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    Thread Going from 4.4(Not 4.4.4) to 5.1

    Hey guys. I haven't updated my phone since 4.4 (Not 4.4.4) because I've done all kinds of tweaks & added xposed & such. I've been really happy with my phone, so I purposely disabled OTA updates. Well, after all these years it's time for me to wipe & start over. I'd like to keep it official...
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    Thread GPM&TV HD?

    Does your Google Play Movies & TV app allow HD for you guys? If I uninstall all updates to the app, it allows HD, but when I update to the latest version I lose the ability to select HD playback. Obviously you need to have previously purchased HD content in order to test this.
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    Thread Can someone point me to some info on Dev editions & bootloaders?

    I'm unfamiliar with how this all fits together. For example, I don't understand how if the bootloader is unlocked, why will it still brick the device if the bootloader is mismatched? Why would the BL version matter if it's unlocked? If the BL will still cripple the device, then it's not really...
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    Thread Will we ever be able to add Touchless Controls & Active Notifications to AOSP?

    Like the question says. I like these features, but I also like stock android. I don't know how deep these things are implemented. Will we ever be able to add these in an .apk form to other ROMs? That's the only reason I'm still on the stock ROM with my Dev Edition. Also, what happens on a ROM...