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    Thread Question about storage allocation in nexus 4

    Hi all.. I just got my nexus 4.. Feels awesome... So fluid... Came from sg2 so I'm new to noon removable storage space in nexus... I want to start modding.. Question I have is where in the storage can we store files which we don't want to be wiped once we flash the ROM ? Since the is no SD...
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    Thread [Q] Which is the most STABLE and easy to use ROM for newbie?

    I am thinking of giving my SGII to my dad who is an absolute novice when it comes to smartphones. Last phone he used was a no-frills phone (Nokia Symbian no touch screen)!! I am currently running PAC man v24 for myself but I was wondering which ROM should I flash for him which would be super...
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    Thread How much of a trouble is Nexus 4's non removable battery?

    I was thinking of jumping ship from sg2 to nexus 4 white edition. I have never used a phone with non removable battery. Can any user inform me what are the draw backs of it apart from not able to swap it for a fully charged battery & self replacing it when the battery itself goes bad? I know in...
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    Thread UpToDate 17.3 working on WM 6.5.5! Now XDA_UC compatible!

    UpToDate is a medical software which, in my opinion, is indispensible. I faced a lot of problems in trying to run it on lots of WM 6.5.5 ROMs on my Raphael aka Touch Pro owing to which i had to stick to WM 6.1 ROMs! But finally I found that the solution for this existed in fragments on XDA...