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    Thread [FW] I9000XXJP3 Froyo Firmware Released!

    I9000XXJP3 Released DOWNLOAD HERE! - http://narod.ru/disk/23229231000/I9000XXJP3.7z.html Moderator edit: multiupload mirrors here: http://www.multiupload.com/FB7ZO0CAAO, thanks to hargibi. /Moderator edit Please keep in mind that this is a test firmware, not a firmware you would want to use...
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    Thread Neeh Help Flashing To I9000XWJG3

    Hey guys, Got a noob question to ask: I bought a Galaxy S two days ago and would like to update to the latest firmware. I live in Australia and my firmware details are: PDA: I9000DTJF3 PHONE: I9000DTJF3 CSC: I9000OPSJF1 Now my question is what files inside the 'I9000XWJG3.rar' do I need to...