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  1. SJGSM

    Thread Beyond Nougat for the Note 4

    Hello, Is it possible to develop a ROM for the Note 4 beyond Nougat? Lets say Android 10 for the Note 4? Or is it a problem of Hardware?:rolleyes:
  2. SJGSM

    Thread Beyond Nougat

    Hi, Is is possible to develop ROM for the Note 4 beyond Nougat? Lets say Android 10 for Note 4?:rolleyes: Or is it a matter or hardware?
  3. SJGSM

    Thread MediaPad M3 WIFI only Manufacture Mode?

    Hi, I have the MediaPad M3 64gb WIFI only. And since I dont have a phone dialer, I have installed the PixelPhone Pro dialer from google store. But when I enter the codes ( * # * # 1357946 # * # * ) to enter into Manufacture Mode, NOTHING happens. Besides, when I plug the USB into the PC and...
  4. SJGSM

    Thread Tab ACTIVE SM-T365

    Where are the roms for the SM-T365? And the forums?
  5. SJGSM

    Thread Galaxy Tab ACTIVE 8"

    Are these forums and roms good for the Galaxy Tab ACTIVE 8"? Specially the SM-T365 ?
  6. SJGSM

    Thread Galaxy Tab ACTIVE

    Where is the forum and Roms for the Tab ACTIVE?
  7. SJGSM

    Thread (Q) ExtSD write fix Lollipop

    Without Root. Any one?
  8. SJGSM

    Thread Rooting Tutorial Forum

    Why don't you developers create a new thread or forum section for the Rooting Tutorials ? I can't find how to root Note 4 without asking the question....
  9. SJGSM

    Thread [Q] Private Mode moving files

    Problem solved
  10. SJGSM

    Thread (Q)Knox Exynos n910C

    Exynos n910C don't have knox , instead it has private mode. If I root It, knox bootloader will be knox 1? Will I still have private mode? Or I will have to uninstall it with Titanium Backup? I don't care about warranty void but I Wat all the stock apps and knox private mode. In Note...
  11. SJGSM

    Thread KNOX 0 Root

    Galaxy Note 4 DOES NOT have the Knox 0x0. It only apears as Knox 0. Is there Any way to keep root and knox 0 in galaxy Noye 4 just as in Note 3 with Towelroot app?
  12. SJGSM

    Thread Exynos SM-N910C 64bit Unlock

    Any developer can unlock the Exynos to 64bit mode? I think Samsung is interested in keeping the SM-N910C locked into 32 bit mode. So there is not much difference with SM-N910S
  13. SJGSM

    Thread Stock Samsung Calendar Apk Needed

    Any links to the Apk ?:rolleyes:
  14. SJGSM

    Thread AOSP browser NEEDED

    Where can I get the AOSP browser APK for Tab pro 8.4? Any ideas?:confused:
  15. SJGSM

    Thread AOSP Browser NEEDED

    Where can I download the AOSP Browser for tab Pro 8.4? Any ideas?:confused:
  16. SJGSM

    Thread Bookmarks to SD FAILS

    where Can I get A GOOD Bookmaks to SD apk to download? The one installed from Play store FAILS to backup and restore. Or any other ideas of how to import Bookmarks with Folders to Dolphin??
  17. SJGSM

    Thread Kitkat Adobe Flash Problems

    Boatbrowser Flash don't work in kitkat and doesn't downlad files to the extSdCard either with Tab pro 8.4. Any ideas?
  18. SJGSM

    Thread Samsung Unpacked Episode 1: Galaxy S5 LIVE Now

    Galaxy S5 presentation live now: http://www.samsung.com/es/promotions/unpacked2014episode1/ :cool:;):cool::cowboy:
  19. SJGSM

    Thread Galaxy S6 (SIX) Specs

    Galaxy S6 features: Snapdragon 810 Notable features: 64 bit octa-core CPU running at up to 2.5 GHz 4 MB of cache 4K UHD video upscale & play 4Kx2K @60fps play Dual camera image signal processor Adreno 430 GPU IZat Gen8B USB 2.0 and 3.0 20 nm HKMG LTE...
  20. SJGSM

    Thread Galaxy S5 BOX & PICTURE Leaked & Official Video Promo

    This is the leak: 2.5 Quad Core LTE 2K Display 20 MP Camera 3 Gb Memory 3.000 MAh Battery
  21. SJGSM

    Thread Galaxy S5 Pictured

    Galaxy S5 Pictured as waterproof and slightly Curved
  22. SJGSM

    Thread Sennheiser IE 800 vs AKG K3003i vs Shure SE846

    Which one would it be best suited for the Note 3? Sennheiser IE 800 AKG K3003i Shure SE846 Any ideas?
  23. SJGSM

    Thread [Q] AKG, Sennheiser, Shure: 1.000$ on Note3

    :highfive: Does the Note 3 provide a HIFI sound with enough quality to plug them in with a 1.000 Dollars earphones like the AKG K-3003, or the Shure SE 846 ? Or will it be a waste of money? Any ideas?:confused:
  24. SJGSM

    Thread [Q] Text to speech Internet

    How can I listen aloud my web browser? I have installed Ivona voice and Boat Browser as default and I want to listen to all my web pages i browse.
  25. SJGSM

    Thread [Q] Android web server over 3g

    Any ideas? How can I do it?
  26. SJGSM

    Thread [Q] Web Server on Note 3

    I have an android mobile web server on my Note 3. Now, how can I share it with the world? So far it only works with LOCALHOST. ..
  27. SJGSM

    Thread [q] Help Alfanumeric Password

    HELP Please, I have an AlfaNumeric password in my Kasperky antivirus Mobile. And When I restart phone my LOCK home screen don´t show any buttom to swich to LETTERS only Numbers. How can I swich from Numbers to LETTERS in the LOCKED Home creen? --------- OK no problem. Problem solved
  28. SJGSM

    Thread Touchwiz 4x5 menu app

    I need the 4x5 screen menu app. For the Stock NON Rooted galaxy note 3
  29. SJGSM

    Thread KNOX FREE pre-rooted stock firmware

    What does Knox Free mean in pre-rooted firmwares when they also say: Attention Your KNOX WARRANTY VOID will be set to 0x1!! Think TWICE before flashing!!! ?
  30. SJGSM

    Thread Android Stock Srowser Bookmarks Recovery

    Is there any way to restore bookmarks into stock android browser without been rooted? I am able to restore bookmarks in Boat browser but NOT in Stock android browser. ..
  31. SJGSM

    Thread Latest stock ROM is ...BMI7

    The latest stock ROM is xxxxBMI7 so please don't pre-root ROM BMH1 BECAUSE it is not the latest stock official.
  32. SJGSM

    Thread BookmarkSB PRO FAILED restore

    I have changed my Note 2 for the note 3 and I want to restore my bookmarks. I did a backup with BookmarkSB PRO but the restore has failed and I don't want to loose my bookmarks. Is there any way to restore them even with any other applications? Sent from my SM-N9005 using XDA Premium 4...
  33. SJGSM

    Thread Note 2 with S4 features

    How can I get S4 features in my Note 2?:screwy:
  34. SJGSM

    Thread Wallpaper folder. Where?

    Where can I find the wallpaper folder in root directory?:confused:
  35. SJGSM

    Thread Latest Stock ROM?

    Where is the link?:confused:
  36. SJGSM

    Thread S4 Game Pad

    http://es.engadget.com/2013/03/15/samsung-gamepad-telefonos-grandes-galaxy-note/ :beer:
  37. SJGSM

    Thread Galaxy S4 official video is here

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LHv1FPd1Ec&feature=youtube_gdata_player :p Enjoy
  38. SJGSM

    Thread Better S pen

    Is there a better S pen like the one in Note 8 able to Recognize The menu button and The backward button ?So I dont have To use my fingers ?:rolleyes::mad:
  39. SJGSM

    Thread Samsung apps AOSP

    How Can I Install Sammy Apps in AOSP ?:confused::rolleyes::p
  40. SJGSM

    Thread Where stock Kernel?

    Where is the latest stock kernel to download?:eek:
  41. SJGSM

    Thread Odex vs Deodex

    Which one should I choose?
  42. SJGSM

    Thread Omega vs Criskelo?

    :confused: Which one would you recommend me??:rolleyes:
  43. SJGSM

    Thread Note 2 vs S4

    Note 2 is the best phone ever. I doubt if S4 can surpass Note 2 . We need phones that can last 24 hours without recharging and Note 2 almost does it. S4 has dropped the 8 core for battery life issues.:p We need more phablets and Note 3 will be based on S4.
  44. SJGSM

    Thread The perfect MODEM

    How can I find the best Modem for me without flashing them one by one? My zone is Spain and Movistar.:eek:
  45. SJGSM

    Thread 9 hours battery life

    I have a brand new Note 2 with the brand new battery and it lasted 9 hours of moderate use. I have seen reviews telling battery life is from 14 to 20 hours. Does the new batteries need to break in with full charge-discharge to achieve better battery life?:(
  46. SJGSM

    Thread TWRP vs CWM

    :confused: Which is best for the Note 2?:confused:
  47. SJGSM

    Thread Omega 40 & 41 download?

    Where are the Omega 40 & 41 download links?
  48. SJGSM

    Thread Boot Animations

    Where can i get note 10.1 Boot animations or the Samsung original?
  49. SJGSM

    Thread Original Samsung boot animation

    Where can I get the original Samsung boot animation?
  50. SJGSM

    Thread TWRP themes?

    :confused: Where can I find themes for the TWRP?