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    Thread Trying to flash OOS 5.04 but twrp keeps saying no OS installed?

    Need help, i have been using custom roms since i got the phone, was on the newest cdroid from today or yesterday, decided i wanted to try OOS, i updated to official twrp and downloaded the full OOS zip. Formatted data, transfered OOS zip and magisk 16 to phone, wiped everything except...
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    Thread Question about going between OOS and custom roms

    So, right now im on ob4 firmware and on the custom rom train. I want to try out OOS 5.04, can I just download the firmware, wipe everything and flash it? is it ok to downgrade back and forth like that? Can I flash nougat if I want to? Thanks for any help.
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    Thread Where are the factory images?

    Hey all, isn't there a thread with factory images and steps to flash each partition manually with fastboot commands? I've done it before but I cant find them any more, Im wanting to upgrade to 5.04 its just the way I like to do it, can anyone point me the way?
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    Thread Should I buy a 6p for $200?

    Well, is it worth the risk?
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    Thread How do I find out what version Moto X 2014 I have?

    Hello all, I just purchased a Moto X 2014 off craigslist, I'm not 100% sure which it is, how would I find out if its x1095 or x10xx etc ?
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    Thread Constantly sending and receiving on wifi

    Anybody ells notice the send/receive arrows constantly blinking while on wifi? I had this issue on my G6 so now I know it's so to do with Android itself. Other than that, tried some Network monitoring apps and couldn't find anything. Only clue I got was it said it was coming from "android os"...
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    Thread Something constantly using data?

    Hello all! New owner of the wonderful LG G6! I have a bit of a concern. I notice when I'm using wifi, the up/down arrows inside the wifi icon are always going crazy. The "down" arrow hits EVERY SINGLE second. But if I turn off wifi and just use LTE it stops.... I noticed this same exact...
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    Thread Issues flashing stock with odin J700t

    I have a question, dont really know where to ask. I have the tmobile j700t, and I've tried restoring with odin, (with the j700t firmware of course) and im not sure if its doing everything. Everything seems to go fine in odin, flashes boot, modem, system etc. reboots, rebuilds cache, then it just...
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    Thread Umm....

    Since when did I need wifi????
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    Thread This is why I only use Skinomi

    I just wanted to share my experience, after just receiving a pleasant suprise email. I have always used skinomi screen protectors, they work great, dont scratch easily, good instructions and when put on correctly, you cant even tell its there. Nor will it ever come off. Its almost on too well...
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    Thread This is why I only use Skinomi

    This may be the wrong section. There is no general and the "accessories" section doesn't seem to have a pulse anymore. Anyway, I have always used skinomi screen protectors, they work great, dont scratch easily, good instructions and when put on correctly, you cant even tell its there. Nor will...
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    Thread Whats a good wirless game controller?

    Please give me your suggestions. All price ranges but I'd prefer it to be cheaper $15-$40 but I'd pay for a good one. Thanks
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    Thread Can someone help me get net guard to work?

    Ok I've tried to import an easylist txt file but it doesn't block anything. Does it need to be a specific file format?
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    Thread How do i screen mirror this thing

    Hello all. I was hoping someone would know why im not able to screen mirror this phone to my tv. I have a sony smart blue ray player and it has built in screen mirroring. But when i try to connect it it just says "screen mirror disconnected".
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    Thread Location constantly being used.

    Anybody know why my location icon stays on even when im not using it. Is there a way to check if an app is trying to use it?
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    Thread The truth

    Hello all. I know this isnt the site for this. But it is a serious issue that needs as much attention as possible. If you care for the lives of millions of people, then dont turn away from this. That is all I ask. Thank you. https://youtu.be/zSq9iqal2cA
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    Thread External speaker sounds muffled

    Hello all, just picked up a tmobile v10 today. The first thing i noticed is that the speaker is, well, pretty bad, it some things sound pretty good, but its like, if theres any bass at all, it gets distorted and muffled, like if you try to talk with your hand over your mouth. Thats the only way...
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    Thread How can i mirror my screen to my tv? Without a Network

    Hey all, I was just wondering if anyone knows a way to mirror my screen to my tv. Its a Samsung smart tv with wifi. Right now im running Cataclysm M rom and I've tried a few different ways with no luck. I've seen a few videos that show kitkat had an option under display to mirro screen but its...
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    Thread AOSP browser always crashes

    Hey all, no matter what rom i try, the aosp browser always crashes after a few minutes of use. I got a log and wonder if anyone could help. -------- beginning of crash 07-24 02:46:18.958 F/libc (11370): Fatal signal 6 (SIGABRT), code -6 in tid 11370 (android.browser) 07-24 02:46:19.064...
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    Thread Anybody know what happened to this rom?

    Man i used to love this rom, it was so nice, anyone know what happened to these guys? https://plus.google.com/+Bakedrom/about
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    Thread Is this a common problem?

    Ever since lollipop came out on the nexus 5, the aosp browser has done this. Every other time i open the browser, it will say this. It doesnt matter the rom, the kernel, gapps package, it always does this, and its only the aosp browser. Anyone ells?
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    Thread Recovery file managers?

    Does anybody know of any working recovery file managers? I used aroma file explorer on my nexus 5 but for some reason it doesnt work on the N6. I used to use it to delete folders before a new flash. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    Thread No matter what I do, I always have problems

    hello all, ive just been having these issues, their always random, either its screen of death, random reboots, google services f/c'ing, it doesnt matter what rom i flash, or if i fastboot back to stock, nothing changes, theres always "something" that goes wrong. I've tried, and tried and tried...
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    Thread Something strange....

    Hey all, i notice, everytime i flash a new rom, and connect to wifi for the first time, my phone downloads "something", its probably a 20-40mb file, i know this because i have a network speed meter in my status bar, and everytime i connect to wifi for the first time, i see my download speed jump...
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    Thread Tmobile Nexus 6 Questions

    Hey all, been using the nexus 5 for a year now, well its about time for a new phone and im thinkin about the n6. I have a few questions. One, is the bootloader easily unlockable like the n5? And would it be worth holding out to see what the next n5 will be like? Any suggestions please.
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    Thread Truth about ecig's

    Just feel like I need to get this out there, theres lots of stuff going on with E-Cigs, I one day would like to quit smoking with E-Cigs, or at least have the "healthier option". But there are so many states and officials and big tobacco trying to get rid of them, or stop their innovation...
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    Thread Soft keys are very dim

    Hello all, for some reason the soft keys on my phone are very dim. So dim that the only time i can see them illuminate is at night. I was curious, is there something I could edit, maybe in the build prop or somewhere ells to turn them up even more than stock? I have a custom cm12.1 rom already...
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    Thread Tmobile.... Issues?

    Hey all, i just got a one plus one, i came from a nexus 5. Well, the first thing i noticed with the oneplus was my signal is just jumping up and down all over the place. Now, im not really sure if its a big deal yet because despite the LTE signal in the status bar jumping up and down, i still...
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    Thread USB Tethering on Win8.1 Doesnt work well

    Hey all, Im having some issues while trying to tether on win8.1. First i plug in the phone, then i goto settings and enable usb tethering. the phone says its working, but nothing happens on the computer. about 4 mins later my computer finally connects and i have internet, but its real glitchy...
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    Thread Sittin here in a tmobile store, lookin at a display N5

    Some of you may remember me havin some complaints about my n5 droppin searvice randomly. I was about to get an rma. Im glad i didnt. I have tried everything to fix it. So last resort is to rma the device. So, i was waitin in a tmobile store to pay my bill, and i started playin with a display...
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    Thread Ringtones/SMS tones?

    Wheres a good place to get em? I cant ever find any and if i do, theres no apps that will convert them to ogg, i know, i can just stick em in a folder called ringtoned but in like it the hard way.[emoji12]
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    Thread Ready to break this sucker open

    Ok, I've been having some network issues, some of you may know. My service cuts off randomly and im quite sick of it. I've tried everything, nothing will fix it. I dont have an extra $400 laying around to RMA it. So, I am at the last resort. Its been fun, its a good phone, but at this point it...
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    Thread Help installing Manjaro on Hybrid Drive

    Hey all, i was hoping someone could help, im a little confused. I've been using Xubuntu for a while, I had it installed on my Acer Aspire laptop that came with win 8. It has a 320gb hybrid drive with a 20gb SSD. With xubuntu, i just set up all the partitions, i put / on the SSD, made a 500mb...
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    Thread Battery voltage question

    Just curious. What is the normal voltage for this phone at full charge? Mine is at 4227mV at 94% and plugged in its at 4330ish. Just curious really. Battery has been actin kinda weird lately
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    Thread Build rig

    Hey all. Im thinkin about putting together a computer to build roms. I have an idea of what i want. Now i was wondering if i could get some ideas from devs or home builders with experience. Now this is what id like to build http://pcpartpicker.com/p/XpwKK8 Now im wondering. Would an i7 really...
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    Thread Any "otterbox" like cases

    I've looked quite a bit and cant really find any good cases that are like otterbox. Its not that i want an otterbox. I just would like something similar that covers up all the ports on the phone. There only seem to be 3. Maxboost hybrid, trident and i bason i think. But they seem to be cheap and...
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    Thread Kernel and Network Issues Discussion

    Hey all, i was hopin someone would be interested in helping me port over this kernel, its from the N7 2013(flo) http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2449919 He says it should be compatible as is or with little modifications. Thing is, i dont know where to start. Anybody interested...
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    Thread Anyone tryed GoSmart network?

    So has anyone tryed it on the nexus 5? Can i just get the one from google play?
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    Thread How do I file share from Xubuntu 14 to my moto G?

    Hello all, hoping some linux users out there would be able to give me some pointers here. I've been using Xubuntu for a few months now. Im trying to figure out how to file share between my tablet and phone over my network. I've searched and cant really find much on google, I've found a few...
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    Thread Help restoring stock in Xubuntu 14

    Hey all, im trying to restore my Boost moto G back to stock, having some trouble. All i have is xubuntu right now, and well, long story short. first thing i did when i got the phone was unlock it and flash slimkat, well, i was having data connection problems so i thought id try flashing back to...
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    Thread Help unlocking bootloader in Xubuntu 14

    Hello all, just picked up a boost mobile moto G, loving it so far. Having some trouble unlocking the bootloader in Xubuntu. Right now its all i got. well, I have adb set up, and i know it all works fine on my nexus 7. I plug the moto g with debugging and mtp enabled, I use adb devices to...
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    Thread Battery drain, noticed something

    Well, been experiencing some battery drain lately, i installed AFWall+ and noticed something, in the log file it says it blocked the linux kernel 160 times within 30 secs?? Is this normal? What could be going on here? I mean, i notice my network indicator goes off every few seconds no matter...
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    Thread Sweet bootanimation

    Just came across this awesome bootanimation on G+, 1080p works perfect. dont thank me though, thank the OP and original creator. https://plus.google.com/112020389041893311659/posts/LmPTw2TmuCx Vid: Nexus Pie Bootanimation: http://youtu.be/ArZGPgSUNW4
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    Thread [REQ] Wallpapers

    Hello all, I've noticed there's not too many wallpapers out there for our tablets, I've searched google a few times but I really don't see much I really like. Either their way too big or way too small, or they just don't suite my taste. Well, if anyone would like to share any good wallpapers in...
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    Thread Trying to port a rom to my device, need some help.

    Hello all, Im in the process of learning how to build a rom from source, I've got a good Xubuntu setup running, got my android enviroment setup, and the source downloaded, now im having problems figuring out how to extract all the files need from my device (flo) to start building. I was...
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    Thread Baked Rom?

    Not sure if this is a touchy subject but, does anybody know what happened to baked rom? It seems as if they just fell off the face of the earth.... Again, sorry if i shouldnt go in to this, i just cant find any info on them, and their wesite/ G+ hasnt been touched in months. To bad, was a...
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    Thread Good free website builder?

    Wasnt quite sure were to ask, so i just posted here. Hoping someone can help. Anyone know of a website that will allow me to create my own website with simple building tools, i.e. does not require me to know code or html. And is free or cheap? Thank you for any help.