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  1. putti71

    Thread Question Is it already possible to root device?

    I like to know if it's already possible to root device? I thought I could just patch boot image from a fastboot rom, but now I heard that boot.img is probably the recovery partition on A/B devices, while vendor_boot.img is probably the actual boot partition. Is there a safe and working way to...
  2. putti71

    Thread yellow-green Spot when making photo

    Hi I have S10 exynos and sometimes when taking a photo against a light source, for example the moon or the sun, photos have a yellow-greenish spot within. I can even see this spot on screen and I can move it while I move camera. The best to see it, is when taking a night pic of full moon, but...
  3. putti71

    Thread kill app with back key

    Does anybody know if there's an app which allows to kill an running app with back key?
  4. putti71

    Thread Update magisk without TWRP

    How is it possible to update magisk 20.3 to 20.4 when there is only stock recovery?
  5. putti71

    Thread No connection to galaxy watch after update to ui 2.1

    Since latest update to ui 2.1, my Bluetooth is not connecting to my Samsung watch anymore
  6. putti71

    Thread Real SOT Screen On Time

    Does somebody know if I it is possible to see the real SOT? Samsung only let's me know time from midnight on. I like to know the screen on time from 100 percent battery. Is that possible?
  7. putti71

    Thread No mobile data during calls

    Can anyone reproduce this: during phone calls, data connections turns off. Does anybody know this problem and what I can do? I heard that you can try to turn off data usage limitation under apps / phone services or turn off miui optimization. The second method works for me, but problem here...
  8. putti71

    Thread MI 9 SE Global No Digital Wellbeing

    Hi. Today I received my MI9 SE global and noticed that there is no digital wellbeing and that it's still possible to change GPS to Engery save mode. Since it's Android 9, I don't understand this, because both things came with pie. Sent from my [device_name] using XDA-Developers Legacy app
  9. putti71

    Thread A5 2017 wifi sharing

    Hi everybody! Does anybody with a new A5 know, if the device is capable of wifi sharing, like the S7?
  10. putti71

    Thread Modem of provider G901f

    Hi. I got a question, since i am living in a very rural area, i have a bad mobile reception. Now i would like to know if it would probably get better if i flash the corresponding modem from my provider (vodafone) and country (germany)? If so, where can i find such modem for the G901f? I don't...
  11. putti71

    Thread WeatherProvider Folder location

    Hi together, i am trying to find the location of "WeatherProvider" folder. Can somebody help me out, please? Edit found it in root/data/app and data/data Gesendet von meinem SM-G920F mit Tapatalk
  12. putti71

    Thread Video Widget

    Sorry Guys, but since I am new to the S6 (g920F), I am wondering if there is no Samsung Video Widget (Video player widget) anymore? I had the S4 and S5 before and really liked that. Please some feedback. Regards
  13. putti71

    Thread Lag on recent apps

    Hi everybody, since I am on lollipop, there is this annoying lag when opening recent apps. I think everybody has this. In my case it takes between 3 to 5 secs until it opens. I can't stand that. I already have chainfire s recent app installed but that doesn't work in my case. My question is...
  14. putti71

    Thread Android WebView

    Hi everybody, be careful when updating goggles android WebView. When I did the update, suddenly some apps like tubemate, did not work anymore.
  15. putti71

    Thread ROM for our beloved S5

    If you like Roms, then go and check out his development for S5 G900f. It's really great! ! I hope, it's okay to advertise this here. Regards Mod Edit: No its not, they left XDA so to respect their wishes we won't allow XDA to be used to drive traffic to their site.
  16. putti71

    Thread From dalvik to art

    Hi everybody. Did anybody try to change from dalvik to art? In developer settings you can do it, but for me it doesn't work. After the reboot everything stays as before, on dalvik. Perhaps it's because of the custom recovery, but I don't know. Please enlighten me if you know how it works or if...
  17. putti71

    Thread Tutorial for unlock, relock FASTBOOT commands

    Hi everybody! Here is a link to a little tutorial, I made some time ago for the HTC One X. Hope it helps the people here, too. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1605720 Push thanks if it is helpful to you.
  18. putti71

    Thread Problems with debloating

    Hi everybody! His do I debloat my device? Everytime i delete files with root explorer, the deleted files are back after restart. What is going on there? How can i delete System files? Please help. Sent from my HTC One mini 2 using XDA Free mobile app
  19. putti71

    Thread Samsung video app thumbnails

    Hi everybody, I recognized that the Samsung video app produces a lot of thumbnails which decrease the internal memory. I have a 64gb extSD and quite a lot of movie files on it, therefore the thumbnail folder becomes pretty large. Is there a way to stop this app producing those thumbnails...
  20. putti71

    Thread Low Wi-Fi signal

    Hi everybody. I have the feeling that our S4 has a very weak Wi-Fi. My other phone is a zopo 950+ and while this device still gets a signal, the S4 already lost it or can not even find it. I have searched on xda, but couldn't find anything. In ARHD thread there is a WiFi fix, but since I am...
  21. putti71

    Thread [Q] Google Calendar Problem

    Hi everybody! I have got a problem with syncing my google calendar. Out of a sudden it will not sync appointments / events on all of my android devices. On HTC there are only the birthdays visible and nothing else and on my tablet (JB Cyanogen Mod 4.2.2), there are only the calendar weeks and...
  22. putti71

    Thread Differences from XXCLL3 to XXCLK7?

    Can anyone tell me if it's worth updating from xxll3 to xxclk7? What are the differences? Or is there an even better update already to flash onto my german P3110? Sent from my GT-P3110 using xda app-developers app
  23. putti71

    Thread no more hidden data on PC

    Hi everybody, since the update to 4.1.1, my PC suddenly shows no more hidden data, e.g. .data or .android_secure, anymore. Does anyone know a solution or know what causes this problem? Sent from Telegraph
  24. putti71

    Thread [Q] no more sms / sms service center is grey out!

    Hi together! A friend of mine travelled from germany to the states and back to germany. Now here in germany his SMS is not working anymore. All APNs are set right, but when he goes to the "SMS settings" and there to "service center", the text is greyed out and he is not able to put the...
  25. putti71

    Thread Games on acer a700

    Hi together! Today I tried some HD games on our tablet. I was trying dead trigger and the dark knight rises, both lagged a lot. I tried with high performance but didn't help. How are your experiences with games? Edit: I just installed cpu master antutu and put scaling on demand. I think...
  26. putti71

    Thread Wipes before flash?

    Hello everybody! I have a question belonging the wipes before flashing a ROM: Which data do I have to wipe in order to have a clean Rom flash? And, do I loose my game data ( gl2sd ) on internal- and or on extSD? Which data will o lose? Thanks for help. Sent from Telegraph
  27. putti71

    Thread Relock to get OTA?

    I am on 4.1.1, rooted inconia a700. Today I tried to let the system check for an update, but it refuses to do so. I think it has to do with the unlocked bootloader. In order to get OTA, we have to relock. The question is now, do we have to flash original (stock) recovery to flash OTA or will it...
  28. putti71

    Thread Can't make a nandroid

    Hi together. I'm on 1/2 illusion rom and on latest cwm and cm10 kernel. Everytime I want to make a nandroid, cwm works like it should, but in the end the backup folder has only 17mb. What's wrong here? Sent from Telegraph
  29. putti71

    Thread File Transfer via WiFi

    Since our Galaxy Note is, when connected to PC recognized as a media storage device, transferring files is annoyingly slow. In some HTC HOX thread somebody had an app to transfer files over WiFi. I have tested it and think it's worth a try: "WiFi File Transfer" Push Thanks if this was...
  30. putti71

    Thread Mount SD in recovery

    Hi everybody! I was wondering why I can't mount my sd card (ext. or internal) to PC, while I am in recovery? What do I have to do in cwm recovery to get with my PC onto the SDs? Help appreciated! Sent from Telegraph
  31. putti71

    Thread Safe way of rooting?

    Hi together! I am totally new to Galaxy Note and I like to root my device. Since from what I have red, it can be dangerous to flash CWM on a certain ICS firmware, kernel related. Now I would like to know if there is a safe way of rooting, no matter what firmware I am on. Please correct me if...
  32. putti71

    Thread DCIM tmp data problem

    I have a problem. After a while my sd storage goes short because of tmp data in dcim folder. I can delete this folder, but after a while it comes back. It's around 700mb of .tmp data. Is there a way to prevent this? Thanks in advance
  33. putti71

    Thread MicroSD 64Gbyte

    Since a lot of people think the DHD is going to get old and move to phones like the HOX, I just want to tell you that the new microSD cards with a capacity of 64Gbyte work on this great device! The HOX doesn't even have half of this capacity. And...ICS is coming too! We still have some great...
  34. putti71

    Thread Problems with Camera and Gallery Media Player

    Hi together! I have figured something out! After 3 days of testing from formatting SD to wipe whole system and beginning from scratch.:mad: And all because my Gallery Media Player began to stop playing my recorded Camera videos. The problem went bigger, when I recognized, that also the music...
  35. putti71

    Thread Update is coming!!

    Today I was talking to a guy from HTC service, about this really annoying problem with the shrinking SD storage. :mad: He said that he had heard about this before, but just from a few customers. He also told me to be patient for the next days because an update will come. Hopefully, HTC has...
  36. putti71

    Thread 2 android systems!

  37. putti71

    Thread Gracenote Album art

    Hi together! I am looking for the folder, where gacenote copies its data to. Can anybody help me out there? EDIT: FOUND IT! It's in android/data/com.htc.album
  38. putti71

    Thread [Q] Diskusage

    Since I had problems with my SD Card, because of loosing space, I installed Disusage. This tool shows me in a "system data" over 1 Gbyte used by whatever. How can I find out what this so called "system data" is and what is in there? Does anybody know?
  39. putti71

    Thread SD Storage is shrinking!?

    Hi together! I am on ARHD and just recognized a strange SD-card behaviour. My storage was shrinking. In the beginning I had around 5 Gbyte free space, and after several updates and tweaks my storage shrinked around 4 Gbyte and I was left with around 1 Gbyte free space. :mad: I am not sure, if...
  40. putti71

    Thread TUT SDK and Fastboot commands

    Hi together! Since this is a topic where people ask regularly, I try to make a little TUT. I hope it is helpful. I am a noob myself, so please don't go on me:( Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong or if I missed some important stuff. What you need: 1. SDK Tool (type in your...
  41. putti71

    Thread [Q] Sensation Display vs DHD

    I have a Senation device and a DHD. Both should have a 4.3 inches Display, but I am quite positive that the diplay of my old DHD is bigger. Has anyone the same feeling or did I smoke to much weed in the good old days?
  42. putti71

    Thread [Q] Where is the "Search" buttom gone?

    I dont know what happened, but i am not able to find the buttom to "search" in threads. Maybe i am blind, but I cannot find it anymore. Please help
  43. putti71

    Thread nandroid Backup on ClockWorkRecoery

    Hi. Does anyone know how to backup ROM to ext-SD in CWM Rec? I have not enough Space on internal and therefore the backup does not work for me. Any suggstions? Thanks. EDIT: I just found out that is working now, after reinstalling CWM and deleting the CWM Folder from internal SD.
  44. putti71

    Thread Skype on Gingerbread

    Has anyone tried Skype video talk on any of the new custom Gingerbread ROMs? I could not start video talk. The camera did not start. Is there any solution? Sent from my LG-P920 using XDA Premium App
  45. putti71

    Thread Flashing ROM without loosing data

    Hi together. Everybody knows Titanium Backup to restore data, but there is another, more simple way to restore your data: First go to CWM and make a nandroid backup of your old ROM, then flash the new ROM. After that go to backup and restore in CWM and choose restore - advanced restore, then...
  46. putti71

    Thread Help needed for UOT Kitchen

    Does anyone know hoe to make themes for gingerbread in UOT Kitchen? When it comes to "file upload", I dont know what to do. Please help.
  47. putti71

    Thread Phone dials numbers while listening to music

    Phone calls last number when connected to headspeakers Hi everyone! I am quite sure my problem is not ROM related, because it happens on my HTC DHD and also on my HD2. Following happens when i listen to music over my headspeakers ( it also happens with all different kind of headsets, even when...
  48. putti71

    Thread Phone calls last number when connected to headspeakers

    Hi everyone! I am quite sure my problem is not ROM related, because it happens on my HTC DHD and also on my HD2. Following happens when i listen to music over my headspeakers ( it also happens with all different kind of headsets, even when i have the phone connected to my car over aux ), the...
  49. putti71

    Thread Internal and external sd

    I would like to know if it is possible to create a rom, where larger apps, like the gameloft stuff or some navigation apps are installed automatically onto the external sd card? Or do I have to wait for gingerbread? Will gingerbread solve this problem? I am new to LG. I am coming from HTC and...
  50. putti71

    Thread MAGLDR113 cant load CWRecovery

    Is there a way to reinstall the CWR (MAGLDR113) without deleting the existing ROM? When I load into MAGLDR113, I cant get into the Recovery.:(