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  1. Bozzoq

    Thread Custom MTK Boot Logo

    Download Now
  2. Bozzoq

    Post Root Sony Xperia E C1505 11.A.2.13 single SIM

    Nice Nice bro . . . :D
  3. Bozzoq

    Thread Boot Logo for All MTK Device

    MTK Boot Logo dot com present to you what they work for All MTK Device. Boot Logo for All MTK Device from mtkboot.com , hope you like it :D You can download all boot logo above here => Download
  4. Bozzoq

    Thread MTK Boot Logo

    MTK Boot Logo Download Download Download Download Download Install via cwm ;) DAYOR :angel:
  5. Bozzoq

    Post [All-In-One]Lenovo S660

    Thanks Dude, waiting for Custom ROM ^_^
  6. Bozzoq

    Post [ROM][MT6572][4.2.2][Evercoss A7S]-LewaOS- "Semfvck Edition"

    Wong Indonesia Go Go Go Mantep bro, Lanjutkan bro :good::victory::victory::victory::victory:
  7. Bozzoq

    Post ★ [MOD] ◢ PurePerformances™X ◣ | Zeno Edition | Scary performances on Android

    Awesome This Tweaks is Awesome. my Phone have 512mb of ram, and never down of 100mb on used :)
  8. Bozzoq

    Post XPERIA E C1505 - 4.1.1 - firmware 11.3.A.2.23

    sorry Oh sorry Dude my bad :) when i post rom again i will post in general section :) Thanks for your attention
  9. Bozzoq

    Thread Stock ROM or Firmware Uploader

    Hi All XDA Member, if you need some Stock ROM or Firmware ? Replay this post or PM me, I will uploading for You :angel: may i will give 2 links for download, so chose which one you want to dowload Thank :D Bozzoq The Uploader
  10. Bozzoq

    Thread XPERIA E C1505 - 4.1.1 - firmware 11.3.A.2.23

    XPERIA E C1505 - Android 4.1.1 - stock firmware 11.3.A.2.23 CE Download and install latest Flashtool stock firmware 11.3.A.2.23 CE <= resumable link :angel: E Single SIM Only
  11. Bozzoq

    Post [ROM][GT-P3100][JB 4.2.2] 24-12-2013 PSN>> Complete pureSTOCK ROM v6

    Nice Work Long time at first time booting, but work very well :) Thanks Dude
  12. Bozzoq

    Thread Root Sony Xperia E C1505 11.A.2.13 single SIM

    oke Dude, Lets do it :victory: You Need Flashtool and Goodluck 1. Download and Flash kernel 11.3.A.0.47.ftf 2. Install Frameroot, open it chose Gandalf, when it done. Restart Your Phone, and you will see SuperSU 3. Flash back to kernel 11.A.2.13.ftf 4. Done and Enjoy :p Download File...
  13. Bozzoq

    Post [ROM] MiniCM7-2.2.2 [6/7/13] Gingerbread 2.3.7/CM7.2 unofficial port for the x10mini

    wifi BTW wifi tethering is support in this rom ( MiniCM7-2.2.2 ) ???
  14. Bozzoq

    Post [KERNEL][XL] Extended Stock Kernel v6 [9/6/14]

    can it How about wifi tethering and this kernel have install update.zip menu ?
  15. Bozzoq

    Post [KERNEL][XL] Extended Stock Kernel v6 [9/6/14]

    Minimum CWM menu :rolleyes: no update.zip menu
  16. Bozzoq

    Post [THEME][FINAL][new] ChocoTheme for Wintermod Evo

    This is Dude (^_^) Ok Dude Download it and Enjoy :good:
  17. Bozzoq

    Post [HELP][CROSS A10]Porting stock recovery.img to Clockworkmod

    Reserve Up ndro Up ndro . . . ojok ndek group tok akakakkakaaka :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:
  18. Bozzoq

    Thread Are You Need Designer ???

    Hello all . . . May You Need Designer ??? You can see my design in my signature link below. Thanks Before :o
  19. Bozzoq

    Thread Bhredio Music Player Design Concept

    Hello all, yesterday I have make music player design, you can see here >> Now I have re-design and I need Application maker, we can co-operation :) Can somebody help me ? Thanks and this my new Design Concept Sorry I have mistake with background name, background name is REOG PONOROGO not...
  20. Bozzoq

    Post Music Player Design

    Yes that's right :good: thanks to remember other member Dude. by the way I re-design it again . . . updating new view and may change some menu :)
  21. Bozzoq

    Post Music Player Design

    I am sorry Dude, I am not aplication maker, I just design, and who want to make the Aplication . . . just do it :D
  22. Bozzoq

    Post Music Player Design

    Thank Dude :good: , may this design old. But very easy to use, for a user this is Very Easy User Interface look :o . Because my point in this design not a view, but how easy to use this . . . and the view i will update next ;) thank for your comment, and give me new idea for point of view :D
  23. Bozzoq

    Post Music Player Design

    Ok, you can use my music design for android music app Term ==> You must add my name in your app ==> Bozzoq a.k.a Bhre Wirabhumi Ibrahim If you want sell your App. You must have my confirmation :) Thanks Thats All :highfive:
  24. Bozzoq

    Post Music Player Design

    I have change Dude . . . Thanks ;)
  25. Bozzoq

    Post Music Player Design

    Thank Dude, keep in Progress ;)
  26. Bozzoq

    Post Music Player Design

    wow, thats awesome . . . wait for 5 days or one week, i will finish all Dude ;)
  27. Bozzoq

    Post Music Player Design

    Thanks Dude . . . Project continue ;)
  28. Bozzoq

    Thread Music Player Design

    Ok Dude, this my first post, i have design of android music player, please give some opinion for my design, cause this is my first project too :fingers-crossed: ok, see preview in Attachment I will make it shortly, and who want to download this will coming soon :D You can make music player...