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    Thread New Podcast App project

    Hi guys... I'm currently working on a new podcast app. I'm a graphic designer so am able to do all of the artwork, but will need a coder to make the magic happen! If there's anyone out there who can help, or at least advise whether my artwork is possible, then please hit me up on my email...
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    Thread HD Icon Pack (2) by mikebeecham

    Hi guys, I guess first thing to say is a big THANK YOU for the kind comments and messages that I've recieved regarding the first icon pack. I secretly hoped that you would like it and, judging by the amount of messages, emails and PMs I've received, it would seem that you did! Anyway, this is...
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    Thread HD Icon Pack (1) by mikebeecham

    Hi guys, Well, after nearly two months of fairly hard work designing and (in some cases) redesigning, I'm happy to release my first pack of HD Icons to the Android Community. This is a project still very much in process, as I see myself adding more packs as time goes on...however I was happy...
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    Thread [REQ] Help creating an Info-Clock

    Hi there, Before we begin, I know that there's a lot of attention at the moment for text-based clocks, etc. I use apps like TAJM, and appreciate what they bring to the Android community. I'm a designer by trade, and really wanted to create something that would look nice on my homescreen...so...
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    Thread Cant write to External SD on JP3

    Hi there, Dont suppose anyone has found a way to be able to write to the external SD whilst using JP3? It's annoying me that I have to write to the Internal, then copy everything across to the external using Estrongs. Help!!!
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    Thread REQ - Soft 'button' lights on new SMS, etc

    Hi there, As the title suggests, I wonder whether it would be possible (and if anyone was up for a challenge) to make the soft button lights fade in and out when there is a new SMS, etc? I come from a HTC Hero, where the trackball light does this...and since there is no visible way to show a...
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    Thread Notification bar power toggles

    Can these be changed? I dont use vibrate, but do use silence...it would be great to have silent on this panel.