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    Thread Lawnchair and the Java "path must be convex" error

    My new Fire HD 8 2018 makes the fifth device I've flashed LineageOS to and it was by far the least exasperating experience of the five. Unlocking, rooting and the flashing all were remarkably-drama free, unlike all of the previous four, and I am very happy with the way it turned out. I even...
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    Thread G7 won't boot without stopping at FastBoot screen

    I'm usually able to get my G7 to boot to system or recovery but it never gets there without stopping at the FastBoot screen. If I command it from the system to reboot to recovery, it stops at the FastBoot screen. But if I command it to boot to recovery from fastboot, it goes straight there...
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    Thread "Powered by LineageOS" boot.bin?

    I seem to recall that I once saw a custom logo.bin for the G7 that bore the label, "Powered by LineageOS" but at the time I wasn't running LOS so I didn't note where I'd seen it. You can figure the rest. Now I'm (back to) running LOS and I'd like to get rid of the annoying "can't be trusted"...
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    Thread "Signature spoofing" patch (so I can run MicroG) on stock ROM?

    I fiddled with it while over-tired and inadvertently installed 'standard' LineageOS when I'd meant to install LineageOS for MicroG. And I did not note the error until I had invested considerably more time setting up all of my pet apps. And I haven't yet started using this phone as my every-day...
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    Thread New LineageOS update for Verizon M8?

    Plz excuse the dumb question, and plz excuse^2 if the wrong forum, but before I brick my phone I thought I'd ask. The new LineageOS v16.0 update files don't seem to list an image specifically for the Verizon M8. Before I ASSUME it's one-size-fits-all I thought I'd ask if the one image also...
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    Thread Could bootloop be hardware-caused? If not, what? (LG 34C Optimus Fuel)

    Can hardware failures cause a bootloop? I ask because I have an LGL34C Optimus Fuel (towel rooted & w/TWRP recovery) that gets as far as the LG logo and reboots endlessly. This is the third LGL34C I've had (they're cheap and tiny so they made an excellent back-up phone) and the other two died...
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    Thread Looking for ZeroInfinity's IntenseBLAST speaker volume enhancer

    Anyone happen to know where I might come across a copy of ZeroInfinity's IntenseBLAST speaker volume enhancer? The links in that thread all appear to be broken. Or if that app will work with the LineageOS ROM? Or know of another app that will work on an M8 with Lineage OS?
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    Thread FM radio on Verizon phone?

    I'm looking at an HTC One M9 (Verizon) for a host for LineageOS and before buying I'd like to get to the bottom of whether it has FM radio or not. Verizon's specs make no mention of an FM radio but I haven't been able to find anything stating Verizon 'deleted' the FM radio from the 'regular'...
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    Thread Is Lineage's adoptive storage a Link2SD rehash?

    Does LineageOS's adoptive storage run on Link2SD? I ask because I was looking to get around Lineage's habit of formatting the entire SD card for adoptive storage, so I thought to try to resize the partition using 'gparted' on a Linux box. gparted was unable because it doesn't recognize the...
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    Thread Possible to install LGE Alarm/Clock app on a Samsung phone?

    Does anyone with experience on the subject know whether it is possible (or im-possible) to install LG's OE Alarm/Clock app on a Samsung phone? The donor phone is an LG Optimus Fuel LGL34C on KitKat 4.4.2. The recipient phone is a Samsung Galaxy Core Prime S820L (Tracphone) on KitKat 4.4.4 and...
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    Thread BusyBox breaks AirMirror on Samsung Galaxy Core Prime

    My phone is a Samsung Galaxy Core Prime SM-S820L (Tracphone) running Psilocelium's custom KitKat 4.4.4 ROM (rooted, build.prop tweaked, init.d support, deKNOXed, deBloated, deODEXed, ZipAligned, etc, etc) flashed with Odin. I also have TWRP recovery v2.8.7.0 installed. This is a little...
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    Thread How to root the SM-S820L if KingRoot fails?

    I have a Core Prime S820L. What are my alternatives if Kingroot's "one-click" rooting isn't working? Developer options and USB debugging are enabled. I downloaded the latest Kingroot APK from kingroot.net, installed and ran it per their destructions and it failed with the message, "Failed to...
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    Thread AirDroid incompatible with Core Prime/S820L?

    I can't get AirMirror to connect to my S820L, either thru AirDroid Web or the Airdroid server app on Win7SP1. Is it working for anyone else? First I should note I'm using Psilocelium's excellent pared-down v4.4.4 ROM. Whenever AirMirror tries to connect, I get two SuperSu messages on the...
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    Thread Swapper2 not working properly with Core Prime?

    Has anyone heard of any known compatibilty problems with Swapper2 on the Core Prime or the S820L? Mine is flashed with psilocelium's custom ROM (which works great, rooted by default, got 4.5 GB internal storage free). SuperSU, BusyBox and Terminal Emulater are installed and TE is configure to...
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    Thread [Completed] [Q]Mounting 2nd part. on ext. SD, moving internal files on LG Optimus Fuel L34C

    I'm not a developer by any stretch of the imagination, but this Linux cell phone has ignited my inner geek, and I must bend it to my will. My basic question is, with the current state of development, how much is it possible to move from the internal storage of an LG Optimus Fuel phone...