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    Thread "Failed to mount '/system' (invalid argument)", Help translating tech talk

    To be quick, I have a very specific error in all TWRP versions on LS997 that won't let the system stay mounted while flashing roms, "Failed to mount '/system' (invalid argument)". I believe I found a fix for it in a dead reddit thread, but I can't understand how to do it on an LG v20. Help is...
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    Thread [Help] LS997 DirtySanta Stock Rom com.android.phone error

    I have my device rooted now, but I keep getting this dumb error. Every time I close it, it almost immediately reappears. After Googling, I couldn't find anything that gets rid of it. https://imgur.com/a/P9Y1puh
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    Thread [Help] LS997 DirtySanta Stuck at Secure Startup

    LS997 (September 2016 security patch), got to the end of root and couldn't reboot into TWRP recovery. The device is recognized in ADB while in fastboot but when I'm at the secure startup it's unrecognized, like USB debugging is disabled...