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    Thread On Android x86 can magisk help me to bypass safetynet?

    I have a Android 8.1 x86 on virtualbox, the default state for this android is safetynet false. I'm trying with Magisk and the module MagiskHide Props Config, but I can't bypass safetynet. Is there a way for bypass safetynet on android x86? I don't need root or xposed/edxposed, but only a virtual...
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    Thread More information on Infrared

    I would like buy this phone and I trying to understand better the specs before buy. Infrared sensor (IR Blaster) can emit and receive infrared or can only emit? Previous version of this phone G4 can also receive infrared, so it can acquire codes from comands. Thank you for your help.
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    Thread Actual battery capacity

    Hi, I have bought an used battery, I'd like to understand which is the real capacity of the battery. The nominal capacity is 2300mAh, but I think the old owner give me a battery not very good. N5 has these chips: BQ24192 for charge the battery MAX17048 fuel gauge. Is there an app or a simple...
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    Thread Wifi Tethering profiles

    Hi, I need to have more profiles for wifi tethering, is there some app for manage it? I would like this app let me to configure also other parameters as network address or broadcast ssid. Can I change these parameters with command line? I can make also some shell scripts to execute, so every...
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    Thread NFC or RFID on Android

    I have a Nexus5 with NFC reader and I tring to comunicate with RFID tags ISO14443B and ISO14443A, these tags don't respect ISO at 100% for example for ISO14443B not reply to REQB command so android don't detect it. I tried to comunicate with tags directly with this code: Bundle extras = new...