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  1. bagustinov

    Thread [MOD] Twitter UI For TURBO-Zet ROM

    Twitter UI For TURBO-Zet ROM Hello guys, I Comeback with a simple theme for TURBO-Zet ROM Hope you like it :) Feature Twitter UI on StatusBar StatusBar clock (you can change the clock easier) Notification Drawer styke (can change drawer and notification row background easier) LCD Density on...
  2. bagustinov

    Thread [mod][working] timescape for gb and cm7

    Hello every body, i want to share fully working Timescape for our device mini and device 2.3 or cm7.. tested on cm7 mabitek and Andro-id rom.. Requirements : 1. Device with 2.3 or cm7 2. CWM or TWRP Download fully working timescape for GB and CM7...
  3. bagustinov

    Thread [GUIDE][HOT] Dual StatusBar With Swipe Feature (Original and Greper)

    HALLO !! I comeback again with my New GUIDE.. I will give you GUIDE about Dual StatusBar With Swipe Feature (Original and Greper) This is will work on GB, ICS and JB, but now i'll share for JB only(GB and ICS have different xml on Statusbar) Requirements : Knowing about compile/decompile...
  4. bagustinov

    Thread [GUIDE][ALL JB] HOW TO TABBED SETTING (With Swipe Gesture)

    Once again, I Comeback with my GUIDE. This time I will give you abaout HOW TO TABBED SETTING... This GUIDE will work on JB 4.1 and 4.2, i have tasted it in my Micromax A110 stock JB 4.1... OK Lets go Requirement :: Knowing about compile and decompile Srttings.apk Steps 1. Decompile Youe...
  5. bagustinov

    Thread [GUIDE][JB 4.1] How to Sense Recent Apps

    This is how to make sense of recent app, and of course for Micromax A110, based on JB 4.1 v1.11 Requirements 1. Knowledge abaout compile/decompile apk 2. Notepad++ 3. Apk tool/Apk multi tool 4. SystemUI.apk and framework-res.apk OK Lets start :: framework-res.apk 1. Decompile your...
  6. bagustinov

    Thread [GUIDE] Easy Way to Hide signal

    Hello every one, This is easy way how to hide signal, why hide signal ?? because some people want to hide one off signal, so i share what i can :) Steps :: Decompile your SystemUI Navigate to res/drawable-hdpi Delete some signal's png, free, it's up to you (ex :: green signal). So delete ...
  7. bagustinov

    Thread [THEME] JB 4.1 like JB 4.2 with grid Lidroid

    JB 4.1 like JB 4.2 Statusbar with GRID LIDROID by me for Stock JB 4.1.2 #NOTE :: This mod only SystemUI and only for stock JB 4.1.2 Features :: 2 layout SystemUI 20 toggle grid lidroid You just Download, and flash it via CWM SS and Download on attachments Sorry this is my first post...