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  1. teknomanelvis

    Thread Notification icon help identify

    My sister has no clue what this notification is. She said its not showing any info. She doesnt live near me so i cant look for myself. it looks like an m'.
  2. teknomanelvis

    Thread Notification icon indentify

    I am trying to figure this out for my sister, its the one that looks like m' im the notifications.
  3. teknomanelvis

    Thread Help with identifying a notification icon

    I am trying to figure this out for my sister, its the one that looks like m' im the notifications.
  4. teknomanelvis

    Thread Android Sync 3 mod help

    So i purchased this unit that connects to ford sync 3 and it switches the acreen from the sync os to android by pressimg back on the steering wheel. Its running 4.4.4 and for some reason cant gey tbe gps unig to work. i could probably get a replacement unit or try a usb gps unit see if thatll...
  5. teknomanelvis

    Thread Cases causing poor connections?

    So I just purchased a new case and just like my other case, as soon as I put it on my connection drops from lte to just 4g. Is anyone else having this issue with any cases?
  6. teknomanelvis

    Thread S8+ Luxury case beware

    I purchased the Luxury case from ebay and I absolutely love the look of it, however I noticed when it was on my data coverage would drop from lte to just 4g. As soon as I removed the case it went back to LTE. Location did not play a factor as I was at work and always have LTE coverage, I tried...
  7. teknomanelvis

    Thread best buy offering unlocked s8

    Just read that best buy will have unlocked s8s. Pretty sure just carrier unlock right?
  8. teknomanelvis

    Thread Note Edge style edge panels on S8+

    My favorite phone by far was the note edge, i got much usage from the edge panel on that phone. My question is it possible to have that style panel on the s8? Im no developer by any means , but isn't it determined by the software and not so much by hardware? i say this because when flashing an...
  9. teknomanelvis

    Thread Close edge panel on home screen

    Is there a mod for this. To have the edge panel closed on the home screen like when in the app drawer or an app?
  10. teknomanelvis

    Thread Edge panel like note edge panel?

    I'm thinking about getting the s7 edge. Is there any mods or hacks that allow the use of the edge panel like the note edge panels? I saw in a video use of some panels when the screen is off but what about when the screen is on?
  11. teknomanelvis

    Thread Celcius to Fahrenheit

    I just got a TMobile S and when I go in the weather app it has it in Celsius. How the heck do I change this? Couldn't find anything under Google, just kept coming up with stupid refrigerator results.
  12. teknomanelvis

    Thread Xtrons td730a

    Is anyone familiar with this unit? I just received mine and theres a few bugs. Sometimes when booting it will freeze and i have to reboot it , the other is the Bluetooth audio is terrible. When connected thw sound is real high and crackles. But other audio sounds fine. Its weird, its in a sense...
  13. teknomanelvis

    Thread Sprint rom ports

    $20 to anyone that can port over some roms for the sprint model. Im going through flashing withdrawal Sent from my SM-N915P using XDA Free mobile app
  14. teknomanelvis

    Thread Problems logging into various apps?

    Is anyone else having problems when logging into any apps auch as directv or anything associated with an account of any kind. For my charles schwab and directv accounts, both apps arent recognizing my login info. And just to make sure i went on both websites and reset the passwords to make sure...
  15. teknomanelvis

    Thread Flip edge panel?

    Is there a way to flip the edge panel 180 degrees by default? It just seems like it should be flipped Sent from my SM-N915P using XDA Free mobile app
  16. teknomanelvis

    Thread Custom rom

    I have never really developed before, but with the lacking of custom stuff for the Spint Egde im going to try to get something going today. No promises, but hopefully i can put something together. Sent from my SM-N915P using XDA Free mobile app
  17. teknomanelvis

    Thread Quickglance

    What happened to that quickglance feature. I know the egde panel kinda has it when u swipe up and down, it would be cool to have option for both screens quickglance when you hover the sensor Sent from my SM-N915P using XDA Free mobile app
  18. teknomanelvis

    Thread Edge panel express me wallpaper move with gyro

    When i first got my edge i made an express me panel and i dont know what i chose but when i would told my phone left and right the image would scroll back and forth with the motion. And now its not doing it. Little help please Sent from my SM-N915P using XDA Free mobile app
  19. teknomanelvis

    Thread Flip Edge Panel?

    Is it possible to have the edge panel when on to have it flipped 180 by default? Sent from my SM-N915P using XDA Free mobile app
  20. teknomanelvis

    Thread [Q] Screen centering and or smaller edge screen

    Notice how on home screen everything is kinda of center to the left because of the efge panel when its open , will there be a mod or something to get the screen center or maybe adjust as the edge panel opens and closes. Like right now on this page the edge panel is black with my custom text...
  21. teknomanelvis

    Thread Fm radio question?

    Has anyone been able to bypass the headphone requirement to use the fm.radio? I know its to be used for the antenna but I.wanna see how good some stations might be without it. Sent from my SM-N900P using xda app-developers app
  22. teknomanelvis

    Thread After flasing cm rom default storage changed to external

    After i flashed a cm rom i can no longer usebrowser due to fcs also it made default storage chabge to external sd which is not present so i can not save anything. Any ideas Sent from my EPAD using xda app-developers app
  23. teknomanelvis

    Thread Screen Durability?

    I dont know about anyone else but the screen quality i think is crap. I dont know how but i have a huge deep scratch on the screen. I only dropped it once in about 2 months and after i pulled it out of my pocket there it is. Isnt the s3 suppose to have gorilla glass, isnt that suppose to be good.
  24. teknomanelvis

    Thread S Voice after AOKP?

    Is there any flash able zip or apk to get svoice back after flashing the aokp jb rom Sent from my SGH-I747 using xda app-developers app
  25. teknomanelvis

    Thread 3d always on?

    I put my phone in my pocket and when I pulled it out my 3d was on. It's right now as I type this. Is there an actual way to enable it . This would be cool for 3d wallpapers and such Sent from my PG86100 using XDA
  26. teknomanelvis

    Thread If you want 3d native menu lol

    So I just got an eye.exam and.had to get my eyes dialated after a while I noticed that when I look at the icon on my phone there are actaully semi 3d. The icon.come out and casts a second image behind it looks pretty cool.
  27. teknomanelvis

    Thread Nintendo 3ds

    So now since we have root , will it be possible to play 3ds games if someone gets an emulator working? Sent from my PG86100 using XDA App
  28. teknomanelvis

    Thread stock recovery error and possible fix

    so i went back to a stock image and went i went into the recovery it gave me the exclmation saying theres no recovery founf correct or am i wrong. well if im correct then you can use original recovery by pressing volume up and power buitton the stock recovery will pop up
  29. teknomanelvis

    Thread Official Multitouch for hero

    Has anyone viewed the Hero demo clip on HTC.com they show the pinching method being done to zoom in and out
  30. teknomanelvis

    Thread chinese vk writing pad

    is there a way to modify the english vk to have the writing pad that the chinese version has
  31. teknomanelvis

    Thread Question about space after app 2 sd

    when i had jf 1.5 and i used the app2sd it gave mme like 200 or so internal mem, now i got the hayurko 6 and redid the app to sd and now it only gave me 66internal.
  32. teknomanelvis

    Thread New 3g areas!

    droiddevloper.com just got from my widget new 3g coverage coming by quarter. third quarter for me buffalo ny YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
  33. teknomanelvis

    Thread Animated gifs, wallpapers and so on

    I know currently that animated pics dont work on the android os, or does it? They have to to an extent for the face that the second boot pic is animated with the lil android dude or if u got 1.5 the android text. my old razr v2 didnt allow this either until someone was able to make a theme with...
  34. teknomanelvis

    Thread Help with hardspl

    Ive tried searchig for a solution maybe i just over looked it but while i was trying to change my splash image i notcied i couldnt fastboot cus i was running the stock g1 bootloader. i just recently rooted my phone with jf adp1.5. anyways i tried flashing with the new bootloader it said it was a...