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    Thread Just received Pixel 3 and had to return it!

    I was excited to receive my pixel 3 Just white 128 GB yesterday 10/18! Upon opening the device and holding it in my hand, I felt the lower SIM card tray was not fully seated into the slot. I removed it and re-inserted the tray. It seems there is an issue with this device and the sim tray not...
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    Thread Android pie 9 ota from google today :)

    Google just updated my software to Pie android version 9. And just when I was about to manually run the OTA. This is a cleaner install. Still playing with the settings and getting used to some of the new features. Just wanted to give a heads up to those of you who were thinking of upgrading and...
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    Thread Verizon Galaxy S8 Delivered! 4/19

    Just received my S8 today! Super stoked. Also, before I completely set up the phone, I didn't add any google accounts. I immediately went to disable all the bloatware and preinstalled apps I don't use. Not sure what Verizon did, but I was able to delete most of the bloatware that came on the...
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    Thread Latest VZW OTA/Firmware update 4.4.3 removes 'New APN' setting.

    I noticed that under Network settings for Global or GSM, the New APN feature to manually add an APN for different sim is gone. Looks like it's an auto detect feature now. I travel overseas for business alot and use pre-paid SIM cards. Not all prepaid sim cards have the data APN coded. I just...
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    Thread Verizon HTC One M8 - Global Bands Active/configured

    Just wanted to give some info I found using QPST(qualcomm software) to see what cell bands are configured for our HTC One M8. I even looked at the Rezound bands as well. As most of you know, verizon didn't carrier lock our phones, so if we switch to global or even GSM network, we can use other...
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    Thread Photo storage issues to SD card?

    Ever since I got the M8 i've been having issues with the camera storage to SD card. I am now rooted and running a custom rom, but still experience the same issue. I have the Camera photo files saved to Ext SD card. I can take the photos and it will save fine to the sd card. after a few hours...
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    Thread [Q] Headphone jack vs speaker sound output issue

    Hello One community, I just purchased the One a week ago and finally had a chance to use the stock HTC headphones that came in the box. When I receive a call or get notifications, the sound comes through the head phone jack as well as the phone speakers. Has anyone else experienced this? I have...
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    Thread [Q] JB ROMS radio signal loss?

    Hello DInc 4G community, I was curious to know if anyone else has seen low call signal or 4G signal loss with JB based ROMs? I have tried CM10.1 and the Avatar ROM and when flashing either, the cell signal strength only show's up to 3 bars as well as my phone always reverting to 3G instead of...
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    Thread [Q] Can't load ROM's with fakeCID ulock?

    Hello XDA, I am a noob to the forum, but not to rooting my peripherals. I just came from an HTC Inc 2 that I previously had just DevUnlocked via HTC, then went full root with S-off via tacoroot method. I since have retired the phone and now have a DInc 4G LTE verizon. I have just used the...