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    Thread GM1917 (Global) reporting as GM1911 (India) in settings which has broken SafetyNet

    Anyone have a fix? My GM1917 is identifying as a GM1911 after an oxygen updater update a couple months ago, not sure how to fix it, running the latest beta too. Not sure what to do...
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    Thread Picked up an Engineering S9, anyone know where I could get the firmware for it?

    Specifically dev FW. ENG MODE: DEV DEVICE Can't find any ENG Signed firmware that's not combination firmware online.
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    Thread Mi 9T/ K20 / Pro splash generator for Splashes, Fastboot, and Error

    Generates a img for flashing via fastboot, instructions in the comments in the script. Updated for Mi 9T. Original Thread here Here's the script
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    Thread [MOD] [HTC Bolt] Swap Recent and Multitasking Buttons

    As someone who's grown accustom to Samsung's style of Button layout, I think this useful. Included are some files to manually move yourself to their respective directories. max_brightness (which will make your keys not light up so it doesn't get confusing) goes in...
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    Thread I9295 users! I need your cid and aboot!

    Dear all! I am attempting to unlock an i537 (ATT Model) device using the SAMDUNK Exploit. If you are willing to help me out in this process please let me know! There is no risk for you, and it will help me advance the i537 community greatly! Thanks! OctopusRift
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    Thread Samsung CID changer, can make regular devices "Dev Edition" devices.

    https://github.com/beaups/SamsungCID If anyone gets this **** workin. Lemme know.
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    Thread Recording Failed when trying to... record.

    I've tried the google camera app, when I click record, nothing happens... so. Now what?
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    Thread Hey guys... I'm curious...

    I'm currently on a Galaxy S4 Active i537... locked down... does anyone know where I might be able to buy a Nexus 5 off of someone for cheap? I'm in high school so money is an issue for me, so I apologize. I'm looking for a good phone I can load Kali on, as well as full freedom with the...
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    Thread [Completed] [Q] Where could I get help decrypting my bootloader?

    Just want to find someone who has done this before, learn from him/her, and hopefully get my niche phone unlocked. Galaxy S4 Active SGH-i537