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  1. djsbad

    Thread Screenshots

    Ok. How you guys taking screenshots? I feel like a total noob asking.
  2. djsbad

    Thread Battery drain while idle

    Is anyone having issues with battery drain while not using their phone? My wife and I both have noticed pretty good battery drain while we're not using our phones. Going into settings and checking under the battery menu, all we show is phone idle. I've adjusted all my settings to be as battery...
  3. djsbad

    Thread Fingerprint unlock never works.

    As the title implies, I can never get my phone to unlock via the fingerprint scanner. I have 2 fingerprints set up and everything in the settings is turned on and configured, but when I'm actually on the lock screen it tells me is unable to use fingerprints and to use my knock code. Am I the...
  4. djsbad

    Thread Sprint edge roms

    How come nobody makes roms for the sprint edge but they do for all the other carriers? Sent from my SM-N915P using Xparent Green Tapatalk 2
  5. djsbad

    Thread Themer, Nova Launcher etc

    OK, I have had a lot of problems getting widgets to stick to my homescreen after adding them. the defaults stay just fine and there are several that work as well from the play store, but beautiful widgets and hd widgets and widgetsoid, none of them work at all in the note 4 touchwiz homescreens...
  6. djsbad

    Thread Folders not holding apps on reboot in app tray

    I know in prior samsung phones there has been the issue of setting up folders in the app drawer and after rebooting the first time the apps need put back in the folders again and then everything is good to go from there. However, with my new note 4, I have to redo the folders every single time...
  7. djsbad

    Thread Widgets not displaying on note 4

    Ok. I got my note 4 today and as usual, it's full on beast mode! Even though we don't have root yet, I'm in heaven. Problem I seem to be having is when I go to add widgets on my home screens. They say they are added but when I get back to my homescreen, they aren't there. I've rebooted s...
  8. djsbad

    Thread Disabling apps in titanium backup

    Can someone tell me what app I need to freeze in tb to prevent me from getting OTA updates on the s4? Purdy please? I'm a potato. FEAR ME!!!
  9. djsbad

    Thread How do i restock the gt-n5110 so i can sell it

    I have been all over these forums searching for a way to restock my note 8.0 wifi so i can sell it online. anyone got a link on how to. i cant find anything anywhere and I have been at this for hours. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  10. djsbad

    Thread Samsung kb on non tw based roms

    Is this possible? Sent from my SCH-I605 using xda premium
  11. djsbad

    Thread Samsung note 2 kb with aosp

    Is this combo possible? Sent from my SCH-I605 using xda app-developers app
  12. djsbad

    Thread Is this possible?

    Is it somehow possible to have a compatible tmobile theme chooser to work with touchwiz? If not, is it possible to have something similar to it or even flashable? Im not asking for it to be done, rather, just out of curiosity. :) Sent from my SCH-I605 using Xparent Green Tapatalk 2