovyick

    Thread [Q] Just bought a G1! Few questions!

    Hi Just bought a G1 off eBay, very pleased nice price. I have a few questions if you can answer them. 1. As far as i know the G1 is stock and runs (will it be) cupcake? Is it 1.5? If i decide to upgrade a 2.2 rom can i downgrade to 1.5/6? 2. Is it easy to root? 3. Could you post a nice...
  34. flyboyovyick

    Thread XDA Black Ops Clan!

    Don't know if there already is a clan. So! I would like to start one. Of course anyone who wants to join posts their psn id/xblgamertag/whatevr it is on pc, and adds [XDA] clan tag! My psn id is flyboyovyick6 cod level is 23 not prestige Time Played: 7h 49m 6s Total Wins: 26 Total Losses: 53...
  35. flyboyovyick

    Thread I'm back!!!

    its very nice to be back. from the world of android and a ****ty poor quality lg phone. 3 months before i switched back. i hope to be posting here more often and maybe help with some android porting stuff!!!
  36. flyboyovyick

    Thread Do you own a Sony Bravia TV?

    Ive found a feature on the tv we have in the living room. Its a Sony Bravia KDL-32EX403U This should work on the 37" and 40" You can stream pictures to the tv via bluetooth on your laptop or pc. Just found this out. 1. Connect your bluetooth dongle to your pc/laptop. 2. Search for devices...
  37. flyboyovyick

    Thread 29 people clicked thanks

    Your chocolate bars are here: newshopper.sulekha.com Its a bit tough if you don't like nuts!
  38. flyboyovyick

    Thread [Q] Which Trainers?

    Hi I think its about time i get a new pair of trainers as my 4 year old Regatta's are getting a bit worn. My budget is under £30 Could you please take a look at these ones...
  39. flyboyovyick

    Thread still think 2012 gonna happen?

    Well, from today i will be changing my diet, not snacking as much, working out a bit. Have any of you thought about this? Just in case it does happen? Im gonna try and learn some survival skills as well.
  40. flyboyovyick

    Thread Anybody wanna play Mario Kart Wii Online?

    as the title says. Anyone? My Mario Kart number is: 5114-0809-6441
  41. flyboyovyick

    Thread Bought my Acer ASPIRE ONE netbook!!!!!

    Have to wait till tomorrow to open it!!! I'll be writing a review on it if anyone wants to read it. Can't wait for christmas day!!!! Merry Christmas to everyone on XDA!!!!! Sent from my GT540 using XDA App
  42. flyboyovyick

    Thread Windows Mobile: Branches of development.

    Hey Hey people!!! Haven't posted in this section for quite a while!! Found this and thought it might come useful!! Hope this helps!! Or you may already know about it.
  43. flyboyovyick

    Thread pashinator/flyboyovyick Custom Series: What would you like to see in our next rom?

    I have teamed up with pashinator to bring you the roms you want. Looking for ideas of what to put in our next two roms The first in the series was Custom Clean They will be called: Custom Everyday Custom Performance We will start with the Custom Everyday. SO!!! What do you do on a daily...
  44. flyboyovyick

    Thread Do you play 007: Nightfire online?

    Does anyone play 007 nightfire online? I know its an old game but its kinda fun! ive only started playing and i might set a xda server up if anyone is willing to play it. Anyone?
  45. flyboyovyick

    Thread Please vote which netbook! please vote please!!!

    Should have made the first thread a poll anyway. PLEASE VOTE WHICH ONE!!! As you probably know i have been wanting a netbook for a while to replace my sempron 1.6ghz laptop I have got it down to 3 diferent which are all under £200 (all i can afford)...
  46. flyboyovyick

    Thread PS3 hdmi not working!

    Well i have had my ps3 for about a month and i bought component cables for it because the hdmi wasnt working. But i have decided i want to use hdmi. When i plug my high quality gold hdmi lead into the tv and ps3 i turn it on and no picture no sound. I read on the internet, hold the power button...
  47. flyboyovyick

    Thread When is/was Android's 3rd birthday?

    Was thinking about android now being out for a while and wondering when i can celebrate its birthday?
  48. flyboyovyick

    Thread A thanks system!!!

    have you seen the thanks button yet??
  49. flyboyovyick

    Thread [UK]Anyone signed up for t-mobile signal?

    Has anyone signed up for t-mobiles signal on orange? I have! I might now get an improvement in north wales.
  50. flyboyovyick

    Thread Laugh of my week!

    Browsing through the WP7 forum and noticed how sh*t it seems to be: then the first page: The list is longer than a 30cm ruler!! ROFL!!!!!!! Link: (if anyone wants a laugh!) http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=836373