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  1. rraaka

    Thread help locating files

    Hey guys, actually Im using Note 2 with air command features but id like to know which system files make the hovering blue blob to happen when air view is enabled...when in photo gallery or video gallery when we pressed the button on spen i used to get options like - share via, edit, delete...
  2. rraaka

    Thread hotplug governor

    hi guys, I want to try out this mod on my S3 http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2488816 which rom and kernel and kernel config app from our forum should i use please ? i tried with wanams 412 with Boeffla kernel and and config app but i couldnt activate hotplug governor. is it...
  3. rraaka

    Thread ics 404

    hi guys, im still new to s3 . i read a post that said that ics was the best on s3 and battery was really good. would you reccommned for battery to try ics flash, or does it make the phone susceptible to sds or other maladies ? any advise please thank you :)
  4. rraaka

    Thread Jellybam rom

    guys, have you tried this rom ? its wonderful...might have a few bugs...i just discovered it by chance for our device.....why dont they publish their work on xda ?
  5. rraaka

    Thread (Q) cleaning wiping phone - best effective method

    hey guys, which is the best method to clean your phone before flashing a new rom, or maybe bringing your phone to the state it was just after flashing a new rom. i tried data factory reset, wipe cache , wipe dalvik with kernels we have here and i found remainents of zip files i had flashed...
  6. rraaka

    Thread Jelly Bam

    hi guys, i recently decided to try a rom i accidentally chanced upon on another site. Its been wonderful playing around with it . It has Touchwiz launcher and widgets working on the CM /aosp 422 base i believe. I dont think its here on xda and I miss the so-called thread for...
  7. rraaka

    Thread Gmail apk for 4.2

    http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1933225 just sharing works on 404 for me P3100
  8. rraaka

    Thread [APP] Touchscreen Booster (Increase touch sensibility, smoothness, multitouch)

    just sharing, i was thinking of trying this app, anyone else tried this ? http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1261237 when i want to delete some messages i have to tap the delete button more than twice for it to work :mad:
  9. rraaka

    Thread best way to use triangle away

    hi guys, as of now which is the best working scenario to use Triangle Away (1.51 0r 1.70 ) from ? 4.0.3/ 4.0.4, stock-rooted or custom rom and which ics kernel ? ps- the app throws up so many warnings it scares the hell out of me ! thanks oops sorry (should be in question/answer forum )
  10. rraaka

    Thread advise please

    well ive been flashing my desire for so long, never had any problems not even with the ics roms...but lately its been rebooting ever so often. ive tried changing the roms, even stable GB ones, kernels, switching between batteries ( i have two), the phone sometimes just shuts down even with 34...
  11. rraaka

    Thread [Q] safely remove

    I know its silly to ask, but after i have connected via usb to pc for file transfer how do i safely remove ...i dont get the option on the pc with my note but used to with other device ....before i unplug ofcourse
  12. rraaka

    Thread How to change font

    hi guys ! Bit new to SGN world. Have stock android 2.3.6 Not rooted yet. I changed the font sometime back but forgot how. i want to change it again . Is it in the general settings ?
  13. rraaka

    Thread plz help me locate the files

    hey guys, after installing apps like talking tom and maps for a country for locations we have to download a further amount of files of huge size. i tried looking for them again so i dont have to download them again while switching roms.....but i cant for maps and talking tom....i could find the...
  14. rraaka

    Thread [Q] Problem with adb

    Hello friends, Ive been following this thread http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=532719 to get adb started on my Windows XP 32 bit sp 2 x86. I installed the drivers with my phone in fastboot usb mode till i got "Android Bootloader Interface" But when I type cd...