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  1. AbOoM

    Thread Question USB RJ45 Adapter

    Hello everyone, Im trying to connect my phone (redmi note 10 pro MFF edition (europe)) with a rj45 cable to avoid wifi signal in my house. In my old samsung its connected directly, but with the xiaomi nothing happen, I dont find the option for ethernet neither. Did any one try this ? Its just...
  2. AbOoM

    Thread Aircommand Via Xposed

    Hi all , we all know that xposed module can bring to our stock rom some option that we can found at the officiel release . I m a noob in developement , so can some one told me , why we can not make a module who can activate the aircommande option in the stock rom for our lovely n7100 ! its all...
  3. AbOoM

    Thread Free-sim Nexus 5

    hello everyone. I have the intention to buy the new Nexus 5. but I am not from US, and the Google service is not available in my country, this is why i order through amazon, but the problem is that the phone is not open to all operators, are there any way to make it open( free-sim )?
  4. AbOoM

    Thread [APP]who`s calling You idea !

    Hi Every One For beginig i present you this app .. NumberBook ... a good app that give you the name of any number and the inverse ( the number of a name ) .. you will test it and see the job of this great app ... My suggestion for the developers is this : can any one make a app , that...
  5. AbOoM

    Thread Touchwiz Lockscreen

    Hi all , so I am wondering if any one know how to apply this lock screen to ours old phon :p i did try some rom with touchwiz :cyclops: , but i dont get this , also some addon . and Thank you
  6. AbOoM

    Thread Question about the Xperia X10a

    Hi All I have a big problem with my x10a :( im a noob here i have a xperia x10a 2.1 , so i decide to upgrade it to 2.3.3 , i do it via pc company .. but when i finis that ! i have the x10i in the model phon ... thats not my problem .. the problem is when i decide to put my sim card .. he give...
  7. AbOoM

    Thread [4.2.2] screen call problem

    Hi everyone I have a problem in my screen call like in the picture in the attachement ...im using the cm 10.1 last build ( version android 4.2.2 ) can any one help me pllzzzzz Thank you ( sorry for my bad english )
  8. AbOoM

    Thread How To fix gps for i9000

    Hi all ... i am using the vortex 0.5 rom ! and i have a problem in my gps localisation it`s so bad and inaccurate at all ! :S the margin of erreur is more than 30 metre :( :( there are any one can help me to fix that ! because i use it every day for work :crying: :crying: PLZZZ Help...
  9. AbOoM

    Thread Signal Strenght In Galaxy Ace S5830

    Hello developers. I have a small problem with the strength of my gsm signal. is that it no longer has the same quality ... I do not know if it's a hardware or software problem, but I guess the first time it's software, so I wonder if any of you know a method or a flash that can make the best...
  10. AbOoM

    Thread Update android after Jtag

    Hi every One ... so my problem is the next : i had a boot problem , and i have result it by Jtag option. but the problem is that the version of android after Jtag is 2.2.1 , and i wanna use the 2.3.6 for my galaxy mni s5570 i try to update via odin but i got the same old problem of boot ! so i...