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    Post [ROM] [11.0.0] dotOS v5.1 [OFFICIAL] [begonia/begoniain] [non-CFW] [2021.05.28]

    buffer fix not working. Gcam still lags. Any fix? Everything else is super smooth and im getting 9+ sot.
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    Post [ROM][11.0.0_r39] POSP DumAloo (v4.1.2+18) - begonia [OFFICIAL]

    I was in Crdroid A10. Just wipe system, cache, dalvik and flashed this rom. But now bootloop and cant reboot to recovery. Please help. What I miss.. Edit ........... My bad- flashed proper cfw twrp , reinstalled rom and format data. Ok Now. But worth the hussle, ROM is super smooth + great...
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    Post edl mode without test point

    you sure bro? Because my phone dead 2 times already. Each time i had to go service center. Now im afraid of custom roms, struck on miui. My bootloader is unlocked. This info is a lifesaver for me..
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    Post 240fps slo mo

    Is there any developer around here who can do this if Im ready to pay.? Patch to enable 240 fps. Because im seriously thinking about selling this phone and get a realme.
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    Thread 240fps slo mo

    why there is no 240 fps slo mo. other Imx 586 devices have it. Other sd675 devices have it. Other devices having both imx 586 & sd675 have it. Even cheaper devices from same brand have it (mia3- same sensor). 240fps enabler patches are available for other devices like mi6. Can any developer...
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    Post Redmi Note 7 Pro Bricked ! Help please

    From kerala. Bro i'm from kerala. You cant flash in edl mode. it requires mi authorized login. It happened to me also. Hard brick not turning on. Just went to service center and told phone bricked in between update process. So they repair it within 1 hour. Its the only way i know possible...
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    Post Complete dead

    no lights no charging no logo How to do edl without opening mobile
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    Thread Complete dead

    First i was in miui 11 global. Then i was in miuimix 2 rom. Did a complete wipe incl internal storage from orangefox. Reboot . Phone dead completely. No lights no charging no vibration nothing. Please help............
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    Post how to slow mo video

    https://xiaomi.eu/community/threads/mi6-camera-mods-60fps-1080p-240fps-720-slowmotion.45108/ there is a 240fps slow motion enabler for mi6. If any developer is kind enough then we cant get similer tweak. Please note someone...
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    Post how to slow mo video

    Ok if anyone bright enough to do this, Mia3 with same camera sensor does 240fps. Even though its android one, still camera app is Miui Camera. Then i believe there is a scope for getting 240 fps by replacing our camera libraries with mia3. And then using any camera app which supports 240fps...
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    Post [ROM]-[2019.11.28]-MiuiMiX_2.0_violet-[9.0]-[Official]

    Very nice rom. All the goodness of miui. Clean, lite, fast. thanks a lot buddy
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    Thread \vendor files request

    Can anyone kind enough please upload vendor folder files in root folder. I need those libraries. Please its much needed
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    Post MIUI v11.0.6.0.PFHINXM India Stable ROM Released! [DOWNLOAD]

    Tried to flash with orangefox and peter twrp. Error 7 shows. Help please
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    Post Video quality

    Crap slo mo. Slomo frame drops issue still not solved. And its limited to 120 fps. No news about 240fps slo mo. Why so ignored ..
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    Post [ROM][Developer] MIUI 11 xiaomi.eu

    Yes In MIUI 10 latest build slo mo feel like stuttering after 20-25 sec. It's like capping processor right..? What is the point of having sd675 then.
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    Post how to slow mo video

    MiA3 with the same sony sensor and inferior sd665 can do 720p 240fps. Anyone noticed ..?
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    Post MIUI 10 official stable updates - V11.0.5.0.PFHINXM: [30 October 2019]

    Updated from 10.3.7 to 10.3.13 today. Slomo Video lag is still there. Only diff is that lag appears after 22+ seconds. Anybody feeling the same.....?
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    Post how to slow mo video

    Guess noone here cares about super slomo. Even in roms thread nobody replies.
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][9.0.0][violet] LineageOS 16.0 [WrappedKey-FBE]

    Can anyone tell how is the slow motion fps..?
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    Post [ROM][10][violet] Pixel Experience [OFFICIAL][AOSP]

    How is the slow motion fps. Is it same as miui , 120fps..? Anyone please comment.
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    Post how to slow mo video

    Meantime I checked true 480fps slomo from oneplus 6. Its awesome. Those who are in custom roms, how is the slomo.? Is it the same 120fps or atleast 240fps ?? Please anyone reply..
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    Post Case and tempered glass

    Link please...
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    Post how to slow mo video

    We can We have to wait until mi is kind enough to rollout an update with slomo. ---------- Post added at 07:10 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:07 PM ---------- wait/ pray for an update with slomo. Its going to happen. But i think its related to the sales of poco f1 and k20.
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    Post how to slow mo video

    Any tweaks Any possibility for a tweak. Just like modifying media profiles or anything. Any camera app which supports 480fps recording. Just like open camera supports 120fps.
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    Post how to slow mo video

    480fps Both soc and sensor supports 720p 480fps still not even 240 fps slomo option. Why..... True 480fps slomo will be amazing. Unlike rm3 pro's 240 fps interpolation to 960fps. Our device is really capable.☹️ Any custom roms getting atleast 240...????
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    Post Completely Dead no lights

    point Ok good point. But if only display is damaged then y it behaves like bricked. I mean rebooting when power button pressed.
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    Post Dedicated GCAM for RN7P[DOWNLOAD]

    Slow I think Bulkin is faster.
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    Post Completely Dead no lights

    Dont know screen is damaged Service center guys told that board is damaged. After its death, phone is not booting no notification or sound. How can I confirm that display is the problem. Phone feels like hard bricked. But no lights. Edl mode flashing succeeded but still behaves like bricked.
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    Thread Completely Dead no lights

    It happened after trying to charge with a type c adapter and (may be a faulty)moto charger. After I charged it 2, 3 cycles with stock charger. Then reboots began. Opening gallery or any slightly heavy app caused reboot. After one week phone just turned off. pressing power key just dimly lights...
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    Post Signal problem on custom roms.

    Depends on area It depends on nw coverage in your area. Its my personal experience. And share your experience please...
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    Post camera2 api highframerate recording

    Zui 4.0.199 St Zui 4.0.199 St Oreo. Not the smoothest but ok. Missing those customization. C2.api is enabled by default Gcam is the default camera. And zui camera is dead. But hal1 camera apps works- imo, whatsapp etc Im using it with zui dialer and Messages app. (Not a google apps fan).
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    Post camera2 api highframerate recording

    Need more explanation Okk. Its been a while I left this idea of 60fps. Im now in stock rom with cam2.api enabled. Since only stock gives uninterrupted 4g in my area. Ok the way I got 60 fps,: Installed H2OS oreo. By default cam2.api is not enabled in that rom. Installed snapdragon camera...
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    Post Signal problem on custom roms.

    Please share Do you have the zip...? Please share.. I'm using stock rom now because 4g signal is rock stable even indoors and no 4g/3g/2g switching issues...
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    Post camera2 api highframerate recording

    Read carefully dude Read it carefully dude. Its stock cam not gcam. The whole point is that gcam cant do 60fps in zuk z2. And stock cam can do 60/90 fps easily in many custom roms. Just use a rom in which camera2.api is not activated and use snapdragon or snap camera. No magic boy...........
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    Post camera2 api highframerate recording

    Any hope Since pie roms are steady and new things are coming any hope for 1080p 60fps in camera2.api (gcam)....? Anyone...?
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    Post Google Camera Mods & Other Cameras - Support & Downloads [Zuk Z2 Plus][API2]

    No way my friend As per my research :D it's not possible via gcam. If you do some research you can see that only in camera1.api mode, 60 fps possible in zuk. For gcam to work you need camera2.api which is limited in capabilities(fps) and can do only 30fps in normal and 120 fps in 720p...
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    Thread Zui dialer contacts and message for zui roms

    I searched a lot for zui stock dialer contacts and message apps for zui oreo roms. Because personally i don't like google dialer/messages apps. All credits goes to the original guy who posted this zip. I don't remember who it was so forgive me. Or please reply to this post. It was meant for...
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    Post [UPDATED] Recover from Hard Brick and QFIL guide through bootloader.

    thanks Thanks a lot buddy. Bricked today by flashing a baseband. :o Revived as per your guide. Actually i'm never tensed about flashing roms, Kernels, fonts, apps, mods anything and bricking our device. There are so many good guys to save our a$$................... Thanks buddies...
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    Post [ROM][8.0.0][ZUI 4.0.199] Zuk Z2 [Gapps Preinstalled][GCam Working]

    SMS app not opening i flashed the zui apps pack. Dialer works ok but sms app is not opening. Any solutions please......
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    Post [ROM] Samsung Experience SGsi for Z2 Plus

    Changed Sorry bro I switched to Pixys. Anyhow wallpaper reset was there. I didn't noticed any Dpi error.
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    Post [ROM] Samsung Experience SGsi for Z2 Plus

    Flashed over aex Flashed over aex 5.8. Camera not working. Rest is ok....
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    Post [TREBLE][ROM][CAF] RevengeOS 2.2 | Z2 PLUS [OFFICIAL]

    Good Rom Using this rom for the last 4 days. Decent sot. Themes are good and a must for me. Snappy in day to day tasks. (I'm not a gamer) Very stable, no freezes and lags noticed. FP unlock time is good. Thanks a lot developers.:good::good::good::good::good: I never thought this phone will...
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    Post [ROM][9.0][LA.UM.7.3.r1]Citrus-CAF 5.x KeyLimePie[Z2_PLUS][COMMUNITY][16/01/19]

    Thanks for the zip. U dont like h2os it ok. But dont say that its trash.
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    Post [ROM][9.0][LA.UM.7.3.r1]Citrus-CAF 5.x KeyLimePie[Z2_PLUS][COMMUNITY][16/01/19]

    Please share those zips.... Is this rom faster than H2O/Oxygen oreo port...???? Because currently im on H2O and I never felt anything better than H2O.
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    Post [ROM][9.0][LA.UM.7.3.r1]Citrus-CAF 5.x KeyLimePie[Z2_PLUS][COMMUNITY][16/01/19]

    Default apps Which is the default dialer app is that google dialer..?
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    Post camera2 api highframerate recording

    Please upload and share...
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    Post camera2 api highframerate recording

    Sent request messages to devs MR.HACKER5476 davidevinavil kubersharma Rodrigo Rodrigues devabhi narshi shukla Hope someone replies.....................
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    Post camera2 api highframerate recording

    Since nobody responds to our questions in this thread. I think only way is to send individual request messages. Can you help.. I already send messages to MR.HACKER5476 & Dhananjay_Yadav & davidevinavil
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    Post camera2 api highframerate recording

    He is the only one dev who noticed this thread. Noone else replied....
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    Post camera2 api highframerate recording

    Mm. No reply from optimumpro. I think he still dont believe 60 fps in zuk. But he has the ability to do some miracle. Anybody having contact with him...?