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  1. k500zm

    Thread Miui Wireless display not connecting and bluetooth not discoverable

    Hi does anyone know no how to fix the wireless display connection problem? my TV we just alerts me that my phone is trying to connect but fails to connect. Also Bluetooth is not fully discoverable and pairable and using the play store app Bluetooth settings I am unable to activate this option...
  2. k500zm

    Thread Working Gcam Port - [Port][7.3][toco] GCam for Mi Note 10 Lite

  3. k500zm

    Thread Dual sim not working - sim 1 always Emergency calls only - Is there a Fix?

    I bought my OP5T used in January - Dual sim is not working and never has - sim 1 always says SIM 1 NOT ALLOWED Emergency calls only and I have tried many different sims from different providers and the result is always the same. I have tried resetting network settings and reflashed the OOS...
  4. k500zm

    Thread Advice on ROMs that have Substratum Functionality ?

    Hi All - I have just bought a used 5T which will arrive in a couple of days to replace my now faulty ZTE Axon 7 mini. I really need to know which ROMs have Substratum Functionality ? Any advice greatly appreciated.
  5. k500zm

    Thread Here is where to get a Brand New Genuine ZTE Battery for your mini

  6. k500zm

    Thread ZTE Axon 7 Camera Port Working on Mini

    Check it out - I am running custom rom and it works great Flash in recovery settings options, changing the resolution, changing volume key functionalities, adding watermarks panorama, super night, multi-exposure, magic exposure, time-lapse, and slow motion videos.
  7. k500zm

    Thread [ROM] MoKee Open Source

    MoKee Open Source is based on the Google AOSP. We update our source code frequently to keep up with the latest development, and not forgetting to merge in special features of our own at the same time. A small group of people from around the world who are interested in Android launched this...
  8. k500zm

    Thread 2 Sims and Sd Card all working together - No problem

    2 Sims and Sd Card all working together - No problem I ordered this and it works perfectly - you should have a case to contain it so it is not loose...
  9. k500zm

    Thread I need a new speaker module anyone know where I can get one ?

    I need a new speaker module anyone know where I can get one ? Thanks
  10. k500zm

    Thread Dual Booting Stock and Custom Rom

    Dual Booting Stock and Custom Rom is possible for the Axon 7 and since there is so much wasted space in the system partition and you can install the custom rom in the system partition using this https://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2447534...
  11. k500zm

    Thread 7 days on standby and still 51% battery left - Anyone else got close to this ?

    My friend broke the screen on his 6039y and then when the alarm woke him up at 5 AM he couldnt work out how to switch it off and beat the living sh*t out of it and gave it to me for spares. I decided to rebuild it with parts from china and now it is 100% working again. However, it now has the...
  12. k500zm

    Thread UK O2 6039Y Without Fastboot commands - A question ?

    Here in the UK O2 has released the 6039Y without Fastboot commands. This is really annoying. I have tried the method to restore fastboot commands but it will not work on these 02 phones from UK. Also using mobile update Q the phone cannot be updated as it says there is nothing newer even though...
  13. k500zm

    Thread [Q] Weird Problem after TWRP recovery - PC sees directories that dont exist ?

    So I decided to take a look at lollipop 5.1 & I took a nandroid backup [copied my data] and flashed the mako factory image - Had a look then wanted to go back.- so flashed kitkat 4.4 back & copied the nandroid backup over to the phone - flashed TWRP back - wiped all partitions but user data -...
  14. k500zm

    Thread Help - I'm stuck in a bootloop 4 circles !

    Hi I just tried to flash Android 4.4.4 without wiping & losing root using Nexus Root Toolkit as per this link trendblog.net/flash-android-4-4-4-without-wiping-and-loosing-root/ I had slimkat 4.4.4 and tried to put stock 4.4.4 on this After success messages the toolkit told me to wait for it...
  15. k500zm

    Thread Nexus 4 Battery life sorted ;)

    Titanium pro is a wonderful thing :)