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    Thread Question Restore from Google Backup

    Apologies if this has been answered already - I've searched and not found an answer. I've just received my China version; having installed Google Play, is there any way to force a restore of a Google backup of my previous phone - it would be so much easier if it could (re)install my apps and...
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    Thread Solved!!! Android Auto replacement - 8" Dex or HDMI touchscreen in the Uk

    So my car doesn't have android auto. And I'd like to use larger screen for navigation and Spotify etc. The screen couldn't be bigger than about 8 or 9 inches. I can't find a decent portable wireless HDMI or Dex touchscreen I cam connect to my Note in the car. There is a new screen on...
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    Thread Usb C hub

    I am wondering whether anyone has connected a USB 3.0 hub to the Axon 7. The reason I ask is that I am going on a trip soon and want to back up my camera SD card each day to a USB stick. I don't want to take a laptop. What I'd like to do is connect a USB card reader / hub to the phone to copy...
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    Thread MS Word on 920C

    I have a 920C and want to put Microsoft Word on it. The play store says my phone is not compatible. Is this because of the CSC and if so, can I change it (preferably without root)? The current CSC is EGY; I am using it in the UK on Three. Before you ask, I don't want to put one of the...
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    Thread Touchdown HD

    Hi there Great phone (apart from the fingerprint sensor) The lack of exchange email is a real pain. I have already installed the exchange services support but I hate the gmail app. K9 crashes on opening. Touchdown HD keeps on failing to respond - it does the first sync but then dies Has...
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    Thread Find 7 / 7a accessory interchange

    Silly question but I can't find it answered anywhere. Are the two phones the same size and layout? Will 7a screen protectors and cases work with the 7QHD?
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    Thread [i9295] New OTA - XXUAMF7

    Received this OTA yesterday. It breaks root. Fortunately the Chainfire root still works afterwards. Can't see any immediate differences yet - has anyone noticed any (haven't found a changelog yet). Sent from my GT-I9295 using Tapatalk 4 Beta
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    Thread KFHD 8.9 Return to Stock from CM10

    So I thought I'd share my experiences of this. I am about to sell my KFHD 8.9 and needed to remove the second bootloader and CM10 and return to pure stock. Usual warnings apply - try this at your own risk! I had previously followed Hashcode's excellent instructions to install the second...
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    Thread [Q] Rooting 8.3.0

    Sorry for the seemingly noob question - I am a very experienced user and have read the entirety of the KFHD 8.9 android dev and Q&A forums and cannot find a satisfactory answer. I want to root my new KFHD8.9 (on 8.3.0) and then install TWRP and a new launcher etc and then install CM10 (when it...
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    Thread [Q] ICS find which app is calling a service / process

    I have asked this on the Note forum - lots of views but no answers yet. I am trying to reduce the battery consumption on my Note. I have several apps which use the GPS but the gpsd process is being called quite a lot, even when I am not using any GPS app. Simple question - now that I have...
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    Thread [Q] Find which app is calling a process / service

    I am trying to reduce the battery consumption on my Note. I have several apps which use the GPS but the gpsd process is being called quite a lot, even when I am not using any GPS app. Simple question - now that I have established which service is being called (using better battery stats) is...
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    Thread Thin but Protective case available in the UK

    I'm trying to find a better case for my Note but it needs to be one available in the UK. I just can't seem to find one that fits the bill and quite a lot are only available in the US. My requirements are: - Thin - I want to add the minimum of bulk to the phone (which is big enough already!) -...
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    Thread Tethering but the other way around

    I can't find an answer to this question. We have a very fast ethernet network at work and a very slow wifi network and poor 3g speeds. As a result dropbox backups take ages. Is there any way to get my phone to use my PCs internet connection when it's connected by USB cable? I know I'll be...
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    Thread New Prime Question - protecting root from HC

    Just received my Prime and I'm about to take it off its first charge. I assume it will be on HC and will to start to update straight away. Can I just check that if I get root in HC that will be preserved when I update to ICS with OTA Rootkeeper? Will I need to apply a new root under ICS...
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    Thread Andless plays at half speed

    Has anyone else tried Andless on their SGN? I am trying to play some Apple Lossless files (in M4A format). It plays them at half speed. Really bizarre but is there a solution:confused:
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    Thread [Q] Resizeable Twitter Widget

    ICS is supposed to support resizeable widgets on the stock launcher but the stock Twitter can't be resized. Has anyone come across on that can be resized?
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    Thread Touch Pro for sale

    I have for a while had an embarrassment of riches - with a Diamond and a touch pro. I have decided to sell the TP (only because I don't use the keyboard as much as I had expected). I am therefore inviting offers - I would rather sell it here than through ebay but will put it on ebay in the next...
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    Thread Store Direct Push Settings for Automatic Installation after Hard Reset

    I've seached and not been able to find an answer to this one. Is there anyway of storing my Direct Push (i.e. ActiveSync) settings so that I don't have to enter them after each hard reset. I regularly change ROM and find it a pain to re-enter my email address etc every time. Is there anyway to...
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    Thread Do we think a 16Gb SDHC card would work?

    This is sorely tempting - never have to use the MD again and still have plenty of spare space!! http://uk.gizmodo.com/2007/12/09/transcend_crams_16gb_onto_tiny.html
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    Thread Screen Orientation - VueFlO

    Has anyone thought about linking the screen orentation to VueFLO so it automatically changes depending on the orientaiton of the device? Is this possible? I would certainly be interested
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    Thread Request to Ameo WM5 users

    If you are running a T-mob Ameo on WM5 (i.e. you haven't upgraded to WM6 yet), could you please upload copies of the T-Mobile ringtones / alarms from WM5 - that is the only thing I miss from the previous ROM and unfortunately I forgot to back them up before upgrading. Thanks
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    Thread Ameo: T-Mobile Voicemail Icon

    I suspect this only applies to Ameos on T-mobile. Does anyone know how to clear the Voicemail sign from the top menu bar? It appears when you have a voicemail (very useful, although a text would suffice) but doesn't disappear when you have listened to the message and deleted it. Also, even...
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    Thread Beware of 2Gb Corsair Mini SD cards

    They have a tendency to corrupt and when reformatted will be transformed into a 966Mb card! This appears to be a known problem - see http://www.houseofhelp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=299937 It has certainly happened to me before on my Ameo and has now happened again. Others have had the same...
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    Thread Exec and accessories / Brodit holder for sale

    Dear all It's been a little while since I've been on the Exec forum as I've now moved to the Ameo (Advantage) forum. Having cut my teeth here, it's a bit of a rip to move on! Anyway, I got a replacement Exec from O2 which is now on ebay with loads of accessories (amassed from various...
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    Thread Urgent GPS Help

    Hope someone can help. I run TT6 and Igo 2006. Both working perfectly until yesterday.. I installed Memory Map and it wouldn't find the GPS (which was set to Sirf Star III). Wouldn't get a lock when I changed it to NMEA. The difficulty is that now the unit won't get a GPS lock in any program. I...
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    Thread Corrupt SD card

    I have previously had problems with the MD drive which I've learned to live with. However now I have SD problems. I installed WMStorage to access my SD and MD from my PC. When I deactivated it, my SD card was invisible on my Ameo. i did a soft-reset and now the 2GB SD card is only recognised as...
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    Thread MicroDrive & MicroDrive 2

    I started this question in a different thread but it probably now deserves its own. I have recently got an Ameo. I use push mail and asked the Ameo to store the attachments on the Storage Card. After a while, I noticed (when TomTom started misbehaving) that it had created a new directory of...
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    Thread O2 UK Data Plans

    There has been an ongoing sporadic discussion regarding the best data plan in the UK, with the suggestions that T-Mobile (who have HSDPA but only 84% coverage) and Orange (who are expected to announce £8pcm unlimited internet) are the cheapest. I have just spoken to O2 as my contract with them...
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    Thread Clock Alarm is driving me wild!

    I have a real problem with the clock alarm that I simply cannot solve. I use the Helmi AKU3.3 ROM. I have an alarm that goes off every morning at 06.40 even when the alarm is turned off! I have used CheckNotifications and Memmaid to delete it (it appears in the notification queue). However, as...