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    Post I am loading the partition to download mode using QFIL, then open it again, please help me

    1. Open QFIL 2. Select Flat Build 3. Click load xml and select the rawprogram(#) XML that is in the lun(0-6) folder. 4. If it asks you for a patch xml, click cancel. It's not needed to flash this backup. 5. Click download (After each lun is flashed, you'll have to reboot EDL to get this to work)...
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    Post Need full backup from V405 SPRINT

    Thanks @lexih a person tried this method and was successful so I might give it a try this weekend!
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    Post Need full backup from V405 SPRINT

    @lexih would you say that this process will definitely get me back to Sprint "stockish". What I am aiming for is to get my phone SIM Unlocked through the UICC unlock in stock rom. My phone is paid in full and Clean ESN.
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    Post Need full backup from V405 SPRINT

    Sounds good, I will try that this weekend because this is my daily. Which firmware would you recommend? The one for the V409, like so? @lexih and yes I did cross flash to QA7 at first thinking this would unlock it (Silly me). I will suggest a friend having the same issue as mine to try this...
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    Post Need full backup from V405 SPRINT

    I just saw that your backup is the one I dowloaded a while ago but it was incomplete. Never got around to fully restoring my device with any of the backups 20f or g.
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    Post (REQUEST) H631 20G EMMC Backup

    This should work with LS770 but I won't promise anything as the method can change from phone to phone. :good:
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    Post Blu Pure XL alternate rom

    Same chipset does not mean same bootloader or same libs, drivers, modem, etc. If the dev world were that easy then most Blu Pure XL owners would just use any rom available out there for Helio X10 aka mt6795 chipset. I dont own the device anymore, I moved on from this...
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    Post Blu Pure XL alternate rom

    Dont have the phone anymore, sorry. Moved on to Honor 7x. BLU was just not helping. Amazing device tho
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    Thread LG G5 Pink (buying)

    Anyone interested in selling an LG G5 pink? I have paypal and my wife wants it.
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    Post IMEI LS922 / ROM AS922. What to do?

    Did you by any chance try to use UpperCut? don-dz mumtaz64
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    Post (possible fix) proximity sensor

    Thank you for confirming it works :highfive:
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    Post (REQUEST) H631 20G EMMC Backup

    Why claim that it can write a 9008 bricked LG device just because someone got to write twrp and root? Our beloved G Stylo could be rooted and twrpd at any stage because it had the ability to boot unlock. QH9008 is something very delicate to deal with. I will try the tool myself, but I can be...
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    Thread Blu Pure XL alternate rom

    Hi folks, I was able to flash the Elephone Vowney rom into my Blu Pure XL. Rom is running smoothly, just need to fix RIL and some other libs that I imagine can be copied from BLU PXL original rom or the V19 update. Anyone willing to help, please reply to this thread as I was already fed with the...
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    Post Wifi Hotspot Issues on Verizon Moto E4 with TMobile Sim?

    I know this is an old thread now, but by any chance did you try adding default,dun,supl to your apns "apn type" part?
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    Post Well I guess the time to say goodbye has come

    Sure thing! I hope to have some time this weekend to take some pictures and document all the process. As I used a "rework" station to recover my G4 from the ILAPO at first.
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    Post Well I guess the time to say goodbye has come

    I have been using my G4 H815P (locked bl) downgraded from MM to L with Artic Silver 5 compound and a small heatsink plus changing the copper tape insulation on top of the processor. I have root and have disabled the two big cores and set the small core to 1440mhz and big core to powersave...
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    Post LineageOS for BLU Pure XL - Discussion/Q&A

    You´re completely right. We thank you for your time and effort put to make this phone be more awesome. BLU is the big liar here. I don´t even use my phone as a Blu Pure XL, instead I use the X2Xtreme rom fully. Take your time bemolx and don´t mind what non-developers say in the forums, they´re...
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    Thread Is it possible to port?

    I found this rom for the Leeco 1s that has the same chipset as our beloved phones. Could it be possible for someone more DEV to try to port this rom for our phones? Here is the link
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    Post LS996 ZVB rootedsystem.img? Anyone still have it?

    Follow THIS guide. :good:
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    Post Anyway to use dd command to root LS996VZB?

    That is a ZV9 rooted system img I uploaded to MEGA... NOT ZVB.
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    Post Anyone still need an "unlocked" ZVD system.img?

    You´re welcome to all of you using the image I uploaded :good: It would be great if y´all hit the THANKS button too you know? TheMadScientist420 we still got hope with the G4 with this new method made by steadfasterX Mine bootloops every now and then and I resurrect it using a Heat gun so I´m...
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    Post I emailed Amazon today and got an answer

    Someone who has a Prime account should make the call.-
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    Post Anyone still need an "unlocked" ZVD system.img?

    Seem like it my friend!
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    Post [Q] Need EMMC Dump From LS996 Sprint 5.1.1 ZV7

    This thread has been dead like forever. It is for your attention that for unbrick of LS996 you need to remove EMMC chip and flash directly to it. :good:
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    Thread Anyone still need an "unlocked" ZVD system.img?

    Here's ZVD System.img "unlocked".
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    Post Reiniciando sozinho

    I guess all you can do is back up your phone, give it a hard reset and make a fresh start. All cause maybe you disabled maybe one service and thats why your phone reboots while using those apps. Good luck :good:
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    Post [!] Dev kindly asks for Allview's logo.bin

    Hadn't messed that much with this phone :good: Now I'm almost certain that its unbrickable at least not a hard brick, unless you damage your charge port :D
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    Post I Need Help!!!

    Lo que me pides es imposible my friend! No se puede hacer backup de system con el recovery original solo de datos del telefono. Ahora estoy usando la ROM del X2Xtreme corre mil veces mejor que la del blu pure, me avisas cuando recibas el PCBA. Saludos
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    Post [!] Dev kindly asks for Allview's logo.bin

    JIC you still need it :good:
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    Post (REQUEST) H631 20G EMMC Backup

    Yeah, I get you I'm 31... :good: but when you have kids its more difficult ;) take advantage of that youth boy! haha
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    Post (REQUEST) H631 20G EMMC Backup

    Very little help in this community... :rolleyes: I get you man, that why I bought a new motherboard and got rid of the Stylo. :good:
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    Thread Modem

    Can anyone post a flashable modem twrp backup or a modem.img backup from a BLU Pure XL? Mine got corrupted partitions bcs I flashed a wrong twrp, then I flashed a Gionee rom and after an Allure A100 rom, now that I flashed the stock Blu Generic V16 version my phone doesnt get 4G/LTE and it...
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    Post I Need Help!!!

    Español: Lo mismo me paso a mi, yo mismo repare el centro de carga y viene tan pegado que las pistas se dañan, lo unico que te queda por hacer es pedir la PCBA que viene con todo. El telefono es practicamente inbrikiable, al mio cuando todavia funcionaba le trate de flashar una rom de REDMI NOTE...
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    Post DreamUX Superfast Multidpi 29-Jun-17

    I used the one posted on THIS THREAD and THIS link. I'm using N910H but at first it didnt boot so I flashed another kernel then modem and I got random reboots. So then I wiped system/cache/dalvik and reflashed rom and then modem. We'll see how it goes. Frozen27 maybe you can post the links in OP...
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    Post ls991zve downgrade

    did you try the modded shortcut master for ls991?
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    Post (REQUEST) H631 20G EMMC Backup

    You should try something yourself. We're here to share knowledge but we cant exactly show you step by step cause its been trial and error for us. We havent exactly managed to get the phone to work so... thanks for understanding.
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    Post (REQUEST) H631 20G EMMC Backup

    I already answered that some posts back. I sent the link to EMMC RAW with that program you will see partition structure and using another phone rawprogram.xml you have to edit it. There is no rawprog for H631. I used the one for D380 I can upload it if you need it.
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    Post (REQUEST) H631 20G EMMC Backup

    Well nothing I personally have tried man has worked. Dunno why but LG messed up this phone just like GFlex2 you have to remove emmc and flash it directly with JTAG. Sucks äss...
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    Post (REQUEST) H631 20G EMMC Backup

    Yeah right. Thats why you're using my phone to mod and develop stuff still in the forums ?. Its cool man I hope God repays you.
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    Post (REQUEST) H631 20G EMMC Backup

    Even so... you never sent me my phone. And I've seen you posting on the H815 forums "sent from my H815" so you're obviously using MY phone. If you got into trouble you could've told me and I never asked for anything free, I told you I was gonna pay up if I had to. But thanks man ???
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    Post (REQUEST) H631 20G EMMC Backup

    There is no boarddiag for G4 or V10. That tool is used only for G2, G3 and Nexus 4 - 5. I tried boarddiag and QFIL without avail. I got SAHARA protocol from a video on youtube for repairing Qualcomm 9008 for D308 and D305 (LG L70 and L65). To no avvail again. Believe me I've tried almos...
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    Post (REQUEST) H631 20G EMMC Backup

    We're not missing anything and LG G4 and V10 imgs are not system imgs. They are emmc backups. The system.img they used was only to unlock the phones or to gain root somehow. I had both devices and both died on me. My G4 got stolen by bountyman334 and I sent my V10 for repair to the US and sold...
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    Post (REQUEST) H631 20G EMMC Backup

    HERE you can find the tmo h631 LG UP dll. Not that that made a difference... I even extracted the DZ from the KDZ to flash thru LG Flash tool old method and even that didnt work :/
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    Thread (possible fix) proximity sensor

    So many ZF2 have this problem until after the MM update as mine did too. Disassemble your phone Turn it on Place a call Press the part that I signalled in the picture I uploaded With your other hand place it in front of the sensor Then remove it If it works then its just that the sensor is...
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    Post (REQUEST) H631 20G EMMC Backup

    Im very experienced and its not a driver issue. It charges but I know and I checked its the charge port. Its missing a contact behind the charge port that manages data. The motherboard I got it for $25 off ebay and its clean ESN and unlocked so I guess it was worth it.
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    Post (REQUEST) H631 20G EMMC Backup

    Format the sdcard in EXFAT and write the emmcbackup the complete img. not only the system one.
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    Post (REQUEST) H631 20G EMMC Backup

    If you need to find partition structure you may download THIS tool and load the BACKUPGPT.bin there to know the partition structure in each KDZ individually, from there you can edit a rawprogram.xml from another similar phone like LG G3, but that is a dead end I guess I tried everything and guys...
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    Thread Damaged antenna

    Didnt do my homework first of searching the forums! For anyone still looking for solution THIS FORUM has it :good: Hi my antenna broke and now I can't make calls and my data doesn't work. Could someone with advances skills help me? Or point me in the right direction ? In fue attached pic you...
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    Post (REQUEST) H631 20G EMMC Backup

    We still havent found a way to unbrick. We have dumps for 20G and 20i H631 I will try to dump 20G thru 20K on my recently purchased MS631 (Metro) motherboard.