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  1. Nx Biotic

    Thread [APP][5.0+] No'Me Launcher Manager/Switcher

    So, Your in the market for a new launcher app replacement? GCA Launcher? Lawnchair? Nova Launcher? Action Launcher? Pear Launcher? So many choices? Maybe your that guy/gal who switches launchers for certain profiles or environments. A question remains as you make your choice, is their an easy...
  2. Nx Biotic

    Thread [LAUNCHER APP][5.0+][New | Release] GCA Launcher 2

    After a long year of lockdown, we're on year 3 of development. The Insider Preview for GCA Launcher 2 is here. GCA Launcher is a non-tradition, non-grid, single screen launcher inspired by Chromium OS. When I was first introduced to Chromium OS, I really liked how it didnt exactly bring the...
  3. Nx Biotic

    Thread [App][5.1+] Drywall - A Google Wallpapers alternative

    Drywall is a wallpaper manager I built from scratch that was inspired by Google Wallpapers and Jahir fiquitiva Frames android library. I needed a wallpaper provider for my launcher as a default but i figured why make it exclusive? I tried making it as original as possible and built to stand its...
  4. Nx Biotic

    Thread [APP]GCA Launcher (Deprecated)

    Being a fan of Chromium OS and a passion for developing new and interesting things, I decided to build a launcher inspired by chromium os, based on Material Components. GCA or GO Custom Android Launcher is a pixel design inspired launcher with core component features from chromium OS desktop...
  5. Nx Biotic

    Thread Symphlyx Launcher Project

    Decided to go into the 2019 year with a new launcher project. Now what im about to show you and talk about is subject to change. I wanted to show off what I have built so far so I can get real time feedback and release the project with a good reputation right off the bat, i have never done a...
  6. Nx Biotic

    Thread [LAUNCHER] [6.0+] Sapphyx Launcher (Next Gen Customizeable)

    Sapphyx Launcher The pixel launcher mod you haven't tried yet nor expected. Sapphyx is based off a fork of the Android Oreo Launcher with a few cherry picked implementations of rootless pixel launcher i found useful and demanding and heavily modified for the uses i required of them thus...
  7. Nx Biotic

    Thread [App][5.0+] Drywall - Wallpaper Management and Dashboard

    Drywall is a wallpaper management and Dashboard combo, an open source alternative to Google Wallpapers. The app consists of 3 pages. A wallpaper management page, a featured page and a wallpaper category page. The app is designed to be a utility for wallpaper management and a custom homebrew...
  8. Nx Biotic

    Thread Xioami Mi 5 Pro USA

    Found a decent 4g frequency on Tmobile. Was interesting to see since most frequency are blocked or dead
  9. Nx Biotic

    Thread Calling Issues on Custom rom

    Ive had this problem on every custom rom since I unlocked flashed from MIUI to a custom rom, now im on Paranoid Android. My issues are the following. If someone calls me and I answer, my screen goes black and I cant do anything untill that person hangs up. If i try making a call out, I cannot...
  10. Nx Biotic

    Thread Sapphyx Launcher- A launcher built for you in mind

    This is simply the sequel to my last launcher project, Sapphire Launcher. I started this project last August and began the beta in June of this year. So, Instead of boring you with a story of how I started and what an android launcher is, I will start with what is important to know before you...
  11. Nx Biotic

    Thread Need some assistance for a friend

    Ok so months ago, I sold my buddy my Honor 5x. It at the time had a custom rom, kernel was still based on android 5.X from stock. Now my friend wants to know how he can restore to a nand from 5.x, retuen to stock, grab the 6.X update and what ever updates are around on stock, reflash custom...
  12. Nx Biotic

    Thread Unlocking method on Linux?

    Is there a way to unlock the Mi 5 pro on Ubuntu? Anyone know if Wine will work with MiFlash Tool?
  13. Nx Biotic

    Thread [5.0+] Slab, A Cyanogenmod Dashclock Host project

    I have a knack to take up old android projects that have been left in the dust and see if they have potential with our current devices and most used Android OS. This current project takes place of something that some of us remember and some of us that never even knew that it existed because the...
  14. Nx Biotic

    Thread [APP] Prism Assistant

    Over the time of using HTC devices. I came to realize I used Blinkfeed for more of a news app than a Homescreen. Needless to say, finding ways of launching Blinkfeed along side another launcher can be tedious or "Rooty" routes. I found several different ways of launching or creating a shortcut...
  15. Nx Biotic

    Thread unlock website down

    Is the Unlock website down for anyone else?
  16. Nx Biotic

    Thread [LAUNCHER][5.0+] Sapphire Launcher **A custom google powered launcher**

    ***Disclaimer*** This launcher project is a homebrew learning curve for a future in code development. I am more experienced in reading code than writing code so bare with the timely updates as this project is a learning experience for me and for developers looking to develop their own launcher...
  17. Nx Biotic

    Thread No data on CM12.1 with Straight Talk

    Alrighty, heres my situation. i havnt been up to date with the Spyder community lately so i might of missed something but i need some suggestions. I decided to give my Uncle my Droid Razr so to keep him updated with software, i installed Safestrap (3.75), formatted the system, installed latest...
  18. Nx Biotic

    Thread [APP] 4.1.2+ Fellow (Facebook Replacement App)

    "Time to Rebel" With the recent changes Facebook has made to make us use the Facebook Messenger app, ive taken a next step to start building a Java based Chromeview built specifically for Facebook allowing you to message users the way its always been. In a nutshell, Fellow is a WebApp based on...
  19. Nx Biotic

    Thread [Launcher Sense Exclusive] HTC Sapphire UI

    HTC Sense users look for 2 things. An experience to match the beauty and perfection of their HTC ONE or get the closest to a Google Experience without ruining their HTC Sense experience. I've done both... The solution you ask? Ive built a hybrid just for us. Based off of the AOSP Launcher3...
  20. Nx Biotic

    Thread New Launcher idea request

    Im thinking about putting together a new launcher exclusively for the Ouya. I see a few have arised but died over time so id like to build one that gets alot of users and support. Just wanna see these forums spark up. We have a great device but appearance and style is important to alot of...
  21. Nx Biotic

    Thread [ROM] [4.4.2] [CDMA/GSM] HTC OpenSense 6 - Build 0.0.1 Alpha

    HTC OpenSense 6 Based on OpenSense 6 API and HTC M8 firmware WIP Proof that we can have something spectacular come to the Droid Razr. I am really busy right now but I found time to push this out. I am taking open arms to any developers who would like to contribute to this project! I am now an...
  22. Nx Biotic

    Thread [APP] [HTC Exclusive] HTC Flip

    Version: 5.5 Ads: Yes Pro Version: Upgradeable for Kitkat Sense 5-6 (HTC Flip for Blinkfeed) Requirements: HTC Sense 4.0-Sense 6.0, Android 4.1.2, HTC Device App Type: Home Management, Tool Playstore Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Biotic.flip Description Original XDA...
  23. Nx Biotic

    Thread [APP] HTC Flip

    HTC Flip was a concept that came to mind as a user and dev when I started using the HTC ONE. A simple way of "Flipping" from one launcher to the next. In the end, the result was Flip. Flip is my first app based on the HTC SDK so I expect some negative and positive feedback on this. HTC Flip...
  24. Nx Biotic

    Thread Samsung Multi-pane port for 7.0

    From the original development and port from gruesomewolf, Here's an original port "ported" to the Galaxy Tab3. http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=2186621 ^THE ORIGINAL GALAXY S3 MULTIWINDOW THREAD WHERE THE ZIP POSTED ABOVE ORIGINATED...
  25. Nx Biotic

    Thread Galaxy Tab3 7.0 Development

    Just to get a head count. How many supporting developers do we currently have for this device here? I was considering myself to start developing for this device soon as I see it has potential once rooted. I see we have some good support for kernel development and Recovery development and roms on...
  26. Nx Biotic

    Thread 8.0 firmware on 7.0?

    Is that possible seeing how the 8.0 has better software than the 7.0 Sent From My HTCONE, Everything Your Phone Isn't via Tapatalk
  27. Nx Biotic

    Thread [App] HTC Flip

    Only on Google Play HTC Flip for Kitkat (Sense 5.5) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.NxIndustries.Flip Rgocal talks HTC Flip for KK on G+ https://plus.google.com/100201209156317802250/posts/jPk5NSMxCit HTC Flip is an application of an idea Ive had for Sense users to easily...
  28. Nx Biotic

    Thread [ROM] [CDMA/GSM] Bionx Rom | Catalyst | Moto .16 Based [Bionx Dashboard Powered]

    From the Creator of Bionx Co-Produced by the master behind JBX Technology A Google Open Source Project Dedicated to the Development of OMAP4 Kexec Development Bionx Catalyst3 By: Nx Biotic (Rom Development) and Dtrail (Kernel ,Kexec and Script Development) Official Thread & Screens...
  29. Nx Biotic

    Thread "T-Settings" Tabbed Android Settings

    In my latest tom update for the Droid Razr, Catalyst3. I built a brand new settings for it called "T-Settings". Watcha think? An easy non-rootable way to theme and change up the stock rom on the Razr And if made available on google play with a pro version with root tools, would you...
  30. Nx Biotic

    Thread Need Assistance with Google Nav Drawer

    Hello everyone, need some assistance with Google Nav Drawer. This is what Im trying to do. Im trying to create a new type of android settings with this new code or a shell as you would...Than if it works out, incorporate in into source for a future rom or current like CM or AOKP. Heres my...
  31. Nx Biotic

    Thread Interested in toggling a value in the build.prop

    So in my toolkit, id like to design an activity where I could point it towards certain lines in the build.prop to allow a user to easily toggle, for instance this line qemu.hw.mainkeys=0 So, in the layout xml, lets say it had "Enable Nav Bar" and a "Toggle Button" for on/off Where would i...
  32. Nx Biotic

    Thread Simple Android 4.0 Launcher Manager?

    I know this feature or activity is pretty much useless in android 4.0+ but I still like the idea of managing Launchers in your rom. How would one go about displaying the Launchers installed in their system and when clicked, launches the launcher selected? Even maybe delete/ manage them...
  33. Nx Biotic

    Thread pushing files from your apk to the sdcard?

    Im designing a new theme engine for the 360 Launcher so users can start developing their own themes for the 360 Launcher Pro and i360 Launcher. I already design themes for the 360 on google play but I want to get a little bit creative with it and open source it to fellow themers, but I have a...
  34. Nx Biotic

    Thread Assistance with zRam configuration

    I am the developer of the Bionx Catalsyt rom for the Droid Razr and I need some assistance with my toolkit I have developed for my rom (Its open sourced if youd like to contribute) I am relatively new to android app develoment so bare with me. I need some assistance with zRAM configurations or...
  35. Nx Biotic

    Thread Help wanted, adding zRAM editor in toolbox

    I am need of assistance by a developer that has experience with zRAM configuration and editing. I am the developer of the Bionx rom for the Droid Razr. I recently pushed my roms toolbox to github for universal support so code is accesible for all. I am working on a zRAM configuration port into...
  36. Nx Biotic

    Thread ROM | XT912 | Bionx-Catalyst V2| Moto 98.72.8 | Bionx Dashboard Powered

    Bionx NX VERSION 2.0 is now obsoluete and has been pulled from downloads. Version 3 will be released by the end of August and will be considered one of the most heavily modded Stock roms for the Droid Razr and Omap4 Devices created By Nx Biotic and Co-developed by Dtrail from JBX software...
  37. Nx Biotic

    Thread New Xperia U owner

    Just introducing myself as a new xperia U owner. Dropped verizon because of contract issues. (Was on the Razr and Spectrum, still own them) Yes, I am a dev (Developer of Bionx Rom) bionx.webs.com So, if theres a rom request, il hit it or if anyone needing a partner. Anyways, hope to help shed...
  38. Nx Biotic

    Thread Miui toolbox source?

    anyone know where i can find the source code of miui v4 toolbox source code? Tried looking at github but no luck. Wanted to modify its contents for a custom miui rom im working on. Its important that i find the code, if the developer doesnt want it in the wild, il donate even to the developer...
  39. Nx Biotic

    Thread Nx Custom Rom CDMA Droid Razr

    Those looking for a custom rom based off of stock firmware with extra tools to the user, check it out at phandroid. http://androidforums.com/bionx/608759-droid-razr-cdma-rom-bionx-series-nx-rom-stable.html Any questions, comments, concerns... Either post at phandroid or PM me, i dont usually...
  40. Nx Biotic

    Thread Enable/Disable softbutton toggle in power menu?

    This option is avaible in most cm9 and cm10 roms these days but my question is. How do I add this option to a Stock ICS rom? The custom rom I am building for the Droid Razr, some users perfer the soft buttons enabled while some dont. How would I add this power menu option?
  41. Nx Biotic

    Thread Req android 3.2 launcher

    Im requesting the honeycomb launcher from AOS3.0 Figured someone would have a link or quick dump of the sdk10 somwhere instead of doing the hassle myself. Working on a launcher for reference Droid Razr 4.0.4 XDA
  42. Nx Biotic

    Thread DROID X live wallpaper support (Help update it)

    I wanna update the live wallpaper to have better device support and android 3.0+ support. Maybe have options to disable graphics as well? It was once an awesome live wallpaper, with the right help could be better? Would this project be a good idea or a waste of time? Sent from my DROID RAZR...
  43. Nx Biotic

    Thread [WIP] [ROM] BionxFire CM9/Nx Themed/Linaro/Blur Ui/Init.d/(sense/blur/semc based)

    BionxFire Bionx is a specially designed rom taking advantage of the Blur ui and specially designed tech based theme. Powered with internal cpu and hardware controlled scripts, themed with the latest blur/sense/semc based icons and a wide assortment of wallpapers and eye candy. The Bionx...
  44. Nx Biotic

    Thread [Q] Heronote 501 system dump wanted

    I Am looking for someone who owns or can get their hands on this mobile device. http://www.merimobiles.com/Heronote_501_5_inch_3G_Super_smartphone_GPS_p/meri3379.htm I am in need of the Heronote 501 System dump The launchers looks like unity which I am very curious of...
  45. Nx Biotic

    Thread Lg enlighten v5 (need help rooting)

    Im have been attempting every root method available. Is there anyone that has an idea around rooting this device with latest firmware. I was thing of we develop a boot from sdcard method or use a /data partition method. Unless a newer version of superoneclick will do the job. Current .versions...
  46. Nx Biotic

    Thread How does 1 convert a system apk to a normal apk?

    I was asked this and didnt really have an answer for the fellow. Sent from my DROID RAZR using XDA
  47. Nx Biotic

    Thread Straight talk phone modifications

    A buddy of mine bought a straight talk optimus q and asked me to root it and all of the cool stuff so i did. He had a question of since the phone grabs signals off of the sprint towers, is there a way to modify the system properties to tell the phone to grab signal off of other towers like...
  48. Nx Biotic

    Thread How to make an apk hidden when it installs?

    Im working on a small app like spare parts for my firmware and i want to know how i can make it install to my system and be hidden(as in not show up in the app drawer) because i have made shortcuts in the android settings for the toolkit like app. Is it something i have to do in the android...
  49. Nx Biotic

    Thread Need opinions

    What do you guys think on how this looks? Edit: just so you know what your lookin at, my modified settings for my firmware im developing. Right now, my test build for the lg ally, possibly headn to the lg enlighten, then possibly for the droid Razr. http://t.co/odg1UNLu Sent from my DROID...
  50. Nx Biotic

    Thread Is there a manual for miui compilation yet?

    Question says it all. Is there a English manual of how to use and build with the miui code yet for various users? Sent from my DROID RAZR using XDA App