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  1. Rush

    Thread [Discussion] Gsi on the Moto G5s

    This thread is for discussion on Gsi, how to install them, how usable they are, and other misc stuff for the G5s! Learn more about Gsi in the FAQ Learn how to install and use Gsi, as well as all other info, on the G5s wiki page here Happy flashing! if you need some personal help on Gsi...
  2. Rush

    Thread What Are the best ways to customize Miui?

    So, for a little context: I Ported MIUI 11 To my device (Moto G5s) for everyone to enjoy from the Poco F1 using GSI with Android P Im rooted with magisk I Have edxposed with custoMIUIzer And time and patience And I'm here to ask about (except themes, that's a little obvious): What's the...
  3. Rush

    Thread [Android 9] [Gsi-Port] MIUI 11 from The PocoPhone F1

    Pleaseb see all Posts Below for context and Important information! This is a little bigger project of mine I started a poll over at t.me/motoxproject and t.me/montanalabtesters without going into detail, MIUI won with the most amount of votes So here it is! MIUI 11 Based on Android P...
  4. Rush

    Thread [Unoffical] [Gsi-Port] Pixel Experience Q

    This is a little side project of mine, (This isn't built from source for Montana by Anyone, this is based on a project treble GSI, ridiculous I have to mention that) Its Pixel Experience based on android Q for the Motorola Moto G5s Montana! This is Gsi-Based so dont expect this to perform...
  5. Rush

    Thread [Q Alternative Android XDA client?

    I'm currently looking (or asking) for any desperate clients or else to view XDA on my phone with some neat extra features (not Including Tapatalk) For example (not needed but would be nice) Everytime I open up XDA, my device's ROMs forum is in a Bold font, to indicate a new post. But I would...
  6. Rush

    Thread (Urgent Help!) bootloop after normal update, bootloader locked. no ADB, no OEM unlock

    I recently found a moto g5 in one of my fellow "old tech" drawers and decided to turn it on, it was on the 1. May 2018 Security patch on nougat, I decided to use the inbuilt system updater to go to Oreo, and now....it crashes during flashing process after about 25-30% completion, Now im guessing...
  7. Rush

    Thread [GUIDE] Install Oxygen OS on Moto G5s Montana

    Information: this has been moved into the roms/kernels/recoveries section of the moto G5s, please look for updates there! UPDATE! SEE LATEST POST BELOW! Changelog -Fixed Reboot/shutdown not working thanks to erfanoabdi for creating the fix and the @G5Treble group on Telegram for...
  8. Rush

    Thread 120hz???

    I recently read an article that 120hz is a possible thing on the Xperia xz premium and then later, in an update to the original post, it was stated that other devices, including this one, support it on a hardware level, that would at least explain the 120hz switch within some ROMs. but, it just...
  9. Rush

    Thread Problems while calling

    So.....my mother and my father both bought this device for a good price. My father, being experienced with Android rooting. Unlocked the device to go from weird ass software stuck on Android marshmallow to Oreo. My mother was able to just update to oreo. Now my mother has the problem of calls...
  10. Rush

    Thread [Expert] [GUIDE] Install fully working Android 10 using jarlpenguin's project treble

    I recently started experimenting with Android 10 and found a fully working setup. So I'm deciding to share my current setup #USE THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK! I'M NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE TO YOUR DEVICE DUE TO A BAD ROM FILE OR ELSE!# #BUGS: NFC isn't working on downloadable build You tell...
  11. Rush

    Thread Best way to compile a rom for the moto g5s???

    I recently thought about compiling some rooms for fun and try to "fix" Android 10 by playing around with it until it works I guess. Even though that is a bad idea, is probably worth a try. So now I am asking: what is the best way to compile a rom??? Like. For example: I could build a treble gsi...
  12. Rush

    Thread [Discussion] Android 10 Development for the Moto G5S

    Recently i asked about Android 10 in the pixel experience thread, i asked because of the website saying "This version Is no longer Supported". I wanted to know if this means no more updates at ALL or just no more updates for Pie. after this. i started the quest of Android 10, (thats what i like...
  13. Rush

    Thread Problems with unlocking the bootloader.

    My dad recently bought the Xperia X Performance, the problem was that it had custom software from Sony on it, and because of that couldn't update it. Having actual experience with rooting he decided to unlock the bootloader of the device so he could Update. Now it says he had his password wrong...
  14. Rush

    Thread Google assistant voice recognition problems on Moto G (5S)

    Recently on any device I tried this on, Including my current device the Moto G (5S) Aka Montana, Voice recognition also known as "Voice Match" would not turn on. No matter what I did, even wiping the whole device (after doing stuff like clearing Google data+cache) it just wouldn't work. Does...
  15. Rush

    Thread Huawei bootloader unlocking in general

    I decided I would like to. Make a petition about terrible support for custom Rom community on Huawei devices. It's not the support itself, it is Huawei (how we all know) you know it sucks when you get an amazing deal on eBay for an p20 pro in this case and it turns out to be a demo model and you...
  16. Rush

    Thread Bring back bootloader unlock codes Petition

    looking around in the web i found this petition: https://www.change.org/p/huawei-device-withdrawing-the-decision-not-to-unlock-huawei-s-devices-bootloader?recruiter=901882233&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_campaign=share_petition&utm_term=share_petitionhttp:// (its old) even...
  17. Rush

    Thread so i found a afh (Android File host) user named cookie.....

    [continuation of title] And this is my way of trying to contact him about His pixel experience Project which He seems to be Working on So If you read this Please provide information so that we can contact you Thx in advance! (If read)
  18. Rush

    Thread ist there anyone who ist able to give me the systemui apk from Pixel experience???

    So i wanted to try and enhance the pix3lify Module by myself and See if it would Work....or Install Pixel ui at all Problem: Nowhere there is any Mod Like there was some time ago on Nougat lineage OS Answer: someone gives me an Pixel experience sysui apk and i'll try my Best to get it Wirkung...
  19. Rush

    Thread Is there anyone with linux running?

    I was wondering if anyone Here is running Linux Why? Probably everyone wants a "usable" Version of RR or Pixel dust And it would be highly apreciated if that guy who has it would Compile a Rom for us (Please no GSI)
  20. Rush

    Thread anyone who works on roms (officially or non officially) please consider reading

    Would you as the creators support this device for android Q and why?
  21. Rush

    Thread is someone able to port arrow os pie or pixel dust pie?

    So....i Tried out treble and even though performance was'nt really the best...arrow OS pie and pixel dust pie Werke the 2 Roms i liked the most....so i decided to ask in the Forums who would like to port either
  22. Rush

    Thread [OLD] [8.1 OREO] [No updates] [F5121] Aospa 8.1 restored For The Xperia X

    FIRST OF: You warranty is now void dont point at me if Broken or ill laugh at youbla bla you already know it THIS IS NOT MY ROM! ALL CREDITS TO MAKING IT, GO TO THE AOSPA TEAM!!! I JUST EDITED TIME VALUES TO THE YEAR 2020 So i found (and "restored") this old paranoid Android 8.1 build...a lot...