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    Thread Root upgrade from 9.5.13 to 10.0.3 w/out TWRP

    Am I ok to take the OTA update to 10.0.3? I have Magisk 20401 installed and am using Systemless Hosts and MagiskHide Props Config. I'm not using TWRP. I remember a while back you had to completely disable all Magisk modules before taking the OTA? I'm using the unlocked version on Verizion from...
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    Thread Bootloop on newest X.x.10 Update? No TWRP only Magisk

    I installed the update like i normally did. Went into magisk and installed Magisk on the "After OTA" setting. Now it's boot looping. I'm NOT using TWRP. This is the first time this has happened. Normally I update the OTA, DONT RESET, install Magisk on OTA setting and reboot and it works fine...
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    Thread Magisk v18 on 7.1.2 Pure Nexus?

    I've been running the same ROM since release pretty much, and I'm still using Magisk 14.1. I tried to update via the Magisk app a while ago and it broke everything, had to start from scratch and go back to 14.1. I just saw that v18 Magisk was released. Is there an easy way to install this on...
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    Thread Xposed Nougat Official on Pixel XL?

    It looks like the official Xposed has been released for 7.1.x. It doesn't look like people have gotten it to work with Pixel (XL) though. Has anyone tried? I'm using Pure Nexus 7.1.2 with Magisk 14.2 and I am unable to get the new Xposed to work. Has anyone tried it with a stock rom?
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    Thread Updating from Custom Rom to same Custom Rom(newer version) and new Magisk?

    So right now I have Pure Nexus 7.1.2(from May) and Magisk 11.6. If I want to update to the newest release of Pure Nexus and the the Pixel version of Magisk 12 do I just need to download the files and flash them? Flash Pure Nexus > Flash TWRP RC1 > RC2 > Flash Magisk? Boot file with Pure is...
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    Thread Pixel XL Current Verizon Number That's Shipping?

    I ordered a Pixel XL 128 Silver back around the 20th of December from Verizon. My expected date of arrival is the 18th of January(Almost here!!) I've done some reading and it looks like any phone that's version 7.1 or higher isn't rootable. Has anyone gotten a handset recently that has already...
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    Thread Messages for a6 edge app

    I installed an app called "messages for s6 edge /edge plus" that shows messages when screen is off, it says you can do a quick reply or reply by voice, but for the life of me, I cannot find reply to work. Does anyone have this app and have it working? Sent from my SM-G928V using Tapatalk
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    Thread Verizon return to 4.1

    When I got my tablet I rooted it and then like a dummy did the update to 4.4(i think it was 4.4)this removed root and caused troot to stop working. I then updated to 5.1,sigh. Is it possible for me to factory reset back to 4.1(or whatever it was when towel root worked), then somehow manually...
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    Thread Screen Mirror to Note pro?

    I just got myself a Note Pro 5.1, unrooted, and an Edge+ Unrooted, going to keep that Plus below 5.1 if I can help it(you know, just in case). Is it possible to mirror my phone to my tablet? Not for any reason other than "It's cool and another list of reasons my girl has to look at me and say...
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    Thread MHL support?

    I recently put a new deck in my car, and the ONE reason I spent the money I did on it is because of the MHL capability. Now it seems all these new phones don't support MHL. None of the newer Samsung do, and it seems if I'm trying to get one of the top competitor phones, MHL is no longer an...
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    Thread Disabled IR blaster on accident, maybe?

    Been uninstalling stuff, freezing apps, stopping startup stuff. Well unfortunately my IR blaster stopped working. Had it set up for 2 different TV's. Is there some process that I may have disabled or something that caused this? I'm running Stock Rom Rooted SuperUser. I'm assuming there are quite...
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    Thread [Q} Few Questions with Rooted Sero 7 Pro

    Hey hey! First, Thanks to xboxexpert for the amazing work for this thing. I bought the Sero 7 Pro blindly because it was cheap, searched from my phone before leaving the parking lot and found the rooting thread, AWESOME! Also, the HDMI throwing, awesome as well. :good: Anyway, I've rooted this...
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    Thread Just wanted to say...

    Thanks! To everyone here that contributes and to everyone who has wrote ANYTHING that I have read that has helped me. I have been "hacking" phones for years. It all started with the Razr, one of the first phones I back in the day :)... I have done so much reading and surprisingly I was able to...